Friday, August 1, 2014

Week Eight, Checkmate

Summer is winning. I am running out of energy. We are sleeping in and getting stations done on a haphazard schedule. I am split about it. One third of me is too tired to care. One third of me is shocked that I'm not running a tighter ship. And one third of me is glad I'm flexible enough to let things slide. The last third (just kidding) realizes that summer is almost over. June got homework this week, and is there really only two weeks until school starts??

Week eight was fun, but we did hardly any scheduled activities.

Monday, Robyn played with a friend most of the day and I took Daisy to the doctor for a UTI. I spent most of that day running to the bathroom and holding Daisy's hand while she peed. Poor thing.

Tuesday, we had friends in from out of town. (Totally forgot to take pictures again.) It was great to see Kari and her kids and she taught us a new game that we are hooked on. Love Letter. Check it out. Not too expensive and very fun. Only for four people, but I think it makes my top ten list.

Wednesday, we packed it in. We went swimming in the afternoon with Becca. (And this with swim lessons going on all week. That's another post.) Also, we met Tricia up at Thanksgiving Point to visit the Museum of Natural Curiosity. I had heard a lot about it. And for the most part everything I heard was true. It was really fun, super crowded, and totally crazy. There are a million nooks and crannies. I was constantly losing the kids and searching for them. There is a main hub with different areas branching out from it. We would go explore one area at a time and this was the only thing keeping me sane. At least I knew I only had to find the kids in one area.

We went to Kidopolis first. (I think this was my favorite area.)

I can't even begin to explain all the things in there. I didn't even see it all. I did find these three monkeys robbing the bank.

Pearl and June were buddies and they did magic tricks for me.

We went and played with stop motion animation.

Pearl was very patient waiting as June and I put together this video. (Sorry it is sideways. I am not really very video savvy.)

I'm not even sure what this water piano thing does. Our time in Kidopolis was over and it was on to the next section.

We chose Water Works next.

We didn't stay here long. We took time to get in this strange mister/wind machine.

There was also a hurricane wind simulator, much like the one Tim tried at Point Defiance, but it had wind up to 85 mph. (I forgot to get a picture.)

The whole area was made to have water. The girls played at this trough, but often people would set it up so the water spilled directly on the floor.

We didn't stay there long, because the kids really wanted to go here.

The Rainforest was the favorite of the kids. There was a huge play area in which they could climb and slide. (This is where I lost everyone.)

Somewhere inside they found access to the rope bridge.

This area was where I got to talk to Tricia the longest. Although we entered the museum together, we didn't get to spend much time chatting. It was just too darn busy with the crowds and kids.

There were lots of fun things to try. The Chamber of Courage made me scream when I stuck my hand in a hole. Naturally I found the kids to make them jump too.

We tried to hug as hard as a python. (Three kids are not as strong as one mom, I discovered.)

They had a rope to see how long you could hang, and one area to see how high you could jump. I liked the area to see how fast you could pounce. With all six of us, we took down 16 prey in the allotted time.

The scale was broken. Either that or boot camp is really paying off. I don't think I have weighed that since Jr. High.

Eventually we tore ourselves away to see another area. Next up was the Discovery Garden.

This area takes you outside and there is a playground, or you can check out the children's gardens that used to be part of the main Thanksgiving Point gardens. This area was the least crowded because it was pretty hot outside. Pearl gave me a good pose before she went to find some shade.

Fun to see an old school teeter-totter.

We stayed outside long enough for everyone to wait in line for a turn on the zipline thingy. There goes Ivory.

Next up, Robyn.

And finally June. I love how June takes care of her sisters. She often makes sure they get a turn before she goes.

We came inside to find out we had ten minutes left to explore the motion area.

So we briefly pulled tablecloths out from under items. (I officially stink at this. NEVER ask me to try this at your house.)

We quickly watched smoke rings rise.

We rapidly played with spinning rope. (Hmm...the camera phone does not do too well in the motion area.)

And we were abruptly mesmerized by spinning objects.

Then out the small door we went.

I highly recommend going sometime. Especially if you have a friend that can get you in for half price. (Thank you Tricia!!)

Phew. Are you tired?? And that wasn't even the end of the week.

Thursday was Pioneer day, and we rested and played and appreciated that the pioneers worked so hard to get us here to our (eventually) air conditioned homes. We did make No-Bake Cookies, but I didn't take pictures and we took them to the evening festivities where they were devoured. (Not necessarily because they were fantastic....there were just a lot of people.)

The party was the Cul de Sac of fire. We went last year and it was fabulous and luckily our fabulous friends continued the tradition. Check out all the fireworks ready to go.

It was so nice to relax and enjoy the evening. We let the kids run free. We chatted with friends. There was too much sugar for the kids, but sometimes a small girl needs a HUGE snowcone.

