Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Settimana Sette

A week without one of the kids is always strange. When Robyn went to Clear Creek, it felt like someone was missing. (Obviously.) This week was June's turn to go to Girls' Camp. (I have mixed feelings about next year because they get to go But two kids will be missing at I dropped off June bright and early Monday morning. She found friends right away. (Even Hannah was there somewhere since she is in our stake.)

Recognize Jenna? She went to camp with Robyn. This has been a fun year for her.

Load that stuff on the bus and off you go. Have a blast my Junie bug.

The rest of us leftovers had to come up with some amusement for the week. Luckily, we already had some great stuff planned. First up...Sponge Target Toss. Robyn was kind enough to draw some targets for us. Lots of options.

I figured I had to get in on this action. (Better to change into a swimsuit now than have all my clothes soaked. Kids like to come after adults when water is involved.)

Now to the throwing. Nice form Ivory.

Not sure who threw this one, but that is almost the center of the target. Great aim!

It was nice and hot and I will freely admit that we didn't aim at the target on the ground for long. We switched to moving targets — ones that run and scream. Some people just dumped water on themselves.

Monkey see, monkey do. Ahh, refreshing.

The porch was a NO WATER ZONE. I put my camera up there and thoroughly threatened the kids. They did a very good job keeping the water away. Pearl realized this would be a good safe zone for her beauty rest.

Daisy was gone at a movie with friends, but she arrived in time for some of the festivities. I have never seen a child change into a swimsuit so quickly. She was like lightning.

Eva, a neighbor, came up to play with us. She was great at refilling buckets and zeroing in on me whenever she managed to snag a sponge. She finally dumped a whole bucket on me and when I told her how nice it felt, she opted for her own bucket. (I wasn't felt really good.)

Robyn used her spray bottle to write letters on the sidewalk. I asked, "What does ER stand for?"

"Duh mom, Emergency Room. But it could also mean Eva and Robyn."

I see.

Tuesday is usually just library day, but we met up with Jenaca to see her before her family moves to Oregon later this summer. We let the kids play at Classic Skate for an hour. (Luckily, we still had some coupons.) Robyn had a bit of a run in with the floor. She was unhappy about the altercation, understandably.

But it was so fun to see Jenaca and her crew. Hudson is the new recruit. He is well taken care of by his big sisters.

Then of course there was Daisy's birthday. All hail Queen Cakes.

Thursday, we made homemade ice cream. There is really no end to the different types you can make, but since June was out of the picture, we all agreed on Mint Chocolate Chip. (We were doing her a favor really.) The best part about homemade ice cream is how easy it is. I guess it depends on what kind of machine you have, but ours is very nice. Mix together some milk, sugar, and cream. Don't forget a little peppermint extract. Now pour it into the ice cream maker.

Let it mix for 25 minutes, and add some chunked chocolate during the last five minutes.

It will be soft serve consistency at first, but you can put it in the freezer for a couple hours to let it ripen. (Weird word that I'm assuming means letting it harden up a little more.)

Finished product: Fantastic. (Especially if you like mint.)

My kids loved it.

Maybe some loved it a little too much.

Friday, June came home!! She was smiling, but I was trying to decide if she got a wicked bruise or was just really dirty.

Turns out it was makeup. A friend was doing makeup bruises on the ride home. We listened to June tell stories about her adventures. I think we all missed her.

We all watched The Penguins of Madagascar in the afternoon. (I really liked it. Super funny. Maybe my favorite show so far this summer.)

The week wasn't quite finished. Daisy had her party on Saturday. As kids arrived, we played the number game (also called the dice game). We have been using it for years and it never gets old. Something about the chance that they might call your number when the music stops makes it suspenseful. We just played on the front lawn so kids could join as they showed up.

Daisy wanted to go swimming for her birthday. Yes, it is a little daunting to take a lot of little girls swimming, but I figured I could manage. We went to the Rec Center because I am familiar with it and I could limit the kids to one area.

I had already mapped out my plan of attack. I decided not to get in the water because I could watch all the heads easier from the shore. Too bad when I checked in they told me that I had to get in the water. Wait...I had called multiple times and NO ONE had mentioned this. I know younger children have to be accompanied by an adult, but I never heard IN the water. The lady at the desk snipped that they don't list off ALL the rules when people call.

Fine, if I have to be in the water, I will put my feet in.

As we entered the pool area, it was nice because hardly anyone was there. That is great for the kids, but not so great for the mom who stands out like a sore thumb as she herds in a hoard of children. I was immediately accosted by a lifeguard.

"We have a rule that you have to be in the water with the children."

I explained that I knew the rule (now), but did not bring a suit. He said I could rent a suit from the desk or some parents roll up their pant legs and stand in the water. I told him I was already planning on that.

I proceeded to roll up not very rollable capris and stand in the water. I took my camera (to complete the ridiculousness) and watched the kids, counting heads and snapping photos. They are pretty cute little fish.

They all seemed to be having a great time.

About this time, another life guard comes over.

"Madam, I'm going to have to ask you to be in the water with the kids."

Begin explanation again about not bringing a suit. This guy was not to be swayed and he kept calling me madam which really irked me.

"You can rent a suit at the front. The children with you need to be supervised in the water."

I refrained from pointing out that it was easier to supervise from the shore. However I did mention a slight problem,

"If I go to the front to rent a suit, who is going to supervise the kids?"

"I will Madam."

(AHHH, stop calling me Madam. And if you are going to supervise them, as you get PAID to do, why don't you continue doing so for the next 30 minutes while we are here??)

(Deep breath.) "Okay, I will go get a suit."

And I did. I left the building and drove home to get my suit. Since I live very close, I was back in the pool in less than ten minutes. (I clocked it.)

