Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Crafting

I love to do a fun craft every once in a while. Actually, I am just as happy buying home decor, but there is a sense of accomplishment when you look at something and realize you made it yourself. It is usually worth the effort.

This time around, I had the kids help me. I found these HUGE letters on sale during black Friday. I won't mention the whole story behind buying them that involved tearing a shelf off the wall. (I know we looked like crazed shoppers, but they simply were too high to reach. An attendant came over to point out there were letters in the aisle, on the ground, that were more accessible, but I pointed out there were no 'Y's there. It made me feel better about the broken shelf. A little.)

Anyway, we all got together for FHE and talked about joy. What did the word mean? Was it more than happiness? And why do we talk about it more at this time of year? It was a good discussion punctuated with lots of red paint.

Everyone colored their paper plate as well. Robyn decided her yelling guy was a masterpiece.

And the final product turned out nicely. It is mostly straight. Those things are a lot harder to hang than they look. Good job Tyler.

The other craft I did was count-down blocks to Christmas. I think they turned out super cute.

And even better was getting to spend some time with Jenaca. She has such great ideas, everything looks better with her help.

Now I know that there are about ten days until Christmas. At least that will be the countdown in twenty minutes. Exciting!

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Scott and Svetlana said...

What a great crafting time! And the product - super!