Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Music In the Parks

Um...I may be a little overwhelmed recently. Too many kids to shuttle here and there and Tyler's computer has been broken for a while with no foreseeable fix date. I shudder to think what my blog book will look like for this half of the year. It will be a skinny little thing among its plump neighbors. I'm not even complaining really. I love all the fun things we are doing, but I do wish I could carve a little more time into my schedule. And maybe I wish I had kept up over the summer and during the end of the school year so I wouldn't feel so blasted behind. Thus, I am working on a post in May so I can get finished with that last month of school. Man, what a fun, crazy month that was.

Our music department at school participates in a program called Music in the Parks. The top groups of each music department go to perform and compete in their division. This means the top choir groups, the top orchestra group, and the top band groups. June was going because she was in Chamber in orchestra. Robyn was randomly going because she switched over to choir second semester and was in an all-girls group called Madrigals. (I think I posted about her concert already.) They went to competition along with the other top choir. (I don't have any kids in there so I don't know what they call it. Chamber Choir?) A week or so before Music in the Parks, I spoke with Mrs. Taylor and she was looking for more chaperones. It is an all-day event that starts with competitions and ends with a day at Lagoon. Since two of my kids were already going, it sounded like a great idea. But I went with the band, so I wasn't actually with either of my kids for most of the morning.

There was a lot of shuffling around during the morning. I counted kids as they got on and off the bus and even escorted some band kids over to another High School so they could sing with the choir. It was a busy morning. But band was the first group finished. We headed over to Lagoon before noon. Here is the bus. I was on the bus that had the Jazz band. There were fewer of them and that was fine with me. I would rather have some extra space than be piled on top of one another.

Upon arriving at Lagoon, I realized that I had no kids and I suddenly felt like the weird mom who no one wanted to hang out with. (I don't blame them. I wouldn't have wanted a mom that wasn't my mom hanging out with me at an amusement park when I was a teenager.) I sat and felt sorry for myself and then decided to go on Cannibal. I would rather go on it with my kids the first time but I was determined to make the most of my time at Lagoon. I got in line and moments later, Christina and Lily came rushing by. They had stashed their stuff in some bushes and they were coming back to claim it. They had just been on Cannibal. I flagged them down and they said they were headed somewhere else. I could stay in line and go on Cannibal or tag along with them. Too bad for them, I am a people person, so I totally opted to hang out with them. Yep, Christina and Lily got stuck with the mom. Luckily, Christina is one of June's best friends. I knew her pretty well, so it wasn't too bad for her, I hope. Lily was a crack up. I hadn't met her before, but she was so funny. She didn't like having her picture taken, so most of the shots of her, she has her fingers in front of her face in the peace sign. Haha.

We went on quite a few rides before we found anyone. Lily was great at stashing our stuff in bushes. This was before we figured out that some of the lockers are free. We did enjoy this sign though. DO NOT LEAVE ANY PERSONAL ITEMS HERE, with plenty around it.

After many texts back and forth to people, we found June. She was on the swings with friends. Can you see them in a line there? June, Brooke, Hannah, and Lauren. Looks like the orchestra made it to the park.

And it looks like they are having fun.

We actually found Robyn shortly thereafter. We ate lunch. (I had made lunches for the girls so we could use our food voucher on whatever we wanted.) Then it was off to do more rides. June had a lot of friends there at the park, but we got in a group of about six because that worked better for rides. Here we are going on the bat.

I splurged and got ice cream for everyone since it was a hot day. We were taking this selfie when Mrs. Taylor walked by.

So naturally, we had to get her in a picture too.

In the afternoon, there was an awards ceremony for all the schools. I don't really remember what awards we got. I think we got second place in a lot of categories. This is the symphonic band being serious as usual.

Then right back to playing again.

Ha ha Lily. I caught you when you weren't paying attention.

You too Hannah!

Wait...who caught me? That is my camera.

When you have waited in lines all day, you get a little loopy and silly and start doing strange things, like making the tail of your braid into a mustache.

The skyride is always a favorite.

We ended the evening with dinner. Well, I'm pretty sure we ended the evening with Cannibal, since that was the best ride, but here we are eating dinner.

It was such a fun day to spend with the kids. I have already been asked to help out again next year and both the kids will be going again, although Robyn will be in Jazz band instead of Choir. I won't have to be sad mom waiting for a friend. :)

At the end, two kids in my group didn't show up. I think they set their watch for the wrong time. Regardless, I was left looking around and wondering where they were. We ended up waiting about 20 minutes for them. That seems like a long time when you have lost someone else's kids.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

May Phone Dump

I haven't gotten through all the May posts, but I thought I'd get all the tid bits out of the way. All those extra pictures are like the brown bits of chicken that stick to the bottom of the pan. If you throw in some chicken broth, they soften and come off like so many tasty morsels, leaving a clean bottom. So, I need to clean out these photos.

One of the girls took the phone over to the Warner's to take pictures of  their flowers. This makes me very wistful for Spring, which is unfortunate as the weather is getting cooler and Fall is descending like a brick dropped from an upper story construction site.

Back when Grandma came to visit for Ivory's gymnastic meet, we took some weirdies of her. That is what we do.

Ivory is still losing teeth around here. She is rigorous in pulling them out. Here she is with her tooth half out. If she gets it that far, guaranteed it is coming out the rest of the way the same day.

Robyn had been wearing black nail polish that was chipping off. I stopped her because I thought she had a crow painted on her nail. It was just coincidence that it was in that shape, but it might mean something...

