Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Supreme Randomness

It is time for a good purge. That means finding all the random pictures that don't really have a home and putting them all together. It makes for a scattered post, but that is how my brain runs most of these days anyway.

Ready? Good.

When I was a kid, I remember curling up next to the heater vent. I have great memories of fighting for real estate space with Betsy (the dog) and sometimes leaving my feet against the metal vent until they were overly-toasted. It is good to see that heater hunkering is still a common pastime. In the winter I find kids on the heater vents all over the house. I only have a couple pictures, but trust me that even the older kids are found curled up over a warm rectangle.

I guess warmth is a hot commodity (ha ha) around here on the chilly days. It may look like the kids are trying to strangle me here, but really they are just putting their cold hands on me and trying to steal my heat. Evil children.

Robyn and Mom Selfie

Pearl made a turkey in preschool. I admit, it is a bit of a stretch, but maybe if you look at the picture upsidedown, it will look more like a turkey?

Daisy and I went on a date WAY back in October. The kids love Menchie's. Eh...not my favorite, but I love the kids, so it translates well.

I was dropping off Ivory at gymnastics one day and we saw this guy a little ways off who was golfing in the brush and being followed by a flock of turkeys. June took a dozen pictures. She thought it was so cool. I wasn't really sure what to think, but if he doesn't fit in a random post, I don't know who does.

Pearl and Mom Selfie

We get a family ornament for the tree each year. We take turns picking it. Last year Pearl chose this one. (With a LOT of help from mom. i.e. I think I picked it out and then claimed Pearl helped. Shh...don't tell.)

This year is Dad's pick. He hasn't gotten one yet, but if I could choose, I'd go for something like this...since two kids joined the ranks of glasses wearers. We'll see what he ultimately decides...

Eddy continues to hide around the house this year. June told me 'Eddy' is one of her favorite Christmas traditions. I just feel bad when Eddy falls asleep and forgets to move. Then I have to help him. But he usually is on the ball. He has been quite sneaky this year. Ask the kids about the 'bell.'

What would you say is on Pearl's plate there? Lima beans? Edamame? Nope. They are Caramel Apple Sugar Babies. (These are new to me.) She called them Sugar Plums. And since I've never even had a sugar plum, I won't argue with her. (I think I would like sugar plums. I really like plums...)

Mom Selfie

It is nice to have the basement this year. It seems to have become the wrapping station. All the gifts are kept down there in the storage room, and the kids have dutifully steered clear after I told them how Grandma Dargan lost some gifts when she saw them. NO one wants to see their presents early.

Ivory found a cozy spot one day while doing laundry. I like her creativity in creating a desk.

My kids don't play with dolls very often. It did make me laugh when they came down with their dolls 'dressed' up. The one with purple hair is missing a leg. They gave her a tuft of colored hair for a leg and they named her Hippity Hoppity. Then they dressed up her leg. (I can't remember what they named the leg.) It makes me smile since Miranda and I played with a lot of Barbies and destroyed many of them, but still loved them just the same. (Ah....good times Princess Anita.)

There you go. I think that is quite enough randomness for one post. I'm not sure if it put you in the Christmas spirit, or if that was even the point, but enjoy your day either way. One week until Christmas Eve.

Friday, December 12, 2014

It's Beginning to Feel....

According to the Muppets, the greatest gifts in life are children, ice cream, and that order. (I'm surprised bacon didn't make the list.) I pretty much agree with them.

And children make the holidays better. The magic is for them. The magic comes from them.

After Thanksgiving, we got the tree out. The Christmas spirit was soaking into the kids quickly. They got out paper and frantically started coloring and drawing. (They are so cute and creative.) The Christmas pictures were rolling in.

I made them all get dressed for church before we put ornaments on the tree. We had a great system of lining up and distributing said ornaments. The rule is no fighting over which ornament you put on the tree. You just get what comes up next. And the girls are great about it. Even when Daisy got 8 or 9 weird santas in a row. No complaints.

The man of the house got to put on the star this year.

The evening was filled with music and laughter. And even some dancing.

Although the holidays can be stressful, some moments make it all worth it. I hope these are the moments the kids remember.

In other news, along with these pictures I found this picture of Robyn holding a large candy bar. Can I remember why she earned it? No. Was it important? Probably. Good job Robyn.

And around Thanksgiving, June passed the term for having to keep her original earrings in. Now she sports whatever she would like. It is like she passed some sort of rite of passage. (And no infections--which isn't surprising considering how OCD she was about cleaning her ears.)

I think we are about ready for a picture dump from my phone. That might be next on the list...

p.s. Robyn just informed me that she got the candy bar because she made the best 'Wordle' in the class. I can't even explain what that is. Just know that she is the best. Ahem....I mean, she made the best one. :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Merry Christmas from your Resident Geeks

Tyler is still in charge of the Christmas card at work. (Because no one else would bother and certainly not to make it fabulous.)

