Monday, November 30, 2009

Ode to Emilie

I am sorry that I mentioned a meal yesterday without posting a recipe. I actually thought about including the recipe, but it was all the way downstairs in my kitchen (laziness at its best). So without further ado, I give you Emilie's Crock Pot Lasagna:

1 jar spaghetti sauce
Lasagna noodles
1 jar Alfredo sauce
Mozzarella cheese (1 lb.)
1 can of tomato paste (I don't actually use this ingredient)
1/2 lb browned hamburger (mix with spaghetti sauce and tomato paste)

Layer in this order until you run out of ingredients (I do two layers)

1. Sauce and meat
2. Noodles
3. Alfredo Sauce
4. Cheese

Cook on low for four hours

Ah...yumminess. Certainly not low-fat, but that is not what I am looking for after three hours of church. I want some serious comfort food.

Emilie, I don't know if you made this up, but it sure is tasty, and I hope you have your baby sooner than later. I have my fingers crossed.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Filling the Quota

Tomorrow I will post my last post for November, having officially blogged every day. I liked the challenge, but truthfully, I may not have enough intelligent things to say to fill a whole month. I liked the motivational factor, but I'll be the first to admit that, like hot dogs, my posts had some filler that was unneeded. It is better if I come to the computer with an idea, rather than thinking up an idea while I sit at the computer. Mostly because at the moment that usually results in a post about a) pregnancy, or b) being tired.

So in true fashion I'll let you know that I am pretty sure that I should stop wearing high heels for the rest of this pregnancy. I came home from church with two charlie horses in my calves. I also found out that one of the sisters in my ward is expecting the same month as I am. I didn't know until today because she isn't really 'showing'. I have been 'showing' since about August. Yep, you can give me all the yada-yada that this is her first pregnancy and this is my fifth, but a huge belly is still a huge belly, and it is on ME. I already love this baby though and know it is all worth it, so I will stop the drama train before anyone pulls the emergency brake.

In happier news, I think Tyler is almost back to normal. He is back to slapping me on the rear and making suggestive motions with his eyebrows, so I am fairly certain the worst is behind him. I will miss having him around; even when he is sick, he is still not too shabby a companion (did I mention that we are coming up on 10 years married? Um, anyone have any good anniversary ideas?)

And so, another sabbath passes. I should give a shout out to Emilie: Your crock-pot lasagna is the happiest thing to come home to after late church. I don't know what I will do next year when we get home at a reasonable hour. I want to say nap, but with four and a half children I would have to bind and gag at least three of them to get any decent sleep. Maybe I should ask for duct tape for Christmas. . .

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Third Tooth's the Charm

June managed to hold onto her tooth this time. Well, that is for at least twenty minutes. She knew it was loose, so as we ran errands, she sat in the back on the car wiggling the heck out of it. We arrived home and I could see her bloodied fingers still hard at work. Not to be outdone, that tooth came out moments later. She was sooooo excited!!

She studied her prize and asked if perhaps she should clean it off (being still bloody). I told her that the tooth fairy would probably appreciate it. Minutes later, a sobbing June came out of the bathroom. It didn't take a rocket scientist to diagnose that while washing it, the tooth had slipped down the drain.

That girl has seriously bad luck holding on to those teeth. Luckily, her father is a superhero in disguise and he saved the tooth from the bowels of the sink. And after losing it only once more that evening, the tooth finally made it safely to the tooth pillow. The Tooth Fairy rewarded her a whole dollar for her efforts.

These kids sure make life interesting.

Friday, November 27, 2009

After several coats of Lysol, I am using my computer again.

Quarantine is slowly winding down around here, and that means I have been allowed back in my room for extended periods of time. Previous to now, I have not been in here but for mere moments and that means you have been very privileged to hear from my guest poster (may he continue to recover quickly). I myself have been a bit put out by the arrangements. I have been sleeping on the couch (not the most comfortable for the pregnant lady) and my Google Reader is exploding with posts I have yet to read myself (don't plan on any comments from me as I catch up on a week's worth of blogging).

Despite the downs of this week, there have actually been a few ups. First off, let's just be thankful that out of all the people in the family, Tyler got the flu. I hear it is terrible on pregnant women, and if one of the kids got it, how do you quarantine them? Tyler was very responsible about staying in his room and using hand sanitizer like it was going out of style. It was a bit like having my husband on a business trip, yet he was just hanging out upstairs. He couldn't help with the kids, he couldn't help with the chores, and still I brought him every meal in bed. Wait, this is shifting back towards the negative...back to the positive.

Tyler tends to get hit really hard at the beginning, but recover fairly quickly. I think he is still in the official 'contagion' period, but at least he isn't throwing up and most of his aches and pains are a thing of the past. He has been a real trooper through all the illness; probably more of a trooper than me since I keep having mini pity-parties for myself.