We passed the time by playing some Zombie Fluxx. (Another new fun game, although I recommend Love Letter more.)

It was so nice to see friends. Thanks Sunny for snapping a picture. (I stole her montage from FB so there are a few kids you may not know. But you might recognize that small lady in the lower right corner.)

Sadly, right before show time, Daisy tripped on the wood board stabilizing the fireworks and she skinned both knees and an elbow. She was one sad chicken. I took her to the car for bandaids and they helped stop the crying. (I love how bandaids are magical.) We got back and moved the troops to a new location since we once again chose a spot where we were showered by falling debris. (Talk about being right in the action.)

With a Daisy on my lap, I managed to get one shot of the action. Not the best picture, I agree. But the actual show was amazing. I saw some fireworks I have never seen before. It was killer.

Then I carried a sleeping Daisy home. Too much excitement for one night.

Friday we watched Pirates: Band of Misfits. It was okay. Nothing to write home about. But I do believe making Friday 'Movie Day' was the best decision ever. It is great to end the week eating popcorn and chillin' with the kids.

Ahhh, summer. (At least for two more weeks.)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Week Seven....Not Much Rhymes With Seven

I know that we are actually entering week nine, but let's take a trip back in time. (Precisely two weeks to be exact.)

Our activity for the week was Balloon Ping pong. Instructions say to tape a popsicle stick to a paper plate. Well, I thought a paint stirrer might be better, but we could only find the HUGE paint stirrers. Therefore, we had massive paddles. It was great fun.

Oh, let's take a closer look at those snazzy glasses Robyn is sporting.

She is the first one to try glasses without nose pads. They are cute, but I don't see her wear them often, so I'm guessing she prefers the nose pads too.

K. Back to balloons. (Can you see the epic battle in the background?)

Ivory blew up her first balloon by herself. She was so proud.

Pearl was working really hard. It won't be long before she can do her own. (I leave inflation to the kids because I still am not very good at it.)

Our field trip was to the pool for Daisy's big day. (Not pictured.)

The next day we did chalk drawings. The only problem was the heat. We tried going out early in the day and taking hats.

But it still got hot quickly and most people ditched after putting in some effort.

I still liked our creations. June did snowflakes. (She must have been wishing for a cooler setting.)

Daisy made a nice scene. I really like her kite.

Ivory opted for one of the favorites: The train city. You can see she labeled all the stops, such as gas, clothing, ice cream, etc.

This astronomy scene, done by Robyn, was fantastic.

Pearl worked hard in her area. She is getting much better at drawing recognizable objects. (Just maybe not here.)

I had my own section as well. Can you tell what it is?

I can see the lion, but then again, I drew it. Tyler could only see a fire. No creative imagination, I tell you.

June went out to draw one more snowflake later on and I took a picture because I was not sure how the sidewalk would fair in the evening with the sprinklers.

Sure enough. The sprinklers wiped out almost everything. You could see a little of Robyn's and Ivory's, but all else was a blur. Note to self: Draw in the driveway next time.

Thursday our treat was Butterscotch Fluffernutter Krispy Bars. Whew, that is a mouthful. But a mouthful of deliciousness. They have a peanut butter cookie base, a layer of gooey marshmallow, and then butterscotch krispies on top. It was tricky to get the krispy layer on top of the marshmallow. It was like a weird water bed.

And there were pockets of marshmallow when we cut it into bars. The kids loved them.

Friday we watched The Lego Movie. Everyone loved it and I still hear the kids quoting it. Not to mention, I sang 'Everything is Awesome' for a week straight. Really, it is catchy. As Emmett says, "I could sing this song for hours."

Other things that happened this week:

Tyler tried to fix the camera.
(+) He got a cool new toy to use in the fixing process.

(-) It didn't actually work. We are pretty sure he installed the new LCD screen correctly, which means that there might be more damage to the camera than originally thought. Blub.

We also went to the Bean Museum on a whim one night. Tyler had not been, so we packed into the car and made it just in time for their animal show. We learned many interesting things. We also got to see Cuddles, the snake, Topper, the hinged-back tortoise, and Gwen, a tarantula. They let everyone touch the snake on the way out. (Thank goodness Gwen remained in her cage.) We don't want a repeat of this.

We explored after for a bit and I asked Tyler where he wanted to take a group. the happiest taxidermied animal in history, he said.

Would you like a closer look at the exultant arctic fox? He really is feeling no pain.

Then we played on the gargantuan elevator.

Tyler tried to look like this statue.

But this guy did a better job. (Tyler took this photo on the sly, and I laughed and laughed when I saw it. Pretty good likeness I say.)

And thus ends another week in the history of Cazier. August is right around the corner. School supplies are in the stores. We can't stop playing yet....