Sunday, August 28, 2011


I would like to warn you in advance that these photos are not pretty. You will soon understand why.

Photos of the week:

This first one is my Arch-Nemesis. We will call him DR. GARAGE.

Really, he is not innately evil. His evilness was thrust upon him by the mere fact that he is the only storage space in the house. He is not large and we try to cram him full of stuff and he rebels by spitting stuff back at us. I have looked at this beast from many angles and there are times that it is cleaner than others. (This would be one of those others) But, it comes down to the fact, that there are too many free-standing objects that take up space and won't allow a car to fit in there. Like bikes, coolers, lawn mower, and strollers (many). We already hang luggage, the shop vac, some older bikes,and all the Christmas decorations. We need a shed. Badly. I even ventured into the attic space the other day to see if it was a viable storage area. Well, after hauling a ladder up the stairs, scraping paint off my walls while setting up the ladder, then opening the attic and having my head melt into my neck, I thought that nothing would survive a summer up there and I couldn't spare the extra paint. Plus, the insulation is too high, and I couldn't put boards across it to store stuff anyway.

But mark my words. I will find a way to get my car into the garage before Halloween. DR. GARAGE, I am not defeated yet. Maybe.

This second picture would be the Vice President Arch Nemesis. We will call him MAGNETO.

I call my bathroom counter this, because I am convinced there is some large magnet in the counter-top that sucks things back onto the surface. I can clean it off incessantly, and it only takes moments for things to materialize back on the counter. This picture is a good assortment of the usual: Hair stuff, dishes (because I never leave them near the computer, but I am too lazy to walk them downstair), bandaids I have taken away from Daisy for the millionth time, floss because we all floss tons (no, really I have no idea why that is out), and other miscellaneous objects. Oh, like the shampoo for which I do not have a pump that goes far enough down, so I can't throw the bottle out until I buy a longer pump or pour it into my hand. But I lost the top long ago, so I can't actually keep it in the tub or one Daisy (sorry I always pick on you kid, that's just the way it is) would pour the whole thing out in one sitting.

And so MAGNETO lives another day. He probably will outlive DR. GARAGE and take over the title of Arch Nemesis, but perhaps CAPTAIN MOM will vanquish them both someday. It is possible, especially if I learn to keep the kids out of my bathroom. They have their own by the way. Mine is just cooler, mainly because I am in it. And it has no door*, so I can't really keep them out. So, like I said, someday when we move...I will rule ALL.

*CAPTAIN DAD would like you all to know that our other two bathrooms DO have doors; in case you worried about our family preserving privacy and/or mom being able to lock herself inside for a quiet moment.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Odds and Ends

My goal is to be in bed by 10:30 tonight. I haven't made it all week, so the chances are slim, but it is good to have a goal. So let's make this quick.

Pearl's hair is getting long.

It falls in her face most of the time. That means I should pull it back, but she isn't a fan of having her hair done. Oddly, Tyler does her hair more often than I do, but I think that is because he likes to style it. He only uses water, so when it dries, it doesn't look half bad, but right after the styling, I think she could pick up a radio signal in Iowa.

Tyler will have the envious job of getting five girls ready for church most Sunday mornings. So please smile and admire his handiwork when the girls shuffle in, and remember that I wasn't around.

In other news, Daisy has some stuff going on with her ears. We are still in the midst of everything, so I will wait to put all the details, but the good news is that she will probably need something normal like tubes. (Yay for no serious damage.) Ivory tends to be Daisy's mom around here. She is always concerned with what Daisy is doing. I try to remind her gently to mind her own business, but sometimes you need more persuasive methods.

Really this is a rare moment. 1) Because they usually get along pretty well, and 2) Because I normally use masking tape. Just kidding. We use the tape about once a year to remind everyone that we are serious about this whole parenting thing.

This last picture is for you mom. We took it shortly after you made fun of me for being afraid of a spider. I'm sorry that I haven't posted it until now. I know you will enjoy it.

Ant that's all for now folks.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Too Cool for School

Ah yes, the blogs abound with children getting back to their educational experiences, and parents getting back to a bit of sanity. And no, not sanity because they despise their kids and can't wait to get rid of them, but the sanity that a good schedule brings. We are doing the early route around here, and although there are some bleary eyes in the morning (namely mine), at least we are up and running and feeling good about it.

I barely got the obligatory pictures, and I won't lie; they weren't so hot. Let's look at my failures, shall we.

The light was crazy and I had to color correct this thing a ton, and it still doesn't look quite right.

I never could get a picture of her looking at me, but you see the bus and therefore know that I was accompanying her.

(One day is all you get before I just throw you out the door. Okay, I will probably walk Ivory more often, but that is because she will be in PM and I won't be debating whether a shower or my child is more important.)

June is not quite in focus. Go mom! (Oh, and June wanted me to point out that I didn't have time to do her hair. Bonus points all around.)

