Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Nueve Campamento de la Banda

Week 9! People, that means school is right around the corner. Hug your kids and eat one more snow cone. Quickly please.

Robyn had band camp all during the week. She would leave in the early morning and not get back until pretty late, right around dinner time. They were very long days for her, but fortunately, being part of the pit, their problems are different from the rest of the band. They lament the A/C being on too high in the band room and running out of gummy bears. (Serious issues.) I think the shirts Robyn made should say it all. The Pit is pretty chill.

At the end of the week, they got paper plate awards in each section. Robyn got the Mallet Repellent Hands since she dropped the mallets all the time. (She probably threw them sometimes, but other times, she just couldn't hold on to them.) Robyn is very excited for the upcoming Marching Band season.

Back at home, we boring people just made a treat, watched a movie, and did art. Oh, and we said goodbye to an old friend. Our silver van has driven us all over and back again. But it was time for another chapter in our vehicle history.

Meet Maude. Tyler isn't sure about her name, but it is who she is.

Tyler also got a new ride. I love the blue! (To be pictured soon)

Our treat this week was Cheesecake Brownies or I guess you could call them Chownies. Here is the ingredient stack.

Some of my kids really like cracking eggs and others do not. Pearl is a great egg cracker.

These were pretty easy. The brownie batter was a little thick, so the clumps were a little big and not the easiest to swirl. Certainly not like tiger butter, but still doable.

Do your kids fight over who gets to lick the beaters? Looks like this sassy pants won...

The brownies were delicious and went quickly. The tinfoil was such easy cleanup. Maybe I should always do that.

We watched How to Train Your Dragon this week. Our favorite line was, "Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile."

Some of the kids got to go boating on Saturday. It ended up being very windy and a little rainy and no one got to ski, but we still love the Neilsen's for taking us out.

On Sunday, we ate dinner out with the McKell's and Neilsen's. June taught us Swedish Twister which looks strange to any onlooker. It looks like we are all just standing around in strange poses, but there was an actual competition going on. Just slowly. We also played some epic spikeball. It is required when we get together with Danny.

We had so much fun that we were late to our own art show. Bethany was so nice to come judge for us, I felt bad that we made her wait. But it was all worth it. The theme of GOLD was super fun.

Pearl took a picture of her gold thumb nail. I call them monster nails when they get so long. She is one of the few kids who do not bite or pull off their nails.

Ivory made an awesome gold bowl using a balloon, confetti and three litres of modpodge.

June made a cool zentangle design on a C.

And she made started a skirt which she wasn't able to finish before the art show, but that sometimes happens.

I made some earrings and called them earblings. (Why has no one thought of that name before?)

I also did some string art. I'd been wanting to do one of these for a while.

I like Daisy's cute One in a Million balloons. (This was a glitter/confetti week. We found it all over the house for....well, we are still finding it.)

I also made this succulent holder. The idea is that if you get the right succulent, it will look like a pineapple. In my case, the succulent is fake because I kill plants. But you get the idea.

Robyn did this awesome alligator with gold skin. She also wasn't able to quite finish him, but that doesn't mean he wasn't amazing.

Then my favorite entry was Daisy's choreographed dance to Britt Nicole's song, GOLD.

Daisy chose the right week to do a dance, since we just so happened to have a dancer come in to judge. Not surprising what her favorite was...

And she also gave out some other awards.

Only one more official week of art themes, but two more weeks of summer. Things are winding down and we did school shopping this week. That makes the inevitable seem more real. It won't be long before we are back into a set schedule and I will be lonely once more.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Building Character One Yard at a Time

I would say that we are average yard keepers. We don't let everything go wild, but we don't have manicured hedges and edged lawns. The girls take turns mowing the lawn, but the best is when we get everyone outdoors to work on the yard. Many hands make light work. Sort of.

Tyler pulled out all the boards on the back path and left it empty for some time. He finally filled it all in with dirt which was great. That meant we could also finish the fence later.

I saw the apple tree hadn't been pruned and trimmed in years. You can see here that I had done some on the left, but the right is rather high.

There are all different levels of pruning, you know.
Small pruning.

Medium pruning.

And large pruning. Some of the branches were quite thick. I kept pinching my fingers in the pruning shears. Ouch.

June and Robyn worked on the side of the house and got a lot of stuff cleared out. It looked really good.

