Sunday, January 16, 2011

Regardless of Stake Conference

It was a good day. I jest, somewhat. Stake Conference is not the same with kids, although the kids did a fairly good job, but that is only because we sat near friends who entertained them half the time. (Nothing like ruining Stake Conference for those around you as well.) My genius solution was to take the baby home halfway through since it was beyond her nap time and I think that made the whole thing bearable. Tyler took cranky home, and I stayed with the rest and as Conferences go, I will rate this one towards the top.

The rest of the day was great though. (Made possible by a baby who got a good nap.) In fact here she is being cute.

I love that picture a lot, but partly because for some reason Pearl's profile reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes. I tried to find an example, but this is the best I got.

I think it is the cute nose and mouth that makes me think Calvin.

June had a project that I had been procrastinating. But, this time around, I really tried to make her do most of the work. Here we are working hard.

And the end result was The King. (He doesn't have a name.)

He is from one of my favorite books growing up that my mom let me steal. I wonder if she even recognizes him? For those of you who have never seen this book, here is a sample.

It is called The King, the Mice, and the Cheese. Cute and an easy reader book. (Yes, June reads at a much higher level, but I let her choose what she wants for her projects and usually we judge them by characters, not reading level.) I always liked the King in this book, although I think he needed some new Wise Men.

Lastly, I got a pedicure for my birthday and Tricia and I tried to have the lady do white hearts on our red toenails. She made several attempts, but the results weren't good. I secretly told myself that I could make hearts. And apparently I can.

It's a little early for Valentine Toes, but I really like them. I may have to do my own hearts in the future.

Hope your Sunday was a good one. And may you enjoy your holiday tomorrow as well. Have I mentioned that it was always awesome to have a holiday near my birthday. It would be even more awesome if Tyler got it off from work. Oh well.

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Emma Jo said...

I love Calvin, cute nose and all. Cute toes, cute book, cute project, Happy Birthday a little late I guess.