Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Color Me Again

Family was in town last week, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that we went to Color Me Mine. (Well, it shouldn't surprise anyone who reads this blog.) Sadly, family had to leave before the pieces were finished, but luckily I am posting pictures on here for them to see. (Unluckily, we'll see if the pieces can survive the children until we see them again. Hee hee. Just kidding. I put them up on a high shelf right after I took pictures. Unless there is an earthquake, they should make it.) I am taking pictures of both sides so they can get a better idea of how they look, since they can't hold them and examine them in person.

Let's start with Tim's horse. Nicely done.

And looking good from this side as well.

Mom did a huge project as usual. And they always turn out great. I still can't decide which frog I like the most.

The texture on the purple frog is awesome.

Miranda did a cute teapot. I have never seen that piece at the store before.

It turned out so darling.

I was going to make another dessert plate. However, they no longer carry the same style plate. So I ordered more and will have to wait for them to come in. In the meantime, I painted something for Pearl and let her help a bit since she was dragged along. She chose the colors and painted the inside.

You get the idea that it spells her name. Even though you can't see the 'L'.

Fun, fun. Ivory and I went to Color Me Mine for a date recently and Robyn requested to go there for her birthday, so I'm thinking I will have more pictures in the near future. It is a great place to let your creative juices flow.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This Class is Crackin'

Last year I did a Crack Off in Robyn's class, so this year I went to June's. (Ivory has already petitioned for 2015.) The kids had a great time. They dove right into decorating their eggs.

June feels more pressure than most kids because of our high decorating standards.

I think all the kids did a fabulous job. Looks like a whole tray of soon to be cracked eggs.

Watch the pictures. All the kids did a good job remaining at their desks....for about five minutes. This is one of the first battles. A noticeable difference from how many kids are surrounding the table by the end.

Mrs. Mahoney does not normally have an Easter party, but she liked the idea that the boys have no physical advantage in this competition.

We only had to call the 'Eggzaminers' in once. The crack in Josie's egg was so slight, we had to look pretty hard to find it.

Mrs. Mahoney did well.

And she was a good sport when she lost too.

Hannah was the funniest. (She is June's best friend.) She was SO excited each time she won. She is off the ground jumping for joy in this one. (Most likely because June wins so many of the games they play and the roles are reversed here.)

Another fantastic face from Hannah here.

But she should be happy. She made it to the final two. The competition was fierce.

Let's do this. (Once again, notice the amount of kids surrounding the table. I think they were into it.)

And Hannah WON!! She immediately went over to celebrate with her mom.

Nicely done.

Here she is with the only egg that made it through unscathed.

And check this out. She was prophetic. I think this statement (written on her egg at the beginning) says it all.

The other moms brought super yummy treats for the kids. I think everyone went home happy. Happy cracking everyone.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Flashback

Can you name this kid?

Did you guess Daisy? It is Daisy, just a younger version from approximately three years ago.

You of our traditions is hiding a five dollar bill in the eggs. Ivory was telling me that she really wanted to find it this year since she had never gotten it before. I had to correct her and tell her that, indeed, she had found the fiver in a previous year. In disbelief, she still argued, and I told her that I could find a picture proving my statement. I did. It isn't terribly surprising that she didn't remember, since it was five years ago, and she was only three. In fact, it was the very first year we hid a five dollar bill.

In my searching to discover the picture, I cruised through many family Easter egg hunts. Except I couldn't find one; 2011. It seemed to be missing. I searched and searched the blog to no avail. I found the Crack-Off and the city hunt, but NO family egg search. Delving into my archived pictures, there was the folder with the hunt, and it looked like I had started editing pictures and never finished. Wow. This isn't like me. (Okay, yes....I have missed many things, but the family egg hunt is not usually one of them.)

I debated about doing a post and sticking it back in 2011, but the blog book has long since been printed. So I opted for a different fun option: let's combine two posts.

And so I give you: THE FAMILY EGG HUNT 2011/2014. This was actually quite fun to do. On the left of each picture is the 2011 version, and on the right is the current culprit. Much has changed in the last three years. Check it out.

The 'P' is much more mobile.

Daisy...well, in some ways she hasn't changed much. (Totally random that she has the same bucket.)

Ivory has grown up quite a bit.

Robyn is still looking good.

I did a double take here. June didn't have glasses three years ago? She actually got her glasses just weeks after the first picture was taken.

Some things haven't changed much. Like making the kids wait on the step for the littles to go first.

Or how I hide things up too high to reach.

Oh....and Ivory did find the fiver this year. She should have no complaints now. (I wonder if June remembers winning?)

 Quick recap of the five dollar winners:
2009- Ivory
2010- Robyn
2011- June
2012- Kaysen (cousin)
2013- Robyn
2014- Ivory

It was a very fun hunt this year. And because my family was in town, we did it earlier in the week. And you know what??? After having our hunt, I had NO desire whatsoever to go to the city hunt. It seemed the kids had enough candy (and money). Also, it turns out that Daisy had a soccer game at the same time. Win/win in my book. I even told the older girls that we would skip it and no one seemed to mind. CRAZY. Well, Daisy minded. She asked about the other hunt later, and I sheepishly told her we missed it. She was less happy. Sorry Dais.

Here, to make up for it, let's put one more cute picture of you.

And Pearl. Can't believe the littleness of her.

I wonder when the kids will out-grow the Easter egg hunt? I'm thinking if I keep putting money in the eggs, the answer will be never.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Family Does Crack

Ah...the family crack-off. It is the highlight of Easter time. And we still have a couple crack-offs to go, but I need to get rolling on these (pun intended) or I will never get everything posted.

My family (Dargan) is great about coming out to celebrate with us. I admit that I was very saddened that my Dad didn't attend this year. This is the first time, in a long time, that he hasn't come, and the absence of his amazing egg designs was felt. But Miranda came and seemed to fill in nicely. In fact, I had to talk her into decorating some eggs, and I'm so glad she did. Let's check out the gallery for this year.

I warned the kids a LOT not to touch other people's eggs. I didn't want anything to get cracked early. I warned and I warned, but all to no avail. Someone picked up Ivory's rainbow egg and accidentally dropped it on her other egg, cracking her ice cream sandwich. Most embarrassing, was that the person was ME. Yes, I cracked her egg. I confess. This isn't the first time I have done this either. Tim was very quick to remind me of another year in which I cracked his egg. He dubbed me an 'egg-wrecker.' I don't disagree.

But it did lead to Ivory making another egg that I really liked. Her bat egg was super cute. I took a picture from two angles. And I labeled it wrong. Technically, it is called Swirley Moonlight. I was close.

The art judging is taken very seriously.

It is always very hard to decide on your top five. (And no, you can't vote for your own eggs.) These are some good looking eggs.

Votes are in. The winner is Deceptive Rose. (And she wasn't even going to design her eggs.)

Then we put the fluffy stuff aside and got down to the cracking. June and Tyler started us off. Of course, they missed each other's egg three times.

Minion is taking out Flowerbed.

Check out Tim's game face. He is a serious cracker.

In case you are wondering, we draw names randomly. You never know who you will face off against.

Here are the littles cracking off.

And then there were two contenders. Robyn vs. Mom.

She slaughtered me. Robyn never even had to use her second egg. This makes two years running for this girl. Maybe she has a strategy that I don't know about. I must watch her closely next year.

Always a good time. Thanks family, for the great memories.

*Dad, I expect you to weigh in on your favorite eggs, since you weren't there to vote in person.