Monday, August 14, 2017

Get With the Program

Let's go back in time for a moment to May. I'm sorry to say that May is not my favorite month. (Even with Mother's Day thrown in.) It is the last month of school and everything is so crazy and there are a million programs to attend.

You may think I don't like programs. You may be partly right.

I like seeing my kids do well and I do enjoy a good concert, but sometimes I think it is overkill. That said, let's look at a few highlights.

Pearl had her first grade program. This stems from a teacher in first grade who really likes programs. That is good because there are fun songs that I have never heard before. And bad's another program. They had several this school year.

Pearl looked like a little waif child up there. She never brushes her hair or lets anyone else do it. (That is going to change this year if I have anything to say about it.) But luckily she was in the 'pajama' group, so I figured unbrushed hair would look just right.

They really were cute up there. And I did enjoy the songs.

Pearl loved singing them. She knew all the actions and would sing some around the house. I do think music is a great part of school. I'm just hoping for less programs in Second grade.

After, we went to her class and she gave me a cute gift. Love my little Pearly Pea.

Now to another program...the choir performance. Choir performances are usually pretty fun. Robyn opted out of Spanish half way through the year and took Girls' Choir instead. They call it Madrigals. She seemed to like it okay, but she isn't taking it again, so that says something. The end of the year choir performance was pretty good except, as usual, the mikes were awful. You could hear the group numbers simply from the sheer number of voices combined, but whenever there was a solo singer, the background music would drown out the voice, or you could tell they were singing, but couldn't make out any of the words. I wish the school would invest in a new sound system. I naturally only had eyes for my cute Robyn in the front. Here are some pictures from the performance.

 Next up...Ivory. This is probably the saddest program of the year because I didn't get to hear any of it. Pearl had a meltdown moment and I spent the entire concert in the hallway, then car, with her. Bummer. But my kids took pictures and I grabbed one from Tyler's phone, so there is still documentation of Ivory's cello awesomeness.

Oh, I lie. I forgot about June's end of year orchestra concert. That was even more sad than Ivory's. June was sick and she didn't get to go. Tyler went and recorded it so June could watch it later at home. There are few things as sad as seeing your daughter sick on the couch watching a performance she practiced so hard for and miming the fingerings while playing along on her invisible violin. Breaks your heart.

Here is the orchestra, but don't look too hard for June. :(

This isn't all the end of year concerts and programs, but it is all you get today.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Monkey Highlights Five

Week five in the summer was one of the rare weeks that we didn't have much going on. It was actually quite nice. Ivory had gotten home from camp and we didn't have to go anywhere until the Fourth of July.

We still had some of our regular activities. Robyn had another swim meet. I was glad I got to go to them this year. She did a great job. She isn't the fastest swimmer, but she is consistent and usually would beat her own time. There were never a lot of girls in her age group. Often there were only three girls swimming, and I'm think that once she did a race by herself. (I'm pretty sure she won that one.)

This was the week we discovered new filters on the phone, so you get an impromptu fisheye photo shoot. There are some other filters like cartoon and sepia, but the fisheye was the big hit.

We rounded out the week with a blood donation. The boy who used to live next door to us (back in the old hood) did his eagle scout project which was a blood drive. We were more than happy to help out. Here is Tyler doing his thing.

It was funny because Ivory almost cried when she found out I went without her. She sure does like the snacks you get at the end. (I wonder if she will like it as much when she has to give blood to get the snacks.)

I love easy relaxing weeks.



Welcome back. (I'm really talking to myself here.)

The adventures the last few weeks have been non-stop. I have barely had time to breathe and it has all been amazing. That is great because it gives me a lot to blog about and not great may have noticed how behind I am.

So, I'm sorry for my tardiness, but not sorry for having so much fun.

At this point it is just daunting trying to decide where to start or what to focus on. There is so much. So today, I'm going to wrap up April. You know, that month way back there, when kids were still in school, parents were cruising, and we only had an inkling of what summer might hold. It will be nice to check off a month and not have to worry about anything before May. (Baby steps.)

I have to preface this though. Moxy passed away in July. Seeing pictures of her makes my heart hurt. She was such a good dog. She'll get her own post of course, but it felt weird to put pictures on here and not mention that she is no longer with us.

Back in April, she had a run in with a cat. Moxy wasn't at fault at all. She wasn't even provoking the cat, but it went to town on her. Robyn raced in and took a couple of scratches to rescue her dog. Moxy was okay, but she did have a wicked scratch in her ear.

Dishes are broken around this house with a fair frequency. I don't feel like my kids are any clumsier than others. It just happens. This time around, we lost a bowl that Tyler and I bought when we were newly married. I remember shopping with him and picking out this silly bowl. I was sad to see her go. She has carried more cereal and soup than I can count.

April still has come cold snaps. One sunny morning, our chain froze over with ice. It looked so cool, I had to get a couple shots.

Robyn finally was student of the month. We had a moment a few weeks earlier when we got all excited, but turns out there was another seventh grader with the name R. Caza. But this time it was officially Robyn. Yay!!

Got this silly picture of Daisy during her no teeth phase. I'm not sure how she bit into anything for months.

Here is Ives sporting the tattoo mustache. It looks fuller than her Dad's.

Granny V was with us for much of April because of the cruise and Tyler's ankle surgery. Pip was a staple around the house, but she was teaching Moxy bad habits. I caught them both sitting on the couch one day. Pip didn't know better, but my sneaky Moxy was always finding an excuse to crawl up there.

Pip was punished for her bad influence by simply being the 'new' dog. The kids loved to dress her up and tote her around. One such example can be seen here.

We changed our window in March. I think we might have washed it off on St. Patrick's Day. Robyn was kind to share the window and let the kids paint tulips with her.

Tyler came to check out my chiropractic adventures. I've been going since March. I'm trying to fix my spine after some damage done in college. It is a slow process, but I feel like I am making progress. Tyler came and took pictures of me since there isn't much I can do about it when I'm in traction. Not much to do except stare at the ceiling.

One more of Robyn with the dogs. Looks like a nice lazy Sunday.

I think my Sundays won't be too lazy for a while. I should probably be organizing pictures. Here's to more frequent blog posts. Just enjoy them as they come. I shouldn't make any promises, because I never realized how busy it is with teenagers and multiple children in activities. Plus, I'm already back at work making copies for the start of school. Life isn't chill in the least, but I really have few complaints. I love my organized chaos!