Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wallace and (Grom)it

Grandpa got a Grom, as seen in the last post. Tyler thought it was pretty dang awesome. He liked giving Robyn rides, and really, he has a soft spot in his heart for motorcycles since he grew up riding them on the dunes with his Dad and brothers. What could be more cool than visiting Grandpa and riding the Grom?

Well, riding alongside him on your OWN Grom of course.

Behold, in black. (We've named it Wallace.)

I think this bike is great for many reasons. It makes Tyler so happy. It fulfills just enough of his dream to have a motorcycle, but it keeps me from going insane since it isn't made to ride on the freeway. (Not that stupid drivers aren't all over the place, but Tyler is very careful.) Oh, and the pricetag was just right. People joke that Tyler is going through a midlife crisis. I don't think he is, but I'll count myself lucky if the actual event can cost us the same amount.

Other fun things about the Grom. It fits in an elevator, or right by your desk.

Room for two, including all those coworkers who are secure in their manhood.

Who wouldn't like to go to the pump and pay less than $2 for gas? The Grom gets almost 100 miles to the gallon.

It also fits in the van for transport up to ID. (You do have to remove the mirrors.)

A motorcycle does require some extra gear. First came the helmet.

It is pretty cool. It even has a sunshade that can pop down while riding. (Not pictured here.)

Next, the jacket. Bright colors to be seen better and some extra body armor in there. I think he is looking pretty hot.

And he's away.

Going, going...gone.

Now, if we can just get the weather to cooperate for more riding. We can be patient. Spring is just around the corner. And it is looking like good weather in Idaho this weekend...

*Tyler bought the Grom after he came back from Idaho with Robyn. He had it in Idaho when he took Pearl. Jami took a cute picture of J.R. and Rozz on the red Grom and Tyler and Pearl on Wallace. Daddy/Daughter riding, but I couldn't get the picture to download.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sweet Goodbyes

It has been so nice for Tyler to take a daughter up to visit Grandpa each weekend. It is special time for them to speak with him one on one and get advice and make last requests. Their requests are simple. Often it is simply having their name written on their forehead one last time.

Robyn was our second child to go. (There wasn't any particular order...just whatever worked out the best that particular weekend.) She went up on a fun weekend when a new toy was introduced. Check out Grandpa's new ride.

It is called a Grom. Honda makes it. It is a smaller than your average bike. It only goes up to around 55 mph, so no freeway driving please. (Thank goodness.) I think Barry looks great on it. Nice and bright.

It was a beautiful weekend and everyone was enjoying the nice weather.

With an occasional ride here and there.

Take a quick look back up there. Jami is sitting in the chair to the left. She announced a new addition that weekend. (Lots of exciting stuff the weekend Robyn visited.) J.R. and Jami skyped those of us back in UT so we could share in the good news. We are so excited for their family!!

Tyler has told me that the pace is a bit slower in Idaho. They sleep in and relax quite a bit, just like they should.

Robyn got one more picture in the morning. Both looking sharp and ready for church.

Fast forward one week and Ivory had a birthday followed by a very late drive up to Idaho with Pearl. Tyler said the roads were not so great. Lots of snow and patches of thick fog. (Obviously not so bad that he couldn't take pictures while driving.)

But they arrived safely. One of the fun things about going to Idaho is running into other family. Rozz was visiting this weekend and Pearl got to do some cousin bonding. They look pretty cute in their gear. (Yes, more Grom riding.)

Pearl loved all the attention. It was funny though because she was recovering from an ear infection and her hearing was pretty bad. Even Grandpa commented on how often Pearl would say, "What?"

These pictures make me especially sad. Of all the children, Pearl will have the least memories of Grandpa. Most of her memories will come from pictures instead of experiences. I'm so glad she had this time to spend with him now.

Tyler sent me this picture of sleeping beauty. I sent him one of Daisy (my sickie). Sleeping children are so precious.

There was one who was not sad to see Pearl leave on Sunday. Pip had had ENOUGH of Pearl. Miss P followed that dog around all weekend and kept her hopping. This picture alone shows me that Pipsqueak has loads of patience. (Gizmo is on the chair. Pip is IN the helmet.)