Here is the 2014 card.

Try to tell me that isn't one of the coolest cards you will see all season. (Beaker is my favorite.)

Also, we may have promised a card from 2013. Lest you try to claim that we didn't deliver (which we didn't until now) here it is.

Two Christmas cards at once. Double the merriment. You are welcome!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lights are Up.

So, if you don't know by now, whenever the Cazier's do's epic. (At least we like to think so.) It was no surprise, then, that when we put up our Christmas lights, every other house in Utah dimmed a little as if in deference.

What can I say, we're awesome.

P.S. It also helps to know a little Photoshop.

Merry Christmas and eat your heart out!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Reflections 2014

Reflections is always a big thing at our house. We have had many years of fun projects. This year was no different.

THEME: The World Would Be a Better Place If...

Daisy was planning on entering a photograph, but when it came down to the wire, we didn't get it done. (Sometimes that happens.)

Ivory wrote a song. She composed it during the summer, since they know the theme by the end of the school year. She worked really hard to get it just right. Her sisters helped her perform.

Her hard work paid off. Although they forgot to bring a computer to the awards evening, so no one got to see it, she still earned a medal moving her on to the next level.

Robyn wrote a poem.

The World Would Be a Better Place If...

The world would be a better place if all the world was green if it seemed.
Speaking of seam, if clothes would size themselves to fit you,
if dogs didn't leave around so much do-do the world would be a better place.
If you could be perfect, no rashes or sores,
If you had books that didn't weigh so much, the world would be a better place.
If unicorns existed, if there was no lice in my hair,
the world would be a better place.

By Robyn Cazier

She got a ribbon for participation. Next year I think she should enter a comic. Do they have a category for art and literature combined??

June entered two categories: Literature and Art. She came home with two trophies!

I don't have a picture of her art piece, but she used Washi tape and made a collage of tape. It was very interesting.

June's story was great. Take a moment to read it.

The Best Friends
By June Cazier

     The world would be a better place if everyone had friends. But not just any friends–friends with good influence; nice friends, happy friends. The world would be a better place if everyone had my friends.
     Kindness is one of my friends. She's with me all the time, hovering over me. She is shy. She whispers in my ear. And Kindness seems to know everything. She whispers about a lonely girl, or a boy whose feelings are hurt. Kindness invites me to help them, to be kinder. She is a friend I love to be with.
     Kindness is the one who led me to Nature. Nature is pretty, but no one seems to like her. Mean and Dislike, the school bullies, seem to always be near her. They picked pedals off her flowers, threw stones at her birds, and yelled at her breezes. Nature seems to always be alone.
     But now, Nature is a close friend of mine. She has shown me the true beauty of the world. Now, I see everything the way it was meant to be seen. I take in everything around me. Nature brings out my real personality.
     Love has been my friend for a long time. She has led me to love others as I love myself. She makes me feel compassion for everyone. Thanks to Love, I treat others as I would want to be treated.
     Positive is always happy! She is, by far, my loudest friend. She is always shouting cheerful, absolute things. She is the optimist. She shows me things I hadn't seen before. Positive always overpowers a bad situation with wonderful words, helpful phrases, and positive thoughts. I've never heard Positive say an unhappy thing in her life! And since I befriended Positive, I haven't said or even thought as many negative things.
     Patience is quiet and sweet, nothing like Frustration. She is soothing and soft. She is the one who keeps me calm and friendly, even when I don't feel that way. She waits for me. She is kind, and understanding too. She shares my burdens and feels my happiness. Patience is a friend everyone needs.
     Industry is always ready to work. She is helpful. She puts service as a leading priority and serves everyday. When I watch Industry work, it gives me a ready feeling, a feeling that I should get out and do some work, too. Industry makes me happy, and a harder worker.
     Honesty is another of my wonderful friends. Honesty is a special friend. He gives me confidence to do the right thing, even when I do it alone. He gives me confidence to tell the truth. I can't even think of the last time I told a lie since I met Honesty.
     Laughter is funny. She makes me laugh until my cheeks hurt. She makes me laugh even when I don't feel like laughing. She makes me happy. Just seeing her makes me smile.
     Cheerfulness is right behind her, ensuring that I'm always happy and having fun. They make a great team.
     Modesty is a big part of my life. She helps me to keep my clothes modest, but the modesty I've built inside is what I credit her for. I can do good things and sit quietly instead of bragging and boasting. I congratulate others on their achievements without getting jealous and bitter. Modesty is a helpful friend.
     Share has a giving personality. She gives to all, and she inspires me to give also. She is kind to everyone. She does unselfish deeds everyday. Although many of her deeds go unnoticed and many more are credited to others, she just shares some more. I want to have a loving, giving, helping quality about me; just like Share.
     Charity is gentle. She is always ready to help, and never turns away from you. She is always ready to assist those around her. Charity seems to perfect, like all my friends.              Organization is a good friend too. He keeps things clean and organized. With him around, I remember to keep my room clean. I pick up litter. But he has done more than that. I feel more organized. I feel like a better person. Maybe it's just me, or maybe my friends have had a great impact on me, but I feel happier.
     With the help of my amazing friends, Kindness, Nature, Love, Positive, Patience, Industry, Honesty, Laughter, Cheerfulness, Modesty, Share, Charity, and Organization, I have definitely become a greater, happier, person. I certainly have a happier life, now that I've had this fantastic influence to always do the right. My friends are helping me to be my best, and they are bringing out qualities I didn't even know I possessed. My friends make me happy.

