Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Eve Eve

Not much time left here in 2013. All my Christmas pictures are currently unavailable, so you get some random shots off my phone. I haven't taken as many pictures with my phone recently due to the new spidery veins on the screen. (It may have been dropped soundly on the bathroom floor.) But there are a few that deserve mention.

Oddly, now that I look through them, they are almost all of Daisy. (Not sure how she got so lucky, but that is the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.)

The bus stop is not too far away. However, I admit to being lazy this last month and driving down there most days to meet Daisy. This is not laziness in the exercise department. (I have dutifully been going to the gym.) It is simply because I don't like being cold. Darn stupid winter and my drafty house. I find myself cold more often than not. I need to go back to chanting, 'Scorpions don't live in cold climates, scorpions don't live in cold climates.' 

One day, Daisy got off the bus and looked a little strange. It took me a few double takes to figure it out. Maybe you will get it right away...

She somehow managed to zip her jacket to her coat. Seems tricky to do, but my child is clearly above average.

Also, at our house this month, the children rediscovered our floor puzzles. Here is a picture of Daisy putting together our space one.

What I really need to take a picture of is Pearl, who puts together the larger, harder ocean puzzle every day by herself. She is a pro. She loves that thing. She puts it together, takes it apart, and starts all over again.

Daisy also came home the other day with a coupon for a free donut. I'm not even sure why she got it, but she was convinced we needed to go get a donut. So...we did. I put June in charge and took Daisy out and luckily our local KK is not too far away. Man, I wish they would put in a Winchell's here. Daisy chose the cutest donut they had.

Then she proceeded to eat his face.

We had a good time. I still love my one on one time with the girls.

This last photo features Tyler and Jonny.

What could they be doing?? They are chilling on the porch before our big stocking stuffer date. This year, we tried something new. We got together as three couples and then split guys and girls. We each went out and looked for stocking stuffers for our spouses. We women did quite well, but I don't know if I can call the evening a success, since the men stopped at one location, bought gift cards, and then went out for burgers.


So ends my random photos for the moment. I'm excited for the new year. January is perhaps one of my favorite months. It makes me reevaluate what I want to focus on for the next 365 days. It feels fresh. Not to mention my birthday is in there somewhere. (I am probably biased.)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve

Not a lot of posting going on recently, but I think that is because we have had a nice relaxed Christmas season. There has been caroling, treat making, partying, and such. I haven't been the best picture taker, but I have been taking a siesta as well. Best to get down to the bare minimum before I have to ramp up for the new year and possible resolutions.

My family (Mom, Dad, Miranda, and Tim) came into town a few days ago. We have had a great time so far including a trip to Color Me Mine. (I'm not sure they could count a trip to Utah as genuine if there wasn't a painting trip. Pictures to come.)

The kids have been very excited due to impending gift giving and visiting relatives. There was much anticipation for Christmas Eve. We had a beautiful reading of Luke 2, and an emotional reading of The Tale of Three Trees. (I shamelessly made Grandpa read because I always cry. Turns out, I must get that from Grandpa.)

And of course, we had Christmas Eve jammies. Robyn decided that she would try opening her gift with just her mouth. Slowest. Opening. Ever. But entertaining.

All the girls looked so cute.

Of course we needed a rousing game of 'My Team.' Robyn collected a nice team.

Daisy always seems to gather a following.

But Ivory won it all in the end. Such fun. (The key might be getting Grandma on your team.)

The kids all went to bed really well, in hopes that sleeping would bring the morning faster. Such a beautiful time is Christmas.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Strings and Snowflakes

Monday was a musical day. In the morning school meeting, Daisy (and the other Ks) got to sing. This picture makes me laugh. By some strange coincidence of color, Daisy looks like she has a really long arm. And her teacher Mrs. Kellogg is looking so cute and prego.

During the actual singing, Daisy spent some time picking her nose and eating it. (Yep, that was MY child. Hopefully everyone was watching their own child.) Then she looked darling while she sang the words to Suzy Snowflake. They did a fantastic job singing one of the least known Christmas songs out there.

In the evening, the older girls had their violin concert. I have been so proud of them picking up a new instrument this year. Both Robyn and June seem to really enjoy playing. I have had to hardly remind or guilt them into practicing. They looked very nice for the concert.

Their teacher, Rachel, is amazing. She is very patient. (A bonus when you are teaching a bunch of newbies violin.) She was even smart enough to make the kids play one more song after the concert was done so the parents could get right up close while they were playing.

It was a fun evening. I hope this is an interest that lasts for a while. I really enjoy hearing the violin playing in the house. That is not sarcastic. I really do enjoy it.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Crafting

I love to do a fun craft every once in a while. Actually, I am just as happy buying home decor, but there is a sense of accomplishment when you look at something and realize you made it yourself. It is usually worth the effort.

