Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The Mice Invasion

 (January 2022 - March 2022)

Mice are sneaky little creatures that can get around almost anywhere. Growing up, we had mice for a while. We used mouse traps, but after taking the ear off of one and much crying on the part of my sister and I, my mom got live traps. I had so much fun checking the traps and dumping the mice into a tank. We caught a boatload and kept them as pets for a while. Then we finally released them in a field. 

We had mice for a time in our first house. We could hear them in the attic and Tyler took care of them with traps and such. I don't feel like they were a huge problem, but that could be me remembering wrong.

Then, here we are in our current house and we haven't had any problems for years and suddenly...mice.

Was it extra cold? Did they find a hole? Did we entice them in with our cereal cupboard full of spilled frootloops? Who knows. But the signs started to show up. Mouse poop in the drawers and you could hear them now and then munching on something.

The first one was spotted a couple places before we caught him. We had a chase around the couch and another in the bathroom, but he escaped. But the lazy susan cupboard ended up being his doom. I heard him in there and after cleaning out what I could, he seemed to be gone. But he (she? I don't like to think of them as girls for some reason) was staying extra flat under the susan. Tyler actually caught him with his gloved hands and he met an untimely end. Sorry dude.

There is always that initial hope that maybe there was only one, but that was quickly dispelled. We put out mouse traps, but they weren't biting. I thought back to my glory days as a child and I ordered some live traps. They look a little different, but the idea is the same. And what do you know? We caught one.

Tyler and Pearl took him down to the lake and released him. Even with the door open, it took him a minute to decide to leave, but once out, he streaked away.


We kept the traps in the drawers that got the most action and we caught mouse after mouse. Sometimes we'd dump them together so we could set the trap again faster. The girls liked taking pictures and videos. Tyler too. They are pretty cute. I think mice are adorable, while still knowing they carry diseases and are dirty, nasty creatures. I don't mind a mouse, as long as it isn't in my house.

It's a sad commentary that it got to be so normal to catch mice that we stopped taking pictures. We caught 12 in total, I think. The penultimate was caught minutes after Tyler and I left on a getaway in March. (No, not blogged yet.) The girls called us as we drove out of the neighborhood to say they got another. 

We saw one more much later. He came to nibble on Robyn's chocolate self portrait. (No, not blogged yet.) What a stinker. Doesn't he know you aren't supposed to eat the art? We caught him easily enough since we are pros now. 

And that was the last mouse we have seen. Granted, we are in winter again and it is very cold, but I haven't seen any signs of them. I'm hoping they are a thing of the past. But we kept our traps...just in case.

Thursday, January 19, 2023


Helloooo everyone. This week was rather exhausting. We managed to cram two exchanges, interviews, and a baptism into this week. Lots of amazing stuff.

The baptism was amazing. Victor was a reference from about three months ago who already had a Book of Mormon and was in every way completely prepared by God to accept His gospel. The only reason it took him so long to get baptized was because his boss wouldn't let him have Sundays off. But when he got Christmas and New Years off because they were holidays, he came to church and loved it so much that he completely disregarded the fact that he was supposed to be at work the following Sundays and he's been coming to church since.

His baptism was on Saturday, with Shara and Dominic, two eight year old daughters of members. The whole ward showed up!! It was so cool. We have made it a priority to get Victor friends in the ward before his baptism. That was something I had never pushed really hard before with my other baptisms. And I've since realized that they don't really need friends to get baptized. But they do need friends to help them stay afterward. So it's actually 2000% important that we get them friends before their baptism. And we really did that with Victor. It feels really good to know that I just baptized someone who will be a strong member for the rest of his life, who will be a genuine strength to this ward and have a calling and help the future missionaries here baptize other people. Victor is an amazing man and I feel so blessed that I got to participate in his journey onto the covenant path.

I tried a cajuil, which looks like a red pear and tastes like a plum and a pear at the same time. They must be in season because I've never seen them til this week and suddenly they are EVERYWHERE, I can't go anywhere without seeing them or getting gifted some.

This week I finished the Book of Mormon and started over again. I know this Book is true and I know it contains the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In Nefi's summary of 1 Nefi, he mentions how they called the name of the place where they were Bountiful. I read that and it actually made me think for a while. Multiple times, Nefi talks about how EVERYTHING he writes in the Book is of God, that he is only writing things which are of worth for the children of men, that he desires the room that he may write of the things of God.

