Thursday, January 6, 2011


I have had this idea for a long time. I was going to try to get all my photography peeps on the same page. And by photography peeps, I mean anyone who has a spiffy camera and wants to take better pictures. One of the best ways to take better pictures is to practice: try new things. I was going to post a theme and have people take a picture and then perhaps link them here on my blog. I hadn't worked out the details.

But the idea sat, not doing much. Then I saw on Digital Photography School this 365 Challenge. Well, I don't quite have the time to go around taking a picture every day, but I thought that I could handle getting one a week. There is a theme for each week that you center your pictures around, and I thought I could get at least one picture for each theme. (Although knowing me, I will probably end up with more.)

So I am going to post the 365 Challenge themes on my sidebar. If you are interested please let me know. I would love to see the pictures you take and maybe display them on here as well. I am going to try to post my picture each Thursday.

The first week's theme is COLD.

Tyler likes this next one. He says it would be the last thing you saw if you were swallowed by a blue whale.

One of the tips they give you to accomplish the 365 Challenge is to carry your camera everywhere. I don't know if this a useful tip to me. I passed those icicles while my camera was in the car. Other things in my car included three pre-schoolers on their way to school, a content Daisy wearing her coat backwards, and one crying baby. Not the most opportune time to take a picture. I passed those icicles three more times without a chance to pull over, so I finally begged Tyler to come home before the light faded so I could go take a picture. My hero, as always.

When I first saw the "Cold" theme, my initial thought was of how your breath fogs out on a really chilly morning. I tried my hardest to get a good shot, but the timing was never right and I was having trouble capturing it. This was the best I got.

I still want to continue the pursuit, but it will have to wait. Next week's theme is breakfast.

*The pictures do not have to be in black and white. I just chose that for these pictures, because I felt it made the pictures look colder, except for the first.

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Emma Jo said...

I hate the cold. I love your pictures.