This time around, I had the kids help me. I found these HUGE letters on sale during black Friday. I won't mention the whole story behind buying them that involved tearing a shelf off the wall. (I know we looked like crazed shoppers, but they simply were too high to reach. An attendant came over to point out there were letters in the aisle, on the ground, that were more accessible, but I pointed out there were no 'Y's there. It made me feel better about the broken shelf. A little.)

Anyway, we all got together for FHE and talked about joy. What did the word mean? Was it more than happiness? And why do we talk about it more at this time of year? It was a good discussion punctuated with lots of red paint.

Everyone colored their paper plate as well. Robyn decided her yelling guy was a masterpiece.

And the final product turned out nicely. It is mostly straight. Those things are a lot harder to hang than they look. Good job Tyler.

The other craft I did was count-down blocks to Christmas. I think they turned out super cute.

And even better was getting to spend some time with Jenaca. She has such great ideas, everything looks better with her help.

Now I know that there are about ten days until Christmas. At least that will be the countdown in twenty minutes. Exciting!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Iced Over

It is nice and snowy around here. We have had a couple days of good snow fall, so the world is white in our neck of the woods. On one of the days it dumped on us, I got out the camera. The kids were really enjoying themselves.

Moxy loves the snow...not so much. But she is getting better at going outside regardless.

Tyler headed out to shovel. His hair was so awesome. I keep trying to get him to wear it to work like this.

Tyler would shovel and then throw it up in the air to land on the kids. That is why it is snowing chunks.

Living on a hill has not been so fun this winter. I am still trying to get used to it. But there are some benefits. Built in sled runs. The neighbors are so nice to have the kids over and let them play.

I actually like a white landscape as long as the roads aren't too bad. There is a definite possibility for a white Christmas.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Well Into December

Whew, you can see that I took a little siesta after NABLOPOMO. But that also means that I have been watching the pictures stack up and it is time to get back in the saddle. Also, I have been distracted by Jewel Quest which is similar to Bejeweled. (Yes, they are addictive.) Further, I read a fantastic book, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Funny story about that. I read some other book with a weird long name and somehow thought I had read the Guernsey book, so when people would say something about it, I would say that I hadn't enjoyed it much. (I am sure they judged me.) When in fact, I realized that I hadn't read it, and sat down to read it, I loved it. Although I do find it quite annoying when people in literature are so enamored with their children. Because it makes me feel guilty, when at that moment, I am ignoring my children to enjoy a good book. (Kind of a catch-22, if you ask me.) 

Anyway, despite the challenges besetting me, I will push forward and blog anyway. Christmas tidings are in full swing around here. The house is decorated (mentioned before) and the ward Christmas party is tomorrow morning. Have I mentioned that Tyler and I are kind of in charge of it? (Another possible distraction, but a more worthy one for sure.) Presents are under the tree. (Some.) And the snow is here. (Thank you Utah...but that is another post.) Kids are on their best behavior. (Not at all.) And I can't believe there are only 19(!) days until Christmas.

But, let's step back in time for just a moment, because I found a few more pictures from Idaho that need to be documented. At Thanksgiving, Uncle EM came to visit.

We see him once a year. He brought the famous pickled beets for the feast. (And for the thirteenth year in a row, I did NOT try them. Can't break tradition.)

Moxy loves Idaho, mostly because she is allowed on all the furniture. Proof. 

Kolby found a small bottle of hot sauce. There was some consternation that he was going to use up the whole bottle while he ate his cheese. (Of course he was...there are like five drops in there, people.)

Jami enjoyed her gluten free Thanksgiving. She said she ate more than any year before. (We are all proud.) Navy (her dog) did not get to attend, but we met him later. He is feisty and so beautiful. I love his silver coloring.

The next day, we came into the kitchen to find a shocking sight. What are you drinking, Bishop?!?

Just kidding, it is sparkling cider, although I can't get my pilsner so foamy! 

Don't worry though, we called in Kolby's shoulder angel to make sure he stays on the straight and narrow.

Robyn started it all with Kathryn, but I'm pretty sure Kathryn is already an angel.

Here is June playing Wackee Six, and probably winning. (It is a game of reflexes. If you want to win, you should always invite grandparents to play...or Tyler.)

Ivory was at it again. Luckily, I missed the event and only found these pictures on the camera later. I am less nervous that she is going to fall because she is pretty agile. True terror would be living with her if she broke an arm or leg. (She is not very good with pain and is kind of a whiner. I would have to lock her in her room and send sisters to attend to her needs.)

"Again" refers to the last picture in this post from the end of November. 

Hark. I hear the man of the house entering the domicile. I think this means that dinner should be forthcoming. I'd better get on that.