June gets the special treat of her own personal chauffeur. Tyler is driving her since she is going to a different school. Gotta love the bright sun and closed eyes.

So, all around fabulous photos. But, you get the idea. School is back in session. They are having a blast. And I will be enjoying my minis who are still here.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Friends

Sometimes you meet someone and know you will be friends for life. It is that way with Rubia. Even though we don't see her often as she stays busy teaching and alternately gallivanting around the world, it is always special to get back together again.

Sadly, it may be a while until we see her again. She is going back to Brazil for good. (Now, I have to find a reason to go down there.) But on the other side of the coin, I know when we see her again, it will be just like good old times. Rubia, we love you. Have I mentioned that I owe you for life? We will come down and stay at your hotel someday. (wink, wink.)

Tyler, we make you look tall

And you know that I love you because I stepped out of my technology-challenged shell and put these pictures on FB too. And I tagged you. (I didn't even know how to do that yesterday. And I will probably forget tomorrow.) We hope you find everything you are looking for in life. You deserve it. Até mais.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Photo of the week:

So, I was sustained as Relief Society President today. I can't even begin to describe how 'all over the map' my emotions have been. I was stunned by the call, but I have made my peace, and luckily I have some excellent counselors that will hopefully buoy me up.

I want to remember my first thoughts, so I will put them down here. I know that I tend to not talk about my religion in great depth on this blog. This is not because I do not believe or have a strong testimony, but simply because this blog feels like wading in the shallow end of a pool. I have fun, splash around, but I don't have to worry about getting into the deep issues. Some times I will swim out far enough to speak my piece, but I find it easier to sit on the edge, dabble my feet in the water and laugh at life.

When it comes to my feelings concerning my religion and the Savior, I tend to cry. Not because it makes me sad, but because my convictions and feelings are so strong that they touch my core; my heart. And it tends to leak out my eyes. (Trust me when I say that I could do without all the water works, but that is how it is for me.) I believe wholeheartedly in Jesus Christ and his Atonement. I believe in the prophets, past and present. I know the Book of Mormon is true. Just ask me. I'll tell you and if you can understand me through the crying, I'll tell you some more.

So naturally, I would accept this opportunity to serve. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't second guess the choice of ME. I realize that I am a good person, but I was content in believing that I wasn't President material...yet. I kinda always figured that I would be some day. (Not that I wishing and hoping for this calling, but I guess some day I thought I would feel worthy of it.) Well, who knows if I ever would have gotten around to feeling that way. The Lord didn't wait to find out.

I walked out of the Bishop's office and this is the thought that went through my head, "Well, if I am going to do this calling...this is what I want in return: My allergies to go away completely and I would like to grow a few inches taller." Let's ignore the fact that I was asking for impossible stuff and go straight to the part where I quickly rescinded that thought because it flashed into my head that I could be Relief Society president for 50 years and still not pay the Lord back for all he has done for me. And truthfully, I don't want the calling that long. Later I thought of my beautiful, healthy children, my wonderful, supportive husband, and the scripture came to mind, For of him unto whom much is given, much is required. (Doctrine and Covenants 82:3) And being the RS President is not asking that much. I am happy to serve, even if I still can't breathe that well May through July. (Seriously, I'm going to the doctor next Spring. Hold me to it.)

The good news is that I love the sisters in my ward, and since I was the secretary beforehand, I know about 95% of them. So, I am not just saying that I love the sisters in my ward because that is the cliche thing to do. (It actually kind of bugs me when people get up and say, I love all of you, and they don't even know me. I realize they are speaking in general, but still...) Nope, I really know most of the sisters in my ward, and I really like the people they are. I hope I can show these women that I love life, but I love it because I live the gospel. It sustains me.

But enough of the serious and verbose. (I did warn you.) I'm sure my blog will quickly return to the light-hearted fluff you are used to, interspersed with the quasi-serious moments. But I needed to tell you that I know my Savior lives. I know prayers are answered and that he listens. That will give me the peace I need to do His work.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Daisy Grace

I know we have had a lot of pictures on here recently, but now is not the time to stop. I am sure that I will get all serious and verbose this weekend, but in the meantime, you should enjoy Daisy's 3-year old gallery. (Bout time I took them.) She is such a sweet, sweet child. Besides her incessant curiosity, I really don't think she has a mean bone in her body. I have mentioned that she is the first to help Pearl when she is upset. I watch her all the time leading Pearl around by the hand and taking care of her. She loves to help with anything and everything, but at the same time she is learning to look at something, smile at me knowingly and say, "Don't touch?" She wants to be big and go to school. She wants to go everywhere I go. She snuggles the best and loves one-on-one time. She potty trained before I even thought about helping her. (Way back some time when she was two.) She has an excellent pouty face and she has trouble not picking her scabs. And she is beautiful. Her hair is getting long, her skin is so olive, and her eyes are so dark brown. She is a really pretty child, and probably the one who looks least like me. I used to look at the two of us in the mirror and try to see even a little of me in her. But it doesn't matter if we look alike. She is Daisy.