Daisy was my gatherer. All the branches I trimmed off, she would collect and put them in the truck. Good job.

Probably the most amazing part of this is that I made them do all of this BEFORE an Easter Egg Hunt and no one complained. They just got to work and dug right in. (Pun intended.)

Now that I know what they are capable of, we should have more yard days.

April Chatbook 2019

Let's go back in time for just a bit to April. It doesn't seem that long ago. But it is nice to be doing a chatbook because that means we are wrapping up the end of a month and moving on.

In April, Granny V was officially back from her mission and that meant we had to say goodbye to Pip. She was a diva in every sense of the word, but we loved having her for a while. I will miss her sleeping on me.

Granny V had a homecoming talk that several of us were able to attend. Sadly, some of the girls had work, so a few stayed behind. Here is Tyler taking everyone up in the truck. (So they could take a couch back to Grandma as well.)

Something about the road makes one sleepy. Good thing the driver didn't succumb.

If you ever wanted proof that I am raising a bunch of monkeys, this picture is a great one. How do you even eat breakfast like that?

Here is Pearl working on her silly picture. Remember our drawn silly pictures?

This was a special day. I woke up from a nap on a Sunday evening and lost vision on my right side. Following that was general confusion and an inability to remember words. Tyler (who was in the middle of grilling) dropped everything and took me to the hospital. These symptoms were consistent with a stoke, so you don't mess around. The faster you get in for help. the more they can hopefully fix. I was very lucky and after many tests, it looks like I just had a migraine with stroke-like symptoms. (I didn't even know that was a thing.) I was cleared to go home.

We have amazing neighbors who not only came over to finish grilling food for my kids but took them over to their house to hang out. My kids love the Pacanos family and their awesome hammocks. I am so grateful for their friendship and service.

In April, we had our large youth fundraiser. It was an auction style event like last year, but this time the kids were completely in charge. Needless to say, it wasn't quite as successful as last time, money wise, but in gaining experience it was priceless. Some kids really stepped up and took charge and learned what it means to run a large fundraiser style event. Our auctioneer was Harrison. He did a great job.

Tyler took the girls on a walk and while these pictures look like a lot of allergies to me, they still make me smile.

This picture of June with her BFFs makes me happy. It is so important to have good friends in school and June has some of the best.

Gotta include any random art I find from Robyn. You can't have an eARTh without ART.

April was flip flop month. This is an extremely important tradition that cannot be ignored. It used to be that my flip flops were the biggest, but no more. Those first four sets look basically the same, although Robyn's are the biggest.

Pearl finished another puzzle. This one is really hard since the fireworks are basically the same on both sides, but she is really great at them.

Since we missed finding the ice cream we wanted during Spring Break, we went and hung out with June at work. She gets a free cup of ice cream to take home every shift, but if we come in, she can take a break and eat it with us. 

Pearl's cabbage continued to grow in April. Despite the severe bite marks, it was making progress.

Robyn was also growing plants for biology. They even had a mini harvest. I was very impressed since I just don't grow things well. We now know to go to Robyn if we need green thumb help.

For Easter I decided to make some funeral potatoes. I read online that sometimes stores sell out of hash browns around Easter because funeral potatoes are so popular. I didn't believe that for one minute until I got to the store. Who would have guessed? I guess it is a thing in Utah...

If a ladybug lands on you, it is good luck.

Sharon came and visited for just a short moment. It was so nice to have her here. Most of her time was spent with her good friend Emily who was in the hospital for an awful case of sepsis that ended up taking parts of her fingers. It was a very tragic experience but I'm so glad Sharon was around to spend time with Emily and that I could help even a little bit with rides.

Pearl got a special treat...her own box of See's candy. She earned this because she read all the conference talks not once, but twice! Good job sis!

We had FHE outside one evening. I went inside to grab something and when I came back outside, everyone was gone. Where could they have got to?

Tween Author Boot Camp was in April. Both Pearl and Daisy went and had a great time. They hung out with Maggie and met some authors and learned some writing skills.

When school is in session, this is how a typical morning looks. Can't wait for that to start up again in a couple weeks.

And finally our last picture for April was the happy little voodoo doll at work. What will she do when Robyn is not around to outfit her? Maybe Ivory will take up the torch? I think this confetti dress is so cute.