Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Strings and Snowflakes

Monday was a musical day. In the morning school meeting, Daisy (and the other Ks) got to sing. This picture makes me laugh. By some strange coincidence of color, Daisy looks like she has a really long arm. And her teacher Mrs. Kellogg is looking so cute and prego.

During the actual singing, Daisy spent some time picking her nose and eating it. (Yep, that was MY child. Hopefully everyone was watching their own child.) Then she looked darling while she sang the words to Suzy Snowflake. They did a fantastic job singing one of the least known Christmas songs out there.

In the evening, the older girls had their violin concert. I have been so proud of them picking up a new instrument this year. Both Robyn and June seem to really enjoy playing. I have had to hardly remind or guilt them into practicing. They looked very nice for the concert.

Their teacher, Rachel, is amazing. She is very patient. (A bonus when you are teaching a bunch of newbies violin.) She was even smart enough to make the kids play one more song after the concert was done so the parents could get right up close while they were playing.

It was a fun evening. I hope this is an interest that lasts for a while. I really enjoy hearing the violin playing in the house. That is not sarcastic. I really do enjoy it.


meganmushrat said...

You have more patience than Grandma did! When I started the violin, it was less than a week when I was switched to piano as she couldn't stand the screeching noises. Well, Grampaul might have been involved as well. I guess wrong notes on a piano don't sound like fingernails on a blackboard.

Scott and Svetlana said...

Look at them, SO talented! I'm jealous a bit singing and violin, ah what could be better. :)

¡Vieve! said...

That's so great of you that you got your kids into playing instruments, and they look so cute!