June's art made it into an art show at the mall. They took pieces from several different schools. I went and walked around enjoying all the talent. (June was able to come one day while she was sick.) These were some of my favorites.

Speaking of sick June, you can always tell when an illness is working on her. She comes home, bundles up and sleeps on the couch. This was the week she missed her final orchestra concert. Poor Junie Bug.

Here is cartoon Robyn. Her superhero talents include taking selfies when her mother doesn't know, getting out of chores through guilt and persuasion, and yelling, "I'm a teenager" as if that explains it all.

We found this awesome snake skin in our back yard. You could see all the details including the head. I'm glad spiders don't shed.

Ah, and superhero Daisy. Her powers include conveniently forgetting to do homework before playing, being too cute to get in any serious trouble, and turning any ordinary piece of clothing into a chic fashion accessory.

I love going to June's violin lessons. She sounds so good and when she plays with Lindsay, it's heavenly. I took that picture of their feet in the same position one day. So cute. This day, they happened to be wearing matching t-shirts.

I went to many performances at the end of school. The end of year assembly at the Elementary school, I attended because Ivory was performing on the cello. I didn't take pictures because I was very far in the back. BUT, while I was there listening to all their end of year stuff, they had an award for kids who didn't miss a day of school. Turns out seven kids had perfect attendance. While they are announcing this, I start racking my brains to see if my kids missed any days. I remembered Ivory missing, and I'm pretty sure Daisy was sick somewhere during the year. But I couldn't recall if Pearl missed any days. And that is when they called her name. Good job Pearl. Perfect attendance. It was actually a blessing. Because I had started my job, I felt okay leaving some kids at home without me, but Pearl wasn't one of them. However, since she never missed a day, I concurrently never missed a day having to stay home with her. Bonus Pearly P.

Moxy always loved soft. If you left something on the floor, she would curl up on it, so when this blanket fell half off the couch, it made me laugh to find her like this.

And finally, the perfect rose. Our neighbor, Bro. Carlisle has some rose bushes on the side of our yard. He had some lovely roses growing there. They looked so perfect, they reminded me of Beauty and the Beast roses.

That is it for May. Well, not really. I still need to blog about the Parks Music Festival (a.k.a. Lagoon), awesome Chalk Art that I wasn't there for, and Mother's Day. (Don't worry, I was there for that one.)

Friday, September 15, 2017

My Kids Have Loads of Talent

I'm still jumping back and forth between summer and May. Remind me not to fall behind next year. :)

Today, let's wrap all the rest of those end of the year performances. We'll start with Robyn.

Percussion was so fun for her last year. It is hard to believe it was her first year playing since she took to it so well. The only problem is that during band performances, she is way in the back. I can see you back there.

But during percussion songs, she is usually right up front. I don't know if that is because she is good or just short. Here she is playing the Blue Rondo melody that won their team a second place. (Probably depends on which instrument she is playing as well.)

Even with everyone playing, she was still front and center. Easier to take pictures.

Mrs. Taylor did a cool thing on their last performance night. She gave out awards to people in the band and percussion. She had an outstanding percussionist from each grade. Robyn was her pick from the 7th grade crew. (Not surprising in my opinion.) Here she is receiving her award.

And some new sticks. Guaranteed she'll be using those soon.

Pearl had a little performance thing. Actually, it was very poorly organized and parents couldn't really see anything,  but they gave her a ribbon at the end, so she felt special. Yay for participation ribbons!! (Sense the sarcasm.)

At the elementary school, they held a Dance Festival. This was fun because previously, only June's school did that. When we moved to our new school, they have one, although I'm told this was their first year trying it. It turned out really cute. All the songs were very unique and the kids were darling. The weather managed to cooperate and I thought it went well. Pearl was in the back, so she was hard to see during the 1st grade number.

But I love this action shot where you can see her jumping.

Daisy was even further in the back.

But luckily they did this thing where they danced with partners, so I was able to see her come around the corner. Her partner was her secret crush, although I'm not sure how much he enjoyed the dancing since he came to school with his arm in a sling.

I thought they were dressed so cute with their planet costumes.

Ivory looked cold, but to be honest, it was a little chilly outside.

They did the traditional reel that Mahoney has done for ages.

Ivory makes a cute little pioneer. I'm sad that she didn't get to do the pioneer trek that June did, but such is life.

Daisy did another semester of Vocal Motion. I'm thinking that it wasn't a roaring hit because it dropped in attendance from 20 kids to 5. But Daisy loved it. Their final show was at a retirement home. The sound system wasn't working correctly, and I can't say I was very surprised. Although Symphony has talent, she seems a little scatter brained and unorganized. But she sure does love the kids and wants to instill a love of performing in them. Daisy did a fantastic job. She was really good at all her parts. (She learned a whole bunch of hawaiian words and carried that whole song because I couldn't hear anyone else singing them.)

Miss Symphony gave them all a treat for doing a good job. I'm not sure this program will continue next year.

Finally, there was an end of school assembly at the Jr. High. Almost everyone performed...ballroom, orchestra, band, drama. (Wow, drama did this little play that was soooooo long. Not a great choice in my opinion.) Percussion played on garbage cans. I was excited to see this because I had heard Robyn practicing, but they hadn't played them at any concerts. Guess it's lucky that I was already at the school. Can you see Robyn at the end on the right.

When she plays, she sometimes hits nothing because there is no can next to her. I think she practiced in the middle somewhere, but happened to be on the end for the performance. I thought it was really cool.

Such fun to have kids doing so many cool activities. It keeps us busy but definitely entertained.