Daisies have always been my favorite flower. They are simple, lovely, and they grow easily. I'm glad this one was planted with us.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Picture Scavenger Hunt

*Warning: There are a lot of pictures. But duh, it's a picture scavenger hunt people.

Here are the themes our teams interpreted in photographic form:

1. Trust Me
2. Case Closed
3. On the Edge
4. How'd You Get in There?
5. Brother, I'm Committed
6. Help!
7. Let it Be
8. Hold My Hand
9. Yellow
10. Ladies First
11. Baby Steps
12. Think Twice

I put them all there together in case you ever wanted to steal the list for your own purposes. It really was terribly fun. I highly recommend it. In our case, since we had so many children, we stayed in our neighborhood so we wouldn't have to drive anywhere. We gave each team a list, and an hour to shoot. Here is what we came up with. There was no declared winner, but you can decide for yourself which ones you like best. They are each pictured with Team 1's picture first and Team 2's picture second. (Brady actually gave our team (2) the name of "Does this make me look Fete?" He definitely wins the prize for best team name.)

1. Trust Me

"Jump Jake, I gotcha!"

Porter is not convinced

2. Case Closed

Jake finally caught the neighborhood culprit

This case is CLOSED

3. On the Edge

4. How'd You Get in There?

5. Brother, I'm Committed

Sorry Jake, she already has a man
No going back now

6. Help!

7. Let it Be

Marty was singing 'Let It Be' while everyone did the lighters (okay, you have to imagine lighters)
Yes, I super-imposed the 'B' on top of the kids

8. Hold My Hand

My personal favorite of the whole night
Go Team 2

9. Yellow

Yellow fire hydrant, wearing yellow, and yes...peeing yellow (pretend peeing!)
Brady is the 'O'. Get it. Yell—O

10. Ladies First

Probably my second favorite picture

11. Baby Steps

We seemed to have the same idea on this one

12. Think Twice

We didn't have to think twice about this picture

Oh wait, did you notice that there is only one picture for 'Think Twice'? That is because Team 1 forgot to take a picture for that theme. So I guess they are going to have to think twice about claiming the victory for this game. So I declare, in my most unbiased opinion, Team 2—the winners. Or, if you will: Does this make me look Fete—the winners!

Really, we were all winners. Because we got to spend time together. Aaahhh. 

Just kidding, Team 2 totally spanked Team 1. And if you have a different opinion, you are welcome to comment.

It's a good thing I am not too competitive.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fabulous Fete Day

This year was a riot. We had such a blast. We did a photo scavenger hunt and I need to get all the pics in order. Some of them are hilarious. Needless to say, my bedtime is creeping up, so you will get them tomorrow. In the meantime, here is the whole gang. Can you guess the color? (Hint: Don't go by what Brady is wearing.)

Top row: Matthew, Maleen, Pearl. Couch row: June, Porter, Paxton, Jessica, Daisy, Brady, Robyn, Emma,  Ivory, Jake, Sarah, Nash. Front Row: Lily, Kyla. Photographer: Tyler

Hope you had a fabulous Fete Day. If you are a little confused, you are welcome to catch up here. Deanne described it best.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Water and Shadows

Behind again, I am, yes.

I wasn't really feeling the water picture. Really, I should have just put in the one from this post. But, since I am running more and that is the what is on my mind, this little baby is keeping me sane.

Photo of last week:

Have I mentioned that I am a sweater? (And I'm not talking about Cashmere.)

The weather was rather stormy last night and that led to the usual puddle in our garage. I pretty much curse the builders who layed the garage floor every time it rains. I forgot it was out there, and Pearl found it first.

Which led me to shadows. Pearl had on socks and she would leave splotchy blob-prints at first, but eventually, they would turn into little footprints as there was more pressure from the foot than anywhere else. And almost as quickly, they would disappear. Unfortunately for me (since I was determined to get my shadow picture today) it was overcast, but watching Pearl walk around, leaving prints that disappeared before my eyes, it was like watching shadows fade. I'm sure I could give it all very profound significance if I weren't so tired.

Photos of the week:
crazy that she had socks on while she made these

The sun finally came out this evening and I love the shadows it makes behind this new frame I got. I have a fun plan for it. Remind me to show you the finished product when I get the pictures in.

This picture was not taken today, but I love the little shady lane between our house and the neighbors. Pearl went exploring in her awesome tie-dye. (Wait, shade..shadows. They aren't exactly the same. I think I am stretching now.)

 But caught up, I am, yes.

Oh, and in case you were wondering. When you combine socks, puddles, and lots of traveling, you get some very dirty feet.