Thursday, May 9, 2024

Keeping Track

(2024 Season)

Track was so fun this year. This is Pearl's second year running and even if she doesn't love running, she's pretty good. I think she is the fastest girl yet in our family. They've all been close in times, but Pearl has just squeaked by them for most speediest. 

Track season just finished, so we can get it all on here. Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.


We learned from last year that Pearl is a good distance runner. She competed in the 800 many times and did the mile twice, the second time at Alpine Days. So she started right off running the 1600 and 800. Here are the girls getting ready. Please notice that it is not snowing. That is pretty good for Utah.

Let's go Pea!

Great starting time for the 800.

Pearl also does the long jump. She got better from last year, by two feet, but she didn't qualify for Alpine days and I don't mention the long jump again after this.

1600 - 6:24.7
800 - 3:02.5
Long Jump - 12'2"


I wasn't able to go to Pearl's away meets. If they are at our school, I just sneak out and go watch her events. But it's not so easy to drive to another school. I don't have much from the other meets. They were great about putting the results online so I can tell you that she ran a 6:37 mile and 3:06, 800. Her long jump (she, I already lied to you...I'm talking about it again) was 12' even and she got first place, since no one jumped further at that meet. Nice. 

1600 - 6:37.52
800 - 3:06.47
Long Jump - 12'


Another away meet that I'm really sorry I missed. Pearl got her PR in the mile this day. Coach decided that he would ONLY have her run the mile, so she could focus all her energy on it. Guess it worked. She came in first with a 6:07. Awesome job Peapod!

I think Pearl also competed in the 4x400 this time. I wasn't there, so I don't know for sure and there wasn't great info about it online. (Meaning you can't tell who ran it.) But Pearl often gets incorporated into this relay race. She did last year at the last minute, so I'm glad she had a few opportunities to run this before the big day this time around.

1600 - 6:07
4x400 - 5:28


I'm back to getting pictures since the meet was a home meet. This was the last meet before Alpine Days. By now, I was pretty sure Pearl would qualify in multiple events. She was consistently finishing in the top three for our school. This meet, she ran the mile, 800, and 4x400 again.

Out to the track for the mile. There were enough runners that they did the staggered start.

She had a great run. The weather was really nice for this meet. I even got a little sunburned on my arms. Don't worry, Pearl just soaks it up. She just got darker and darker as the days went on.

Pearl's 800 was great. I believe it was a PR for her. Well under 3 minutes.

1600 - 6:17.1
800 - 2:51.8
Long Jump - DNP
4x400 - 5:06.7


Before we knew it, it was time for Alpine days. I was correct about Pearl qualifying for three events. Let's go!

A cold snap swept through Utah and it was freezing for Alpine Days. The weather was in the 30s and it snowed some on each of the days. Yuck. Everyone wore hoodies and blankets and tried to stay warm. Pearl was chipper despite the chilly weather.

The first day, Pearl's only event was the mile. I think she was most nervous for this event. Everyone kept their warm clothes on until the last minute. Then they lined up and tried to stay warm. Notice a cute girl next to Pearl. Her name is Kate. She is Pearl's twin out there. They each run about the same pace. Kate is usually a second or two ahead of Pearl and they come in together all the time. I think Pearl uses her to pace herself. (Pearl will rarely beat Kate, like during meet three, when Pearl came in first, but Kate was right behind her. They are always together.)

When I looked up results, it was really cool because one of the teachers took pictures of the kids. So there are some nicer pictures I can't take credit for, but I was happy to grab them for the blog.

Pearl did so great. She didn't PR, but she ran a really solid race and was only two seconds off her time. I'm really proud of her.


The second day, Pearl was running the 800 and 4x400. It was just as cold and nasty the second day. Those poor kiddos. 

Ready to race? Ready, set, go...

Notice in the last picture how all those girls came in right at the same time. I think Pearl's legs were just a bit behind, since it looks like they came in faster than she did, but look at her time!! That's a PR for Pearl.

Such a great run.

The 4x400 is at the end of the day. But the second day goes a bit faster and Pearl didn't have to wait too long. The girls were mixed and matched for this race all through the season, but for the final, the coaches picked the four fastest girls. Sadly, one of the girls got injured and whereas she toughed it out for the sprints, she gave up her spot in the relay to another girl. I already knew they wouldn't be quite as fast as they could have been, but that's okay.

Pearl ran the third leg. Like last year, Pearl is always intent on catching the girl in front of her. Pearl took off and passed her on the first turn. 

She almost caught the next girl in front of her. She caught up, but that spurred the girl to run faster. You can barely see the two of them just under the left side of the goal post. (they are basically one person since Pearl is trying to pass on the outside.)

Then the hand off to Kate. (Yep, our favorite Kate!)

They came in fourth in their heat, but you never know where they will place at the end, since you have to factor in the other teams in the other heat. But when results came out, they got fourth overall. Such a great job for these girls. I'm so proud of them and that is with the last minute substitution. 

1600 - 6:09.32
800 - 2:45.79
4x400 - 4:49.51

That's it for track! What a great season. I loved watching Pearl push herself and succeed in breaking her own records. Right now she isn't planning on running again next year, but we'll see...

Thursday, April 18, 2024

MORP 2024

(April 13th, 2024)

Backwards Prom is so fun. I wondered who decided to spell that backwards and make a whole dance around it? And it stuck. That's so funny. Regardless, it is definitely a thing. Sometimes the High School does it and other times, it gets missed. I think it really depends on the year and of course Covid messed some things up for good.

Ivory decided to branch out and she asked Spencer. He used to live in our neighborhood, but his family moved a few years ago. But thanks to social media (which wasn't a thing in my day) they sort of stayed in touch. (If by staying in touch, I mean they follow each other on instagram.) She drove all the way out to his house (which is a bit of a drive) and left him a cute ask. 

He responded in kind. (I really love the dino theme)

I think they had such a fun group. I loved their day date. They went to a park and brought lots of wine glasses. Some were for painting. Others were to scoop up cake. The small shot glasses were for...shots basically. But don't worry, there was no alcohol involved. I think they had a good time. (I apologize. Raina has all the pictures and can't seem to share them to Ivory's phone. So maybe I'll get some on here...and maybe not.)

The theme for MORP was decades. That meant you could pretty much dress up in anything. Lots of people did 70s attire, but Ivory and Spencer went late 1600s, early 1700s. Why not? I think they looked pretty awesome. All these couples look fantastic actually. 

I wish there were dances for adults. We never do fun stuff like this. I'm so glad my kids get to.