Sunday, January 30, 2011


Although I stub my toes on them too often, I am going to miss them when they are gone. Well, truthfully they will never go too far away because I need a stool in my kitchen to reach the top shelves. (Oh, the joys of being short.)

I really have a love hate relationship with the stool. I love that they allow little hands to reach and help.

Daisy washes her hands by herself all the time. This also means she can reach the soap and toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc. (You are welcome to make odd combinations in your head with those objects and she has probably tried them out.)

I love that the stool is the perfect height for other little hands and feet.

That monkey is getting really close to walking, and she is already crawling up onto things. It won't be long until she can crawl up on those stools which will be another reason to hate them.

Friday, January 28, 2011

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

At the library a few weeks ago, some lady looked down at Ivory's pattering feet and mentioned, "I wish I had pink boots."

Hmmm, I thought. I never really noticed what color they were. So I looked around and realized that Daisy's boots were pink too, not to mention Pearl's little booties as well. Sheesh, the pink is taking over. It is like a subliminal message that has sunk into my brain.

The good news is that June's boots are black, but Robyn's are purple. (Still a mite girly.) Who am I kidding though. When you have five girls, pink is practically one of the primary colors.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Photos of the week:

Daisy is my child who still needs a nap but resists one most vehemently. These last couple of days she has been sick and can barely keep her eyes open. Even as I am taking her practically comotose body upstairs, she will mumble, "Don't want nap..."

In one of those pictures she fell asleep watching a movie and in the other she fell asleep in the closet one night when we had a sitter here. I guess she was being stubborn about going to bed and thought she could stave off sleep and the sitter hiding in there. Mr. Sandman got her again though.

A Daisy fact for the week:

Her favorite word right now is little. She adds 'little' to most phrases; my little one, that little dog. It's sweet.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

His Ego was Deflated

Tyler left his jeans on the bed the other evening, and his shoes on the floor. (As usual.) I think someone was feeling creative, because I found them like this later.

It reminds me of Emily's Flat Daddy. (Which I totally would have linked to, but I can't search her blog. However, everything she writes is worth reading, so you might as well check it out here. Don't you love that I am sending blog stalkers your way, Emily?)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Progress

My computer has been down. Man I hate when the internet is not my friend. We are on speaking terms again, but my brain has not been in blog mode. So, I'm here, but I'll have to get back to you with pictures or interesting tid-bits. Hope your week has started well.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Matchy Matchy 3 Squared

This man is awesome.

Sometimes I am sad that I missed his first 21 years, but I think I've been here for the best decade.

For his birthday, I took 33 balloons into his workplace. They were filled with candies and compliments. His coworkers were required to pop a balloon.

They could keep the candy, but the compliment was to be given to Tyler. I figured this way he would get at least 33 compliments on his birthday. I think he enjoyed the attention. But when does he not?

I love this shot. I think Pearl is winning.

There wasn't much else going on that day. The girls gave him some gifts, such as this cool shirt.

I think he pulls off purple spectacularly, while doing Blue Steel. In the evening we went to dinner with friends and came home for brownies. I forgot that Ivory was currently barred from treats, (lame mom punishment) and she was super bummed to miss out. However we came up with a solution that got her smiling. (I may be lame, but I am creative.)

I really love that Stallion of mine. He keep life interesting, and every year is just a little bit sweeter.

p.s. This is not related but I always forget to document these things. Pearl has officially figured out her name. When you say Pearl, she turns to see what you need. Super cute.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Photo of the week:

Where is that girl's pupil? Seriously, her eyes are so dark.

And no, I haven't forgotten about Tyler's birthday. We were just partying so late last night that I didn't have time to get anything done. So, I'll give you the scoop manana. (Odd, I should have said demain since I know more French than Spanish.)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Must Put the Profanity Behind Me

I felt like I had a lot to say yesterday and then today came along and now I am stumped. I will try to dredge up some of my ponderings from earlier. This is easier said than done considering my terrible memory. Usually I look back at my pictures, but I haven't taken that many recently. (And by recently, I do mean in the last 48 hours.)

I do remember that I woke up early on Tuesday to do what, you might ask? I made breakfast. Shocking I know. Although I don't know if you can call it breakfast so much as a treat that seemed okay to eat in the morning considering it started out as fruit. I can't say how healthy it ended up being after a honey bath, but it was tasty.  I grabbed a picture of the last one.

