Saturday, January 22, 2011

Matchy Matchy 3 Squared

This man is awesome.

Sometimes I am sad that I missed his first 21 years, but I think I've been here for the best decade.

For his birthday, I took 33 balloons into his workplace. They were filled with candies and compliments. His coworkers were required to pop a balloon.

They could keep the candy, but the compliment was to be given to Tyler. I figured this way he would get at least 33 compliments on his birthday. I think he enjoyed the attention. But when does he not?

I love this shot. I think Pearl is winning.

There wasn't much else going on that day. The girls gave him some gifts, such as this cool shirt.

I think he pulls off purple spectacularly, while doing Blue Steel. In the evening we went to dinner with friends and came home for brownies. I forgot that Ivory was currently barred from treats, (lame mom punishment) and she was super bummed to miss out. However we came up with a solution that got her smiling. (I may be lame, but I am creative.)

I really love that Stallion of mine. He keep life interesting, and every year is just a little bit sweeter.

p.s. This is not related but I always forget to document these things. Pearl has officially figured out her name. When you say Pearl, she turns to see what you need. Super cute.


Haley Johanna said...

What a fun birthday celebrator you are. And hey, we could all use a little more kiwi in our lives.

Haley Johanna said...

Dang. My name is not Haley Johanna. I gotta go change something.

The Simpson Times said...

The balloon idea sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you guys.....always so much fun chatting, laughing, and of course playing games!!!

Rynell said...

Happy Birthday! Love the balloon idea!