Friday, May 18, 2018

Lip Sync Battles

The girls did a lip sync battle in young women. I had seen Robyn practicing for quite a while, so I wanted to go and watch. I didn't take video because of my youtube problem. All the groups put together their song.

The leaders did a fun compilation of pirates, Queen, and Manah manah.

There aren't many Laurels, but what they lack in numbers, they made up in expression in their High School Musical song.

Mia maids did Nothing Holding Me Back with some great choreography.

I had seen parts of Robyn's already, but I was super impressed. She did all the choreography for her group. They danced and sang to Shiny.

It was all very fun. Then they also had some spontaneous songs. They drew people's names at random. Even my name was in the pot since I had come. I got called up and Ivory recorded it. And then youtube accepted the video. (Figures.) But you might recognize this music.

It was a fun evening. It is fun to let go and be a little silly.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Smashed Together Art = SMART

One of my beefs with the end of school is all the concerts and events splattered throughout the month. It makes it impossible to do other things, because every time you turn around, there is another school function you have to attend. Consequently, May is one of my least favorite months. (Sorry May, nothing personal.)

So with kids at the elementary in choir, orchestra, and ballroom, I was dreading it a little. Not to mention N.O.V.A. and Sixth grade graduation. But the arts department got smart and planned an assembly that covered them all. YAY!! The only thing that could have made it better was having a performance at night so parents who work could attend, but I was fine attending during the day and Tyler was also able to come. And I think one of the purposes was advertising for next year. They want kids to see these programs and sign up.

Ivory was a stress case. She was in almost every single performance, since she does choir, orchestra, AND ballroom. They had things spaced out nicely. In between orchestra set up and removal, the choir would sing. Ivory was so funny running around but she made it everywhere she needed to be.

We took some pictures and some video. Here is the choir onstage. You can easily pick out the girls who are dressed up to dance later.

Here is a blurry closeup. Can you find Daisy and Ivory in yellow? They both have contacts in, so you can't use glasses to cheat.

Here is one of the choir songs. I believe it is an African song.

Then orchestra was up. Somehow I didn't take any pictures of Ivory, but they did a good job. I think Ivory is glad to be done with orchestra. She is not terribly fond of her teacher. It is hard to know who to side with. Ivory says she gets sent out in the hall all the time. But I do know she can be a bit chatty. However, if she asks a question, she sometimes gets in trouble because the teacher says she should have been listening before. Yikes. I have never gotten involved and I'm just happy they won't be working together next year.

Ballroom was the most fun to watch of course. First up was the Beauty and the Beast waltz. It was so cute to watch. I love that these young kids know these dances.

More singing with the choir in between. I didn't put all the choir songs on here, but they did an amazing job.

The next ballroom dance doesn't feature any of my kids, but I loved it so much. This is the dance that I think would sell kids on doing ballroom. Watch Henry on the far right when they do the hand roll. Classic.

And of course, who could do a dance number without adding the hottest music in showbiz right now? Can you guess from the pictures? I'm sure you can.

Our video glitched on this one, but I got a snippet from another mom. It was one of my favorite parts anyway. There aren't enough guys to go around, so the girls split for the other songs, but they all danced this one. They just had half the girls dance the beginning and half dance the end. But in the middle, they switched the girls in a creative way. I really liked it.

This was such a fun year for ballroom.

I also think that Ivory and Daisy really liked choir. Most of these programs are for fourth grade and up, so Pearl still has to wait another year. But I think Daisy will be participating again.

Daisy ran off after, and I got one shot of Ivory. She made it through all the costume changes, and choir songs, and moving instruments. Her smile looks a little exhausted, but she can pat herself on the back.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Dia de la Madre

I love Mother's Day. Not because I have kids or because I get things, but because I think women (and mothers in particular) are amazing. It is true that you appreciate your own mother a lot more once you have your own kids. Motherhood is HARD! So hard. At every age. There are so many great moments and they make it all worth it, but don't be fooled into thinking it is a cushy job.

I happen to have an amazing mother, and amazing kids. So I feel like I am in the middle of an awesome sandwich. Take a look at all these reasons that I love being a mother.

Oh, look. Even one of my honorary kids. I could have taken several more pictures. We keep adding to our family of honorary siblings. I love all my kids friends.

My Mother's Day was very good. In the morning, I opened cards from Pearl and Daisy. Pearl drew me emojis in my card. So cute.

Sometimes the girls make me close my eyes while they get things ready. It looks like Daisy doesn't trust me here. She is watching me closely to see if I will peek.

I have had many self portraits drawn of me, but I really like this one by Daisy. I look so stylish, especially with my hair over one eye.

Then I had to go to church. Where Tyler spoke and did an amazing job. We also got flowers (which I will kill) and treats (which I enjoyed). Then back home to get a few more things. Ivory found me a cute poem. I love her envelope.

Robyn drew me a picture of all my many jobs. I love it. Look at it close up.

June wrote me this very sweet Spanish. Wow. Luckily, I read Spanish okay. (I can't understand anything when it is spoken.) I actually understood almost everything in the letter. She also gave me a translation. That was very nice of her.