June called them Dead Pears, probably because of the blackened stem. And I admit mine don't look as tasty as the ones here, but they I'm sure what they lacked in ascetic appearance, they made up for in taste. I don't even like pears and these were good.

The same morning I made pears, I took June in to have her expander put on. (You know, to expand her teeny-tiny pallet on the top of her mouth.) Poor thing. She was starting to sound normal again today; she was having trouble talking around it. It is quite large in her small mouth. Not to mention the gargantuan space above the appliance just right for food to lodge in and never leave. Oh, and that isn't the worst part. The worst part is taking the key and turning the lever pushing her teeth just a minute amount farther apart. It makes her cry. I make her cry. This sucks. At least the orthodontist has to tighten braces, but how did parents get roped into being the bad guys? I'm sure it hurts her more physically, but I will be the one leaving with all the emotional scarring.

On that pleasant note, I think I will go to bed. It's a big day tomorrow what with Tyler getting all competitive and having to jump ahead in the age race. Every year it is the same story. I catch up and he can only handle it for about five days. Then he has to go and get older again.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Now, in our family, we make efforts to ensure the title of this post is not used in language outside of scripture—usually. That said, Maleen looked over to me this evening and said, "I think this is a terrible name for dish soap." She pointed to the coupon she was reviewing. I read it silently: "Dawn." I think she is a little tired. Being that she's married to one hell of a designer, I made this for her to commemorate the occasion.

Since I wrote this, I get to tell my version. Maleen may try to get some "other" version out there, but remember: you heard it here first.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Regardless of Stake Conference

It was a good day. I jest, somewhat. Stake Conference is not the same with kids, although the kids did a fairly good job, but that is only because we sat near friends who entertained them half the time. (Nothing like ruining Stake Conference for those around you as well.) My genius solution was to take the baby home halfway through since it was beyond her nap time and I think that made the whole thing bearable. Tyler took cranky home, and I stayed with the rest and as Conferences go, I will rate this one towards the top.

The rest of the day was great though. (Made possible by a baby who got a good nap.) In fact here she is being cute.

I love that picture a lot, but partly because for some reason Pearl's profile reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes. I tried to find an example, but this is the best I got.

I think it is the cute nose and mouth that makes me think Calvin.

June had a project that I had been procrastinating. But, this time around, I really tried to make her do most of the work. Here we are working hard.

And the end result was The King. (He doesn't have a name.)

He is from one of my favorite books growing up that my mom let me steal. I wonder if she even recognizes him? For those of you who have never seen this book, here is a sample.

It is called The King, the Mice, and the Cheese. Cute and an easy reader book. (Yes, June reads at a much higher level, but I let her choose what she wants for her projects and usually we judge them by characters, not reading level.) I always liked the King in this book, although I think he needed some new Wise Men.

Lastly, I got a pedicure for my birthday and Tricia and I tried to have the lady do white hearts on our red toenails. She made several attempts, but the results weren't good. I secretly told myself that I could make hearts. And apparently I can.

It's a little early for Valentine Toes, but I really like them. I may have to do my own hearts in the future.

Hope your Sunday was a good one. And may you enjoy your holiday tomorrow as well. Have I mentioned that it was always awesome to have a holiday near my birthday. It would be even more awesome if Tyler got it off from work. Oh well.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bet You Can't Guess How Old I Am?

Okay, maybe you can. But only because you are a super genius.

Oh, and yes, it is my birthday today. I have had an excellent day, thanks for asking. Lots of comments from people on Facebook. Everyone must have my birthday marked, because I sure don't remember when their birthdays are. (Because I am an awesome friend like that.) So, once again, I must send out the cosmic birthday wishes along with my cosmic Christmas wishes. The universe is going to be filled with my well wishes soon.

Um...but let's get back to that cake. See, although it is definitely imperfect, I made it at a cake decorating class today. It was an nice coincidence that we happened to be decorating a cake (compared to cupcakes or cookies) on my actual birthday. It's my birthday gift to me. (Can you hear Emperor Kuzco saying that? I still love that movie.)

My wish is that you could have been there. Miss you all.

Friday, January 14, 2011


We just picked them up tonight. They are excellent.

Here they are all lined up in pairs.