I played with the kids for the next half an hour and probably didn't supervise as well as before, but I was following orders. Sheesh.

Getting kids out of the pool took a little longer than expected, so we raced home (obeying the speed limit of course...I wasn't taking any more chances) and went right to the business of cake and ice cream. Or should I say, ice cream cupcakes.

Daisy was super excited to open gifts, finally. She loved everything.

Amazingly I remembered to get a group shot. Daisy has such fun friends. This is a fun age.

Top row: Sadie, Daisy, Annie, June, Alina, Lizzie
Bottom Row: Pearl, Ivory, Rachel, Katelynn
 And one drowned. Most likely because I was in the water protecting them.

I jest. (But not much.)

It was a really fun week. I'll have June do a guest post and give you the goods on Girls Camp.

p.s. Robyn was at Mo-Mo's birthday party so is not in the picture.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Seven Layer Daisy

A birthday deserves its own post, especially since you only get one a year. Daisy is our summer birthday girl. (It goes well with her personality.) She woke up to 'Birthday Bear' who had a special message for her.

Daisy opted for a friend party, since she has never had one. (And before you go asking...yes, I was on the ball this year and had everything organized so I could contact friends in the middle of summer.) A friend party means no gifts from family, but Grandma Dargan had gotten Daisy a gift and sent it with me. Breakfast present opening is a must sometimes.

Good thing Grandma got her a shirt so she could get dressed first thing. She loved it. (She liked the pen too, mom.)

We still do stations in the morning, but Daisy was exempt being the birthday girl. She plunked herself down by the TV and was very content to watch Pokemon all morning. (Notice that she is sitting very close to the TV because she broke her glasses on Sunday. Don't even get me started on the insurance policy that they DIDN'T let us use to fix them. The good news is that it finally inspired me to shop online for glasses. I may never go back.)

She still got her birthday balloons. (All seven of them.)

Here is a close up for Sunny. He had an unfortunate run-in with a ceiling fan later that evening and didn't make it. (I think the same thing happened to her last big balloon. Daisy has a fan in her room. Balloons and fans...not a good combo.)

It was fieldtrip day and we let Daisy choose our location. She chose the Museum of Curiosity. That is always a fun trip. (You may notice a glaring lack of June in these photos. That is because she was at Girls' Camp this week.) The girls always go to the Rainforest first. I think that is their favorite gallery.

They tried out the sloth again. Daisy was a good little sloth, but she didn't get close to her time of 306 that she got last time. She got 109. (Better than I have ever done.)

Ivory felt she had something to prove as the gymnast of the family.

And did she ever.

That is close to seven minutes! She paid for her pride just a little with a rope burn on her arm. No pain, no gain, I guess.

But she drown her woes over at Water Works.

Love these two in the hurricane wind.

After some activity, we decided it was time for a lunch break. I wasn't sure where to go, but the gardens seemed a good spot. I checked some signs and it said no food in the galleries, but I didn't know if the gardens counted.

Turns out, the garden is indeed a gallery, and there are actually quite a few signs that say no food in the gardens. (All of which I didn't see.) A staff lady was kind enough to inform us (she was very nice about it) and we moved the party indoors. There is a nice place to eat in there too.

After full bellies, it was back out to the garden to play. Have you ever taken a picture not knowing that it would be very telling later? This picture was a moment. I took the picture of the glitch that caused some drama.

See, Robyn saw the three slides and thought that it would be fun to take a picture of the three girls at the top of the slide. Pearl didn't hear her until she started to slide down. She was so upset about not sliding with them that is caused a melt down. I tried to cheer her up. I told her that sometimes we plan something and it just doesn't work out. (I told her that I was going to take this cool picture of me and mom on Pirates of the Caribbean as we went under the glowing mist. But Tim raised his hands into the mist at the exact wrong moment and knocked the phone out of my hand. No picture, but at least my phone didn't go in the water.) She seemed to listen, but then she decided to go sit on a bench and cry anyway.

So I took pictures of Ivory climbing everything as usual.

I call this the meditative spin.

Robyn and Ivory had time to stand in line and go on the zipline thing....all while Pearl cried on a bench.

When we were ready to go, Pearl finally wanted to play at the park. Too late. There was an official tantrum with flopping on the ground and everything. (Real family. True story.) So Pearl and I took a break and went outside to sit in the shade and calm down. The other three played in Kidopolis.

When all tears were taken care of, we met up in what used to be Motion Matters, but is an exhibit about SEEING right now. It was really cool. I didn't even have a chance to see everything. I liked the negative space in these columns.

Here is Daisy experimenting with some 3D glasses. If you have a chance to go see that exhibit, it is in'sight'ful.

Back at home, Pearl took a mandatory quiet time and Curtis called us over to his backyard. What could be in his backyard?? Why a huge bubble that holds people of course. The girls had so much fun playing in it.

It is called a Zorb. You can rent it for the day. A friend had rented it for 24 hours and loaned it to Curtis for the last hour.

Curtis was so nice to share with us. It is amazing how many people can fit in there.

If you are on the outside, watch can get run over, much like Indiana Jones.

I even took a turn inside. Whew, it gets hot quickly, but it was fun.

And don't worry. Pearl's quiet time was up in time for her to play too. Spoiled little monkey.

I would say Daisy had a great day. I was planning on making ice cream cupcakes for her party later that week, but I had rhubarb from Grandma Cazier, so I made a strawberry rhubarb pie. Blow out that candle.

Daisy didn't really dig the pie, but Pearl and Robyn loved it. I thought it was great. Yum!

Happy Birthday my sweet Daisy cakes. Seven years has gone so quickly. You have gone from a sweet baby to a sweet girl.