     They are the best friends I could ask for. The world would surely be a better place if everyone had friends such as these.

I think she did such a good job. I think my friend 'patience' has been avoiding me. Or maybe she is just busy during the holiday season. If you see her, tell her I could use a good chat.

I'm proud of all my kids and the imagination they use all the time.

Sunday, November 30, 2014


I made it. Another November with 100% posting. Amazingly, I am not all caught up, but I have done enough posting that I feel I can stay on top of things through December. We'll see though. I am known to take an ample siesta from blogging after spending 30 days attached to my computer.

Today was a perfect day to switch gears. We packed up our thankful turkeys (plus one) and put up the Christmas tree. I have some cute pictures but I am too lazy to edit them right now. Plus I am trying to watch an action movie while typing and it isn't going so well.

So I'll leave you with one more turkey. June had a book report project to make a 3D turkey. Then she answered questions and pinned them to his feathers. She removed the papers so she could keep her turkey as a decoration. I think he turned out pretty cute.

Now to go finish watching the movie with my other turkey. (Inset picture of Tyler here. Ha ha.)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Blackedy Black Friday

Last year was much less crazy in the shopping department on Black Friday and I chalked it up to more online shopping and, of course, the fact that many of the stores opened the day before, on Thanksgiving.

This year was the same story. We gals didn't leave until seven a.m., crowds were minimal, and lines were almost non-existent. Granted, we weren't after any of the 'hot' items. I did hear of check-out lines in Best Buy circling the store. One lady said a man came by saying if you bought a printer, he would move you right to the front of the line. She gladly accepted his offer, bypassing hundreds of people. (She plans on returning the printer...that seems kind of shady to me, but I have never been a very devious shopper.)

I was done with most of my shopping already, but I still found a few great deals for the kids. Also a toy for mom and dad, but I can't tell you about that yet. (Gotta keep Christmas presents a secret.)

The kids had a relaxing day as well. Dressing up is a common past time at Grandma's. Guess which kid?

This one is a little easier to guess.

Nothing like breakfast as a princess.

Later, Grandma talked us girls into trying something new she found at the fair. It is lipstick that dyes your lips so it doesn't come off when you kiss someone. (Or on a glass, etc.) It is quite the process putting it on. You have to stretch your lips so the dye can get into all the cracks and crevices.

Then you have to put on three coats and then some gloss. End result is some pretty vibrant lips. Yow!!

Not sure if it is quite my style, but it was fun to try something new. Jami declined the added color. Kat looked rather striking with her dark lips. We all went out to lunch and had a great time. I really like going out with the girls.

Games were played by all. On Thanksgiving KJ had this amazing roll in Farkle. He started the game with a roll of 7100. The goal is to get to 10,000, so naturally he smoked us all.

We played lots of chicken-foot dominoes, and we introduced the boys to Mao.

We ended the evening with throwing all the kids into the suds-mobile. (Apparently they were out of bubble bath, so Grandma used dish soap.)

Check out the frosted Daisy.

It was a great weekend. We always love to spend time with Jami, Kat, Kolby, JR, and all the cousins. I told Tyler today that we needed to get a picture of each family before we left. He dutifully dragged everyone outside for a picture. Kolby's family was up first. Tyler made a mistake I make all the time and he didn't check the camera settings. I give you Cazier's in a snowstorm.

Some might call it a REALLY blown out photo. I tried to darken it up, but sometimes there isn't much to darken.

Tyler redeemed himself by taking very nice photos of JR's family.

Cameras are tricky things. I have a hard time blaming anyone for not taking a perfect picture because I mess it up all the time. Plus, if the settings are shallow, it is hard to get everyone in focus. JR tried here, but didn't quite make it.

I took my turn behind the camera. My only goal was to get Dad to smile. I almost got him...

 Goodbye for now Idaho and family. Every time we come there are laughs and love waiting for us. Thank you for being so awesome!!

p.s. That was Daisy up there. Almost forgot to mention that.