I'm having a hard time choosing my favorite.

And although they are all cool, one pair is more fun to play with than the others.

The dresser is not finished yet. (Well, I don't know if it is even started.) I am super excited to see the finished product. Get busy Tyler and Cody.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Photo of the week:

And sadly, it is totally true. I just wrote my uncle a letter expounding my deficiencies in mothering when it comes to breakfast. I don't get up and make breakfast; it's a fact. We eat cold cereal almost every morning. Although I am fabulous in that I don't actually make them eat the same cereal every morning. We mix it up around here; some days Cheerios, some days Froot Loops.

Then I save the eggs and bacon for dinner time. Because I still love me some bacon. Apparently just not before the sun is well acquainted with the day.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Think She Should Work at Disneyland Someday

Ivory was invited to a princess birthday party. It wasn't her first and it probably won't be her last. And since this girl loves to dress up, she was in heaven. We even had a chance to borrow one of Grandma's dresses since we actually don't have that much dress-up stuff. (Shocking, I know.)

Ivory was so stinkin' cute.

Love my straightener that can do this.

She even had her own chauffeur to the party.

And then someone got a tad jealous and needed her hair done too.

Don't worry Daisy. Your princess party will come someday.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If You Clean It, They Will Come

I've told you before that when I clean a room, the kids gravitate to that new tidy area like moths to a flame. It doesn't matter if it is a bathroom or a closet, something about a blank pallet begs to be messed.

Likewise, if you make it, they will jump.

Daisy is thrilled by a clean, made bed. I didn't even have time to put the pillows back on before she had commandeered the sue-do trampoline. She figures that I cleared things off just so she could jump. And later when I cleaned off the headboard, she brought her toys in and set them up in a line.

There is no rest for the weary.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Sheesh, sometimes there isn't a moment to stop and breathe. I feel like I have been going non-stop for days, but all in a good way.

I thought I would take a moment and jot down a few of my favorite memories from this last week.

Pearl soiled her pillow. (And it happened to be the only pillow without a plastic cover. Awesome.) I stuck it in the tub with some Biz because the washing machine deforms pillows big-time. The water had been sitting for a couple of hours, meaning it was probably stone cold. I was sitting downstairs when suddenly I hear this chirpy little voice from upstairs.

Daisy: Mom, I'm taking a bath.

Mom: (to myself) What? Wait...Oh no! (I rush up the stairs)

I found Daisy, sitting in the Bizzy tub, on a cold wet pillow, splashing around with shampoo smeared in her hair. I have no idea how this would pass for an enjoyable bath, except that I don't normally let her have a pillow in there and maybe that was a novelty.

I scooped her out and put her in the other tub, with warm water. Crazy goose.

June has made me laugh this week. She has been going to the Orthodontist to get ready to have an expander put in. I was reminding her one morning that I would be getting her out of school an hour early.

Mom: Don't forget I am coming to get you from school today.

June: That's right, I'm going to the Orthodentist.

(And why isn't he called that?)

She also told me while eating curry the other night.

June: My taste buds are blooming with like of this.

(She certainly has a way with words.)

Robyn and I ventured out to Color Me Mine tonight on short notice. Tyler decided, with a friend of his, to build her a new dresser, and I thought the perfect touch would be hand-painted dresser drawer knobs. We had a good time and I am excited to show you the finished products. Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I have had this idea for a long time. I was going to try to get all my photography peeps on the same page. And by photography peeps, I mean anyone who has a spiffy camera and wants to take better pictures. One of the best ways to take better pictures is to practice: try new things. I was going to post a theme and have people take a picture and then perhaps link them here on my blog. I hadn't worked out the details.

But the idea sat, not doing much. Then I saw on Digital Photography School this 365 Challenge. Well, I don't quite have the time to go around taking a picture every day, but I thought that I could handle getting one a week. There is a theme for each week that you center your pictures around, and I thought I could get at least one picture for each theme. (Although knowing me, I will probably end up with more.)

So I am going to post the 365 Challenge themes on my sidebar. If you are interested please let me know. I would love to see the pictures you take and maybe display them on here as well. I am going to try to post my picture each Thursday.

The first week's theme is COLD.

Tyler likes this next one. He says it would be the last thing you saw if you were swallowed by a blue whale.

