Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Service and Sodas

As I mentioned in an earlier camp post, our allotted service project was watering trees. It is a good idea at the end of July, but Mother Nature had us covered this time around. We still wanted the girls to do service, so several projects were assigned.

Some wards were assigned to give the pavilion a good cleaning. Lots of dust and dirt make their way into that structure. The girls did a great job, and from this picture, it looks like they had a blast doing it.

Many wards were assigned to clean thistles off the trails. Those thistles grow very tall and they are super pokey. I personally don't like the burrs. They are called many things, but they look like this when they attach themselves to your clothes...

My ward was assigned to help clean the grove where we do singing trees. We spent some time getting rid of thistles there and branches that were in the way. We actually moved quite a large log that took almost twenty girls to lift. Here are some pictures of people cleaning up.

After, we spent some time replenishing wood piles by the camps and getting more thistles by the roadside.

I would say it was a successful day with many hands making light work.

That same evening, we did Singing Trees. I really love it. Each ward has a song that they work on. We start with the stake and then each ward sings in turn. It is so interesting to see what songs are picked. The song our ward sang was so beautiful and I had never heard it before. You can hear a version here. And when each ward has sang, we sing our stake song together. This year, with the grove theme, we chose, In Quiet Grove. It was amazing to hear the girls sing all together.

It was pretty dark when we went up there, so I don't have any pictures, but we did have a little gathering before the singing that was really fun. We had a soda bar set up like those Sodalicious shops. I'm not a big soda drinker so I haven't been to those, but I'm assuming that we did something similar. You can tell we are at girls camp and not scout camp because of the decorations. Only girls would bring Chinese paper lanterns up into the mountains.

The SYCL's came up with a menu with different flavor ideas.

I didn't try any of those. Someone told me what I should put in mine, and it was delicious, although I can't remember at all what was in it. Here are my two cuties enjoying their drinks.

This was the day that they did the buns in our ward campsite. I got in on the action. I miss a lot of what they do there, but sometimes I'm lucky to stumble in at the right time.

It was a really great evening. Singing makes me so happy. For me, it is a stress reliever. Not that I was having much stress at camp. It is just bonus goodness there.

Waking Up Before the Sun

One of the traditions of camp is the sunrise hike. All these traditions are new to me of course since I haven't been going to camp, but I was pretty sure this would not be one of my favorite ones. After all, I'm not really a morning person.

But after the initial waking up part, the rest was rather nice. The hike is a little steep at first, but then it is a gradual rise out into open fields at the top of a hill. Here you can see everyone coming up.

It wasn't exactly dark since there was all the ambient light from behind the mountains, but you could still get fun silhouette shots. Do you know whose braids those are?

We all got to the top and sat in our wards and chatted as we waited for the sun to rise. Our ward found a good spot in the grass.

There was lots of picture taking. Here are the birthday girls of the day. Sister Hale and Missy.

 Love Sister Cox and her daughter Albany.

Really love those unicorn jammies.

Second ward is the biggest ward. There are so many friendly faces in there for me. I sometimes feel like they are our sister ward, but mostly because June has been friends with Hannah for so long.

 Here comes the sun. (Can you hear the Beatles singing?)

Such beauty.

President Murray gave us a short devotional up there on the mountain. It was nice to be up with the sun. (Yes, even for this morning person.)

Okay ladies, time to wrap up. Put on your serious faces and let's hike back down.

This is possibly my favorite picture of the morning. President Murray hiking into the sunshine.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Take a Hike

One of the activities we do at camp is hiking. All the years divide up and go on different hikes. I hear the 2nd year hike is supposed to be the longest but depending on where Jolene sends us, everyone could be hiking a while. Or they could get lost and end up out longer simply because they can't find the way home.

I opted to tag along with the 3rd years. Christy Luque was guiding us and she is over parks and trails at Shalom, so I knew we wouldn't get lost. Phew. The day was lovely. (I promise that it did rain on us quite a bit here and there.) Actually, if I remember correctly, it started to rain exactly as the last group came in from hiking. Good timing.

We had a good group of girls to hike with. You may recognize one here or there. Let's get going...

We finally arrived at an area where we were going to do a service project watering baby trees, but the rain took care of that for us. If you look closely, you can see bottled water on the side and all the little yellow spots in the background are tagged trees that need to be watered. There were baby trees everywhere.

We continued to hike for a while and stopped to rest periodically.

We finally came to a good stopping place where we had a lesson about making Time for the Lord. Everyone found a spot by themselves to contemplate and make some goals.

After some time there, we continued on our other half of the hike. We ran into the 2nd years coming down the trail. I tried to take a quick picture of Robyn walking by. You can see how well that worked. The camera almost always chooses the wrong thing to focus on in a pinch.

From there it was mostly downhill. The scenery was so pretty.

Success...we made it back to camp. Good job ladies. What a great looking group. We don't even look tired. Unless you count the general tiredness of sleeping on cots and not getting showers.

I grabbed a couple pictures from Rebecca. I like this view up above of the lake and the main house where the year-round missionaries live.

And look...there is the back of me. Proof that I was there.