Thursday, January 27, 2011


Photos of the week:

Daisy is my child who still needs a nap but resists one most vehemently. These last couple of days she has been sick and can barely keep her eyes open. Even as I am taking her practically comotose body upstairs, she will mumble, "Don't want nap..."

In one of those pictures she fell asleep watching a movie and in the other she fell asleep in the closet one night when we had a sitter here. I guess she was being stubborn about going to bed and thought she could stave off sleep and the sitter hiding in there. Mr. Sandman got her again though.

A Daisy fact for the week:

Her favorite word right now is little. She adds 'little' to most phrases; my little one, that little dog. It's sweet.

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Katie said...

So cute! I think sleeping pictures may be my favorite ever.