It is also possible Pearl tried to give Pip a bath and ended up leaving her in the tub. (Only an inch of water) Pip let everyone know her displeasure and she probably breathed a sigh of relief as Pearl headed back to Utah.

I hear ya Pip. Pearl can be a handful, but she sure is loving.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Eight Leggers

* Ivory took the camera on a school field trip. She was very responsible, although the batteries ran out. (That is normal and why I don't use that camera.) She had all these fun pictures, but it isn't my story to tell. So you get a guest blogger today. Enjoy!

This is me, Ivory.

And this is my teacher, Mrs. Peterson.

This was my lunch for the field trip day. The animal on my lunch was the animal I was really looking forward to seeing.

Megan was my bus buddy friend on the way there.

Melissa and Megan on the way back to school. (In this picture only got Melissa).

These were the three annoying boys behind Me and Megan. We nicknamed them ourselves--The Three Annoying Boys Behind Us!

Goodbye school.


Salutations AQUARIUM! We have found our destination, we are at our arrival.

My group. (Me, Brooklyn, Isaac, Megan, and Ezra who is currently not in this picture).

A cute little tortoise after meal time.

Penguin swimming up on top, perspective from the bottom.

A toucan, a treasure from Brazil, Brazil was where my dad went on a mission.

A scarlet macaw parrot. How wonderful!

Polka dotted stinger ray.

Starfish topia!

The octopus! Bad perspective, right, don't you agree with me? 

Spiky sea urchin. (FYI there's a little puffer puff fish in front of it, tan.)

There's my crush. He was eaves dropping on us. He's the one covering his face with his hand. If he didn't do that you would see why I like him, HE'S SO CUTE!

* Looks like Ivory had a great time! And I think she will make an excellent blogger one day. 

February, My Old Nemesis

I have mentioned before that February and I don't get along. This year was no different. January was smooth sailing and on Feb. 1st Robyn got sick. It is like we step over an invisible line into a contaminated zone.

Stupid bio-hazardous February.

It is kind of par for the course, but this month it was more annoying since we are trying to stay well so a weekly visit to Grandpa doesn't bring germy stowaways. Our choice of which girl goes to Idaho often tips in someone's favor because they aren't coughing, etc.

Daisy got a small cough shortly into the month, and Pearl showed up everyone with a stuffy nose that turned into a double ear infection. She really had a rough week or so.

But it worked well for her, since she got antibiotics and got to go to Idaho last weekend. It was going to be June's turn, and then we thought Daisy, and after ice skating, we settled on Pearl. Good choice since Daisy woke up the next morning and threw up. Another victim to February...

Tyler has been just fine though and as we rotate through, three of the five girls have gone up to Idaho. The fourth goes tonight. (I have more pictures of those trips to put on here soon.)

So, although February is doing its normal thing, it hasn't slowed us down much. And truthfully, it is not like this has been a normal winter month. It has been gorgeous outside. So many warm, spring-like days. Pearl and I have been taking advantage of the nice weather.

Moxy probably likes the sun more than any of us. (Poor CA dog transplanted to UT. She has mostly gotten used to it.)

Before Pearl got sick, she had her spotlight at school. We made an awesome poster for her.

Fun facts that you might not be able to read:

* Pearl got her middle name from her Grandma Cazier
* Pearl has four sisters--she is the youngest
* She wants to be a doctor
* Nicknames: Peapod, Pearly-P, Pearlite, 'P'
* Favorite animal: Butterfly
* Favorite holiday: Valentine's Day (possibly because it was the next one coming up)
* Doesn't like: mosquitoes, sharing a room, soup, winter/being cold
* Favorite Food: Pizza
* She is the only blonde in the family

(By the way, all the cute little pictures were drawn by Robyn, since our printer wasn't working that day. Handy to have artists in the family!)

Pearl seems to really enjoy school. I think it is good for her to get away from boring mommy at least a couple times a week.

February, it has been fun. Don't feel like you did badly. Three kids sick, one who wasn't sure for a while, one jammed finger, one hurt knee, one sore wrist, and one beautifully horrendous bruise. I think you can chalk up 2015 as a success. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Birthday time again in the Cazier household, with another following close on its heels. Ivory is just shy of double digits. She turned 9!