I was pampered all day, meaning I didn't make myself lunch. (Least favorite meal to make by far.) Tyler made nachos and when Pearl made more we all stole some. Thanks Pearl. Yum.

And then I played with my kids all the rest of the day. It was fantastic. Oh, I should put this picture on here because I'm so impressed. At one point Radi had climbed into a tree. I don't know if he was hiding or what, but he found a Robin's nest that was full of eggs. He grabbed my phone to take some pictures. Doesn't this look like a stock photo? It is amazing. And those eggs are so beautiful. Another mother who has been hard at work...

I love my kids. I love all the lovely ladies in my life. I love my mother a lot. I love my other mother on a mission. She is amazing. I love my husband too. (I know he isn't a girl, but he is pretty awesome.)

I hope everyone had a buen dia de la madre.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Love All

Robyn took tennis last semester for the first time. She liked it well enough that she took it again this spring. She has gotten much better. 

There aren't a lot of girls on the team, and Robyn made varsity. I'm not sure how it all works, but there are several levels. Robyn did doubles and she was third string if that is how they look at it. Which means there were two other doubles teams that were better than her team. And for competitions, they would play other third doubles teams. At least that is what I gather. 

The season was fun. I wasn't able to go to all her matches but I did take a few pictures. Here she is playing with Madi her partner. 

Here is Robyn playing on her birthday. It was quite a hot sunny day. 

Tournament was last week. Robyn and Madi did great. They were excited to get going, although I made them take a picture before they started.

They had a super easy team first and beat them 8-1. Then they played some girls that were better than they were, but one of the girls struggled just a bit. It was enough of an opening that they came back from 1-6 to get up to 7-6. Wow. Then the other girls tied it up and they ended in an epic tie breaker game. They eventually lost 9-11. But I was so proud of them.

I came over and sat closer to watch and during the game, the sprinklers came on on the other side where all the parents were watching. All games paused while people frantically moved out of the way. Even we had to run over to move some stuff we left behind. But it was a hot day, so a little water wasn't so bad.

The last match was the best. They were soon tied 3-3. Then the other team got ahead 3-6. But Madi and Robyn worked their way back until it was 7-6. They really needed to win or it would be another crazy tie breaker round. Madi missed the first three points so it was already love-40. I was praying so hard and they slowly worked their way back to duece and then they WON!!!

They came in third in the tournament. I was so proud of them. And they beat some good teams. They actually ended up going to the tournament the next day because one team couldn't make it, but Robyn said they were creamed. Still good for practice. What great girls.

Friday, May 11, 2018

A little birdie told me you had a birthday...

Oddly, it feels like Robyn has been 14 for a long time. But she officially caught up last month. For mutual, they celebrated her leaving Beehives and Robyn got to choose what they did for their activity. She chose window painting.

She had it all mapped out. She knew what she wanted painted on each section and she had people assigned to paint. It was actually well thought out.

Everyone did well on their section and Robyn kept everyone organized while painting herself. She is a pro.

Look how cute the Spring window turned out. Robyn worked on the last panel. She did the fitting.

Robyn also found that it makes cute shadows in the morning.

On her birthday morning, Robyn found  birthday bear. We also got her a cute pineapple shirt to wear.

She got to have her birthday lunch with dad. That is always a special experience.

I got her balloons and brought them to school,  but when you drive home 8+ children and add balloons, it is pretty crazy. You can't see, but this car is full of kids. Robyn kept yelling at people to not touch the balloons which was impossible.

Phew, they all made it in one piece.

In the afternoon, Robyn had a tennis match. I have a couple photos, but I'm going to put them in the tennis post. Happily, Robyn won her match, so she was pretty happy. From there, we grabbed everyone at home and headed out to Puppy Barn. They closed the one in American Fork. There were lots of reports of abuse, etc. People sure get in a huff about Puppy Barn. But there is one in Saratoga Springs, so we drove out there.

Tyler found a dog he liked and held him the entire time. In fact, if we had a finished fence and any spare time, I think he would have gotten him. But I'm glad we didn't. We just don't have time for a puppy right now.

But we had a lot of fun holding and petting cute puppies.

Then home again to open presents. Robyn is very expressive. Her face does all sorts of things. Here are just a few of the ones I liked.

She is a character. I love these earrings that June made for her. All the fun Rs.

I got her tennis stuff earlier in the week, so she only had one big gift from Dad. It looks like she is excited. Can you guess?

Yep, Dad bought himself her a drum set. It is pretty cool. Robyn will need to get a few more pieces and tweak it to make it her own, but I think she is pretty excited.

We named it the kingdom because we were talking about it in code before we gave it to her. Which is very appropriate because the stool for a drum set is called the throne. Even more appropriate, we put our old toilet out there as the seat, so she literally has a throne for her throne.

And don't forget cake. I think this is the first time we have ever had cake in the garage.

Robyn was also measured.

She is getting close to her fantastically tall Mother, but she hasn't passed me yet. Give it one more year...