And he writes, "We named the place Bountiful"?? At first I was like, why in the world did he include that? Then I thought about it. Bountiful was a good place. They had everything they needed there. They were happy. Then God commanded them to leave. So that they could get to the promised land. A better place. Where they would be even happier. Maybe they couldn't imagine being happier than they were in Bountiful, but God had a better plan. Like He always does. God is not an out-of-the-frying-pan-into-the-fire kind of God. He's an out-of-Bountiful-into-the-promised-land kind of God.

Change can be hard. When I left Navarrete I felt like I was leaving Bountiful. Then I found out that Moca is the promised land. I am so happy here. I'm seeing so many miracles. The work is moving forward at breakneck pace. This is the happiest I have ever been. And I will probably have to leave in a week. 

BUT who knoweth but what God hath prepared a better land of promise for me?

Whatever change you are experiencing in your life right now, embrace it. God wants you to be happy. I know that. He is not gonna give you something you can't handle. That doesn't mean He won't give you something hard; maybe He will because He has the ultimate plan of greater growth and future joy for you. But He is leading you along to the promised land, and if you let yourself get led, you will find joy in the journey.

I love you guys! Have a fantastic week! 

Hermana Cazier

Ski Bums

(January 22, 2022)

See, this is a perfect example of a post that I should NOT write. I wasn't there, I don't ski, and I don't remember any stories from the day. (Since yes, it was a year ago.)

So you basically get some fun pictures of Robyn and Tyler in their gear. I believe this was the first time that Robyn went skiing. (Cuz, the money.) I think they had a great time. She's been asking to go again this year and take Pearl, so she must not have hated it.

It was a Saturday, so they went up and made a day of it. I think they skied, went in to warm up and went out again. (That's how it's done right?) They came home with smiles, so no serious injuries, and not even a yard sale betwixt them. And here are some pictures to prove they were there.

What can I say? These pictures look great, but it doesn't inspire me to go skiing. Give me $100 and I'll play Spikeball for the day and buy myself some books. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Phoenix Rising

(January 29th, 2022)

Once again, we go back in time to watch another Cheer Competition. I thought I went to all of Pearl's competitions last year, but it is clear that only Tyler attended this one since all the pictures were on his phone. And he is in one of them. 

But it is really good for him to be part of the girls' activities. He tries to make it to lots of things and he's really good about it. But I'm the go-to person when it comes to the kids. Tyler did a great job recording and taking pictures. In fact, he recorded all of the routines, but I'm only putting Pearl's on here. 

Here's one of the other groups getting ready to go. We'll pretend it's Pearl's since it would look about the same.

Pearl's group, Phoenix, did a fantastic job! Here they are doing some of their stunts.

All the groups come together at the end for awards. Phoenix got a 93.20. I only know that because Tyler recorded the guy saying the score, but I still have no idea if that is high or low. I'm assuming high since I believe Exceleration Tumbling took first place and Pearl got a medal and plaque for her level. 

Whether being silly or smiley, she is a doll. 

Monday, January 16, 2023

Birthday Fishes

It is that special month with a lot of birthdays for us. Well, only two, but that feels like plenty. 

Ladies first of course. Let's check out birthdays from last year and this year.


Last year I turned 43. Some highlights:

* I had just got down to my goal weight on Noom. Woot!

* Robyn made me this epic strawberry cake.

* I got butt cushions. I need them for my poor back. I've been using them all year.

* June was still at home. She was doing HMTC, so she was there for my birthday.


Just had my birthday and I turned 44. Go figure. Some highlights:

* It snowed and it was Stake Conference on my birthday.

* We left Beau's plate on the table to remind her to wash it, but while we were gone, Nova thought she'd take a shot at cleaning it, which resulted in a shattered plate. Thanks for that Nova.

* The girls made me chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. So cute in the shape of a 44!

* I got some cool gifts.

* Pearl made this awesome scavenger hunt for me with earrings all along the way. They are such funny, unique earrings. The kids at school will love them.

* June was not at home, but she called and talked to me on my birthday and that is always fantastic!

* People sang to me. I'm kind of a big deal.

* Played some games with the Hulse's and finished watching Wednesday. Check off some great entertainment.

* Went to my birthday dinner the next night. We tried out Via313 Pizza. Pretty tasty and they gave us free cinnamon sticks for my birthday. :)

I guess it's not so bad to get older.