She is such a fun, energetic girl. I love being around her, and if I can get her energy moving in the right direction and with the right motivation, there is nothing she can't do.

She dearly loves breakfast in bed, so I decided I would do that for her. And this year, I told her I was bringing it up, so she wouldn't come down and miss it. ( last year.) Weirdly, I made her the exact same thing as last year. (Not planned at all.)

Ivory opted for a friend party this year and all the rules have changed. Before, I got gifts for the birthday girl from the family and allowed a friend party as well, every other year. I realized it was stretching the coffers a bit much, so now, one must chose between family gifts or a friend party. (Friend parties still involve gifts after all.) Ivory was very excited to open a card from Grandma, because she knew she wouldn't be getting many presents until her party in the evening.

And there was gift from mom and dad, mainly because I bought it back in December and it was likely that she would grow out of it if I saved it for a year.

We chatted with Ivory and took pictures of her enjoying her breakfast.

As soon as she finished eating, on went her new item of clothing. (I'm not even sure what you call that thing. I just thought she would like it.)

We threw her out the door for school, but it wasn't long before Tyler picked her up for lunch. He has a tradition of taking the girls out for lunch on their birthdays. (I think they really look forward to it.) Ivory chose Golden Corral, and Tyler peppered my phone with pictures while they were there. Here is Ivory with a huge plate of melted cheese. (I guess there were chips there earlier proclaiming to be nachos. All I see is a BUCKET load of cheese.)

Selfie with Dad!!

I think Ivory went through three or four desserts, but this one was my favorite.

Back at school, it wasn't too long before Mom showed up. (I always bring the balloons. Not as cool as lunch, but still graciously accepted.) I brought along toffee, because that was Ivory's treat of request. I told her that the school frowns upon homemade treats, but she had her heart set on toffee. I left the nuts off (just in case) and no one threw me out the door. (Whew.) And the kids got to enjoy something without a mound of preservatives.

Ivory liked her balloons. She still has a soft spot for elephants.

In the evening, we took a carload of loud, crazy girls over to the ice rink. (Wow! LOUD!! The kids, not the ice rink.) I didn't take pictures of everyone on the ice. You get the idea. We skated, some fell. There weren't too many tears.

I did grab everyone for a group picture at one point.

Front row (left to right): Anabelle, Reagan. Back row (left to right): Sierra, Bailey, Danielle, Megan, Robyn, June, Daisy, Pearl, Tyler, Ivory, Brielle (It is possible those two in the front had no idea I was taking a group picture.) :)

We skated to our hearts content and stopped briefly for brownies and ice cream.

Ivory wasn't even close to blowing those candles out in one shot. Maybe she was out of breath from skating?

She opened gifts and loved everything. (Honestly, she got more stuff from her friends than I would have gotten her anyway. Good choice on the friend party toots.)

We all rushed off to get in fifteen more minutes of skating. I was proudly holding my record of not having fallen even once, until...

Robyn talked me into going to the other rink to play hockey with her. Robyn is fairly sure footed on the ice. (Sure skated??) But when you add in a hockey stick and a small ball, it is a different game. Even for me. We were all over the place trying to get that ball. Both of us collided with walls and each other multiple times. I thought I had it all under control until suddenly I tripped and fell flat on my face. Well, I caught myself, so no actual face damage, but I was sprawled out on the ice as if I belly flopped from the sky.

The only real damage I sustained was a bruise on my thigh. In my pocket was a die I had picked up from home. (One of the kids left it out, so I slipped it in my pocket until I could return it to my dice stash.) When I fell, the die came between my leg and the ice and left a pretty nasty bruise. Not very big...just about die sized. Tyler says that is what happens when you play games of chance. (I think he was referring to dice...not hockey.)

I would call the evening a success. Ivory was happy, everyone was tuckered out, and Tyler headed out to Idaho. (Pictures of Idaho trips soon.)

Speaking of Tyler, I told you I would put the end of his birthday on here. Seems fitting since this is a birthday post.

Brownies again.

We finally got around to making his birthday brownies. We had another rousing chorus of Happy Birthday and Tyler enjoyed the spotlight as always.

No worries. He blew every candle out the first time.

Happy Birthday to my winter babies. One more coming up soon!!