Monday, January 10, 2011


Sheesh, sometimes there isn't a moment to stop and breathe. I feel like I have been going non-stop for days, but all in a good way.

I thought I would take a moment and jot down a few of my favorite memories from this last week.

Pearl soiled her pillow. (And it happened to be the only pillow without a plastic cover. Awesome.) I stuck it in the tub with some Biz because the washing machine deforms pillows big-time. The water had been sitting for a couple of hours, meaning it was probably stone cold. I was sitting downstairs when suddenly I hear this chirpy little voice from upstairs.

Daisy: Mom, I'm taking a bath.

Mom: (to myself) What? Wait...Oh no! (I rush up the stairs)

I found Daisy, sitting in the Bizzy tub, on a cold wet pillow, splashing around with shampoo smeared in her hair. I have no idea how this would pass for an enjoyable bath, except that I don't normally let her have a pillow in there and maybe that was a novelty.

I scooped her out and put her in the other tub, with warm water. Crazy goose.

June has made me laugh this week. She has been going to the Orthodontist to get ready to have an expander put in. I was reminding her one morning that I would be getting her out of school an hour early.

Mom: Don't forget I am coming to get you from school today.

June: That's right, I'm going to the Orthodentist.

(And why isn't he called that?)

She also told me while eating curry the other night.

June: My taste buds are blooming with like of this.

(She certainly has a way with words.)

Robyn and I ventured out to Color Me Mine tonight on short notice. Tyler decided, with a friend of his, to build her a new dresser, and I thought the perfect touch would be hand-painted dresser drawer knobs. We had a good time and I am excited to show you the finished products. Stay tuned.

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