One of the tips they give you to accomplish the 365 Challenge is to carry your camera everywhere. I don't know if this a useful tip to me. I passed those icicles while my camera was in the car. Other things in my car included three pre-schoolers on their way to school, a content Daisy wearing her coat backwards, and one crying baby. Not the most opportune time to take a picture. I passed those icicles three more times without a chance to pull over, so I finally begged Tyler to come home before the light faded so I could go take a picture. My hero, as always.

When I first saw the "Cold" theme, my initial thought was of how your breath fogs out on a really chilly morning. I tried my hardest to get a good shot, but the timing was never right and I was having trouble capturing it. This was the best I got.

I still want to continue the pursuit, but it will have to wait. Next week's theme is breakfast.

*The pictures do not have to be in black and white. I just chose that for these pictures, because I felt it made the pictures look colder, except for the first.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Precious (said Gollum)

Ten months today. So we had an impromptu photo shoot.

Just cuz.

And I put her hair up in a mini-pig for the first time.

That doesn't mean she still doesn't have the awesome tail in back. I'm going to stop pretending like I am going to cut it. I think it is there for the long haul.

I find the lens cap is a great distractor. I have used it before

 Check out her two teefers on the bottom. And I think she is trying to cut another four on the top. At least she was cranky enough today to be cutting several.

Love this monkey and her squinchy face.

Love you, the Pearly P.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Boring Legs

This morning Ivory flopped on the floor when she entered my room. I found her flopped on the floor downstairs as well. Still moments later, she flopped herself on her belly in my bedroom again and I could tell she needed some attention.

Not wanting to humor her drama, I simply said:

Mom: Ivory, do you want to come to the store with me to pick out a gift for your friend's birthday party?

Ivory: Yeah, but my legs are bored.

Mom: Why are your legs bored?

Ivory: No mom. Boring!

Mom: Your legs are boring?

Ivory: Yes, they have been boring all morning.

Mom: Boring means not very interesting. Are your legs not very interesting this morning?

After some coaxing, we seemed to figure out that her legs were probably still tingly from being asleep. It makes me laugh how children describe that feeling. Remember June?

If it makes you feel better Ivory, my legs have been boring for about a decade now. Basically since after I got married and stopped shaving.

I kid.

But not much.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ional House of Panc

School starts tomorrow. I am ready for the routine, but I will miss the fun we have been having. It really is good times when we get everyone home. Here are some of the things we did during our Christmas Break.

Robyn wanted to do my hair and makeup. I think the PINK! blush she chose stand out rather well against my WHITE! skin.

In return I did her makeup and marveled over her long eyelashes. The girls get those from Tyler.

A few days into the break there was a large snowfall. I tossed all the kids outside and watched them play.

I told them to build a snowman because I am terrible at it, but they got tired before they got around to building one, so it looks like the Cazier tradition continues. One of these years I will do it; you'll see.

Daisy liked the snow too.

They all got sufficiently tired and wet. Now I probably don't have to let them play outside the rest of the season. Unless they really want to. (Come on, I'm not that heartless.)

Robyn can't seem to grow in that other front tooth. I want to call her 'snaggletooth', but I don't want to give her a complex.

Must note that the neighbors had the coolest way to pull their sled. They hooked up a couple of huskies. I think I even heard one of the boys calling Mush.

Then of course the next day one of those huskies got in my yard and as I dragged her out, she scratched up my arms. No pictures of that. There is a reason I own a chihuahua.

On the wish list for the week was doing sugar cookies. They were yummy and I love to watch the creativity at work.

We made paper snowflakes out of doilies. They turned out so cute and then I forgot to take pictures of them before I took them down. So, get the idea.

And this...well why not? If the stamp is there, it must be made to be used. And Daisy's favorite place to try out her art skills is always on herself.

Finally after Christmas we left in a blizzard to drive up to Idaho. We did not make it very far before we stopped here.

The kids were very well behaved and Pearl spent her time charming the waitress. We don't eat out often but it is not because the kids aren't good. They did a great job and I love me some stuffed French toast.

And then I promptly left the camera on after leaving the Ional House of Panc, draining my battery before we arrived in Idaho. So you will just have to imagine the fun we had there. It was great to see the gang and the kids are always so bummed to go home. But we will all be back in the swing of things tomorrow. And my camera battery will be charged again.