Saturday, December 15, 2018

June's 16 Year Gallery

Sometimes I can't believe June is 16. Only a few more years at home. It reminds me of the ABBA song, Slipping Through My Fingers...

June has been a bit busy with driving, dating, jobs, honor classes, and church callings. This girl does it all. That means, it took us a while to find time for pictures. I told her we were going today because it was already well past her birthday.

We went into Provo and grabbed Kolache's and then took pictures around center street. There are so many fun murals and textures in downtown Provo. I hope you enjoy the pictures we got. June is a beautiful talented girl. I'm so glad she is part of our family.



I couldn't do my traditional hand picture when they hold up fingers to show how old they are. How do you do 16? Maybe I should have done sign language. Nevermind. I looked it up and it uses motion. Oh get the idea.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Tables Have Turned

General Conference time is one of the best times of the year. (Two times a year!) I love to sit down with my family and enjoy time listening to the leaders of our church, being inspired, and coming closer to Christ.

This fall was the first time they had the Women's Session during the main block of conference. It now alternates between the Priesthood Session and the Women's Session. When Tyler has Priesthood Session, he watches it upstairs and I bring him dinner, so imagine my delight when Tyler offered to make dinner for us. (Well, I ran out of time and Tyler willingly offered to step in. Same difference.)

So we ladies sat together and watched conference, and Tyler made us lemon shrimp. Delicious.

Our conference wall has been going for five years now, I think. After each conference, we get new stickers and work to see if we can reread all the talks before the next conference.

The kids have been doing great. We have a reward for finishing, but the reward changes. (I can't seem to decide on a set prize. We have done all sorts of things...bowling, books, dinner, candy, etc.) This year we decided to go see a movie together. (Well, whoever read all the talks.)

By the time conference arrived, the wall was pretty full of stickers. In fact, everyone made it except Ivory. It was really hard to go to a movie without her, since it felt like a family event since most of us were there. But...sticking to my guns is something I try to do. Ivory seemed okay with it. And we didn't watch the movie for over a month after conference because nothing good was in the theaters. We finally went to see Wreck it Ralph 2.

Have you ever noticed how big Vanellope's ears are? They are the same size as Ralph's. She is still adorable, but that kid has some ears.

Of course, now the wall is clean again. Time to get stickers and start again. I think we can get 100% this next time.

Circus Sadie's

Now that June has reached the age of dating, she is going to the school dances and she attended her first dance last month. I don't remember things being quite so crazy when I was in school. June's High School has eight dances during the school year. (Three boys choice, three girls choice, and a couple other ones. Is that normal?) A dance usually means someone asks creatively, someone answers creatively, kids do a group day date and then they attend the dance. Not to mention pictures somewhere in there. It is a lot. (I know we didn't do day dates when I was in school.)

June decided to ask a guy in our neighborhood. They are good friends and she wanted to go with someone fun. She wrote this note and left it at his house.

I think she is super brave because she went like this to school the next day. (I'm glad she doesn't take herself too seriously.)

Later, Steven left this on our doorstep.

So, it was all official. Dances often have a theme, which is fine, but adds another element of crazy. This dance had a circus theme. So in June's group, the girls decided to be cats, and the boys were lion tamers. It works, right?

Sadly, the kids were so busy that day with other activities that they couldn't schedule a day date. So they met before the dance to play Wii and have dinner. But first we shot some pictures. Our light was fading fast. In fact, we had just taken family photos while the sun was setting, so I knew our light was limited. But we grabbed all the couples and got some really cute shots before the light left.

I really like this one of the boys holding back the girls.

June had a great time at the dance. They actually were having so much fun playing Wii, that they didn't go to the dance until later. But the whole point is to have fun and I think they did that just fine.

So I don't forget, the couples were McKenzie and Joey, Josie and Simeon, and June and Steven.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Marching Band

Have you ever signed up for something having NO clue what you are getting into? That was totally marching band. I knew marching band wore uniforms and played music while marching. Robyn came to me and said she wanted to sign up for marching band. Then she told me she wanted to play pit. I was so confused? I thought she wanted to do marching band and now she wanted to play in some orchestra during a play? So bizarre.

I signed her up anyway, and was told that she didn't have to worry about summer stuff because that was just marching band and she was signed up for pit. Someone please tell me what PIT is?? Turns out pit is also called Front Ensemble. When marching band performs, they all stand in front because it turns out that strapping a vibraphone to yourself and trying to prance around is not advisable. So they don't join the marching band ranks until the end of the summer after all the parades.

Robyn dutifully went to her week of band camp. I actually think she had a great time. That was the week she made her cool Snail shirts. She was exhausted by the end, so we stole her away to Lake Powell. (It seemed like a good reward.) When school started, Robyn's schedule was super busy. She practiced three times a week for a long time after school. I wasn't quite sure what it was for. After all, she didn't have to march and she didn't play in pep band.

And then the competitions started. We went to see her right at the beginning of the competition season because it was at our school. They were pretty new to the whole thing. I guess as the competition season continues, they add more fanfare and props to the field. They still sounded really good. At each competition, multiple schools play. We stayed and watched a few before our group came out.

Oh, here she comes, pushing her vibraphone in front of her. She looks pretty snazzy in her uniform. The pit doesn't get to wear hats. I think that would be a relief, but Robyn was kind of sad about it.

Pit comes out first and sets up a lot of stuff. Then the band marches out. They do look pretty crisp, but I think there uniforms are a little dated. They are the classic style, but looking at other bands, you can see that some people are steering away from the traditional. Here they are spread out across the field. I like the bright lights behind them.

I recorded the whole performance. It is a bit longer than a normal song, and the coolest thing is that these kids memorize the whole thing. Add to that marching in formations the whole time (not including pit) and you've got a lot of dedication and time put into these shows. I'm assuming they picked a theme early on because Robyn got her band shirt at the beginning of summer but I didn't understand the joke until after this performance.

Could you tell it was Spy themed? There was a briefcase that gets passed around and the narrator often talks about retrieving and delivering the item. In the other bands we watched, there wasn't any talking, so this must have been a different kind of song. I still liked it a lot. The colorguard was pretty cool with their flag waving and gun throwing. I thought it was strange to throw around a rifle and sword, but every group had the same props. There must be a list you have to incorporate somehow. Our band only had three girls and by the end of the season, only two. But other bands had dozens. I'm not sure if there is a limit on how many colorguard you can have? Maybe it depends on how many rifles you have? Check out the band with flags flying.

Here are some close ups on Robyn. She was playing four mallets and was amazing as always.

Tyler took a little video snippet that zooms in on her and also catches a saxophone solo. Pretty cool.

I'm really glad we were able to come and watch. Most of her other performances were farther away and we couldn't attend. She had one almost every weekend until tour at the end of October. Tour is always down in St. George. I sadly don't have any pictures since I didn't attend, but their group did very well. They came in fourth, but they give out separate awards for percussion and they won Outstanding Percussion State Championship Title. That is pretty boss.

Mrs. Taylor was so proud of them and she sent me this picture which I'm very grateful for.

They took other pictures of the whole band, but I just got info about them today and they cost a lot of money. I'm suddenly wondering why no parent took a photo to send to all the parents? If I were attending, I would make sure to do that. I guess there is always next year. (Update: I finally purchased one. Here is how they look. Not too shabby.)

Marching band has it's own parent president. There is a club of parents called the Band Boosters. They support and ask all parents to help out as well. Forget that you already paid a boodle of money to put your child in marching band in the first place. Now, please contribute food every time they perform. (I'm sorry, do I sound bitter? I'm just surprised the generous amount I paid didn't go toward some meals. It's like signing your child up for dance and then finding out you have to pay another $300 for a costume.) Anyway, I tried to contribute as much as possible, but I do not covet the job of Band Booster President.

Robyn had a great time on tour. She did have a slight malfunction on show day. While coming onto the field pushing their large instruments, Robyn bent down to fix her shoe and the vibraphone behind her ran her over. It bloodied her heel and propelled her face into her own instrument. Ouch! She was sore for the rest of the weekend and all the piggy back rides she received from her lame foot only caused her arms to ache. I spent a lot of Sunday massaging her arms and giggling at her reactions.

But even that didn't ruin the trip. I would say that we definitely have another year of marching band coming up.

There was a banquet after it was all over. That was fun, but they mostly just recognized the seniors. That is fine. I also finally found the facebook page for band and stole some pictures. So here are a few more at the end. Marching are a wonder.

Saturday, December 1, 2018


Day 31 (Slice)

We have reached the end of Inktober. Because there are 31 days, we just barely bumped into December here. I don't think anyone will mind. In some ways we saved the best for the last. There is something different about this drawing than all the rest. Any guesses?

Robyn did not sketch this piece in pencil first. She says that a true Inktober drawing is done in ink without the pencil sketch. (I've seen people do it both ways.) Robyn was nervous to do it that way but on this last one, she went for it. So that picture was drawn the first time with ink. I'm very impressed. But I've been impressed with the ones done in pencil first as well.

Robyn is quite an artist. I love her creativity and natural ability. I hope she continues with her art for the rest of her life. It is a talent that blesses others as well as the owner.

Friday, November 30, 2018


Day 30 (Jolt)

I think this picture is very cool. People do end up with some pretty wicked scars when they've been hit by lightning. I don't recommend it. (Although I have no personal experience. Scars yes...lightning no.) Is there something you wish you could say you lived through and survived? Lightning strike, shark attach, avalanche, junior high?

Thursday, November 29, 2018


Day 29 (Double)

I can't believe we are reaching the end of Inktober and November. I'll miss putting these pictures on here, but I have noticed that when I put a picture on, I feel like I have blogged for the day and therefore I haven't been getting as much blogging done as I had anticipated. But that is the story of my life in general. Today is a real treat. I love these cute friends who mirror each other. You aren't seeing double obviously, but friends are always double the fun.