The biggest high from the whole experience was actually Thanksgiving. We have never had our own Thanksgiving because we always go to Idaho. After we found out that we shouldn't go there (being potential germ carriers), we decided to make the best of it and have our own feast. I'm thinking that it didn't turn out too badly. I'm proud of our endeavors and the girls loved eating at our house. Afterward we watched Night at the Museum which was on TV and then we all headed to bed. It was a great holiday. Tyler even joined in the festivities, with plenty of hand sanitizer nearby and promising not to cough on anyone (I told the children they could hit him if he coughed on them). Here is a bit of the grub.

June even made name tags for us all.

So although we didn't get out much this week, we were still all together as family and that is what is really important.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Katniss Everdeen

So when you're in quarantine, it turns out there's not much to do—go figure. Maleen's been hounding me for months to read "The Hunger Games, so after about twenty-some-odd hours of wandering around my room, I determined maybe it was time to listen to her. I picked up the first book of what I later learned is supposed to be a trilogy.

Now "supposed to be" and "are" are two VERY different things. Usually this isn't such a problem, but when you burn up the first book in a series in one day, the math is pretty easy. On the first day, finish the first book. On the second day finish the second book. On the third day finish the third book. Since I've got seven days total, and I didn't start until the second day that gives me something to do through the fifth of seven days. That all seemed pretty good to me.

Until I found out the trilogy isn't finished yet.

Come on people. She's not going to have it done until 2010. I'm only in quarantine until next week. News flash: next week is STILL 2009! This schedule will not do AT ALL.

So I've had to pace myself through the second one. I only allow myself one chapter every time I pick it up, and I allow that no more than once per hour. Even so, Catching Fire will only hold me until Black Friday. And THEN what am I supposed to do? Wait until 2010 like all the other Hunger Games addicts out there? I guess so. Maybe I'll start reading *gasp* Twilight instead. At least I know the whole story gets told in books I can get my hands on before 2010.

How do you people stand it? I hate not being able to finish the story! It's like driving two thirds of the way to Miami. Sure, you've seen some nice sites, but you're still NOT THERE YET.

Speaking of Miami, anybody seen Burn Notice (the series) on USA? Love it. I face the same problem as The Hunger Games though. I discovered the series last month at my parent's place. I borrowed season one from a friend, and burned that up in like two weeks (no pun intended). I'm about halfway through the second season and I feel guilty because now I know they're only halfway through the third season on live tv. Math's a little harder on this one, but I'm looking at disappointment sometime around January—no more Burn Notice for me. :(

Maybe by then the third book of the Hunger Games will be out.

btw, if you have no idea who Katniss Everdeen is, she's the star of the Hunger Games Trilogy. Here she is with co-star Peeta Mellark:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quarantine is Lonely

If any of you are thinking it's time to get the swine flu, I advise against it. It's not really that much fun. My head hurts, but butt hurts (why? I don't know), my arms and legs hurt. Yesterday I found myself praying to the porcelain more than once. I have no appetite, which makes my stomach hurt all the more. Supposedly I had a fever, but that only manifests itself when I'm cold and shiver when everyone else in the house is just fine. I also had a cough, but that's subsided. I do notice a tightness around all my organs when I take a deep breath—sort like someone's squeezing them if you breathe too deep.

But that's not the worst of it.

The doctors say I have the swine flu, which carries a seven day contagion period. "No contact with anyone you don't want sick," they said. "You'll probably be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner, but you want to do it with not many people around: say alone, maybe." Ah, that's thoughtful. I can't wait to have my solitary Thanksgiving dinner.

Every year we make a Thankful Turkey for Thanksgiving. Everybody gets their own feather and you write things for which you're thankful on it. Everybody attaches their feather and then we can go back and see what we're thankful for in years to come. Pretty much every time, I write that I'm thankful for my family. The same family, I'm not allowed to eat Thanksgiving dinner with.

I'm sort of used to coming through the door to a barrage of hugs and kisses. There were no such hugs when I came home from the doctor. Mom had already explained that I couldn't give hugs. Robyn greeted me only with tears—you'd think somebody told her I was dying.

Anyway, now I lounge around my bedroom. I take turns going from the bathroom to the bed, to the computer, to the bed. Maleen brings me a plate of food every now and again. She dispenses medicine on the appropriate schedule. She brings me Gatorade when I'm thirsty.

Quarantine is lonely. I'm not taking to it well. I wish I could just hug my little ones. At least I have the Hunger Games to read. Maleen tells me it's good.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cheaters Never Prosper

So the post last night was not me, really. Around 8 pm, June and Tyler were busy on the computer. I thought I would lie down on the bed and wait until a chair was free. When I did wake up, I half-heartedly asked Tyler to do a post for me.

"I can't," he said. "It is midnight right now." Wow, I didn't realize that I had fallen asleep for so long. So much for my twenty minute power nap. Sure enough, when Tyler tried posting, it registered as the next day.

But not to be outdone, he scouted around and found that you can choose what time it posts. He labeled our post last night as 11:45 pm even though it was later.

Then this morning, he woke up with the flu. Coincidence? I think not.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last Minute Entry

I was here, I was just asleep. I told Tyler to catch it before midnight—and he did . . . sort of.

I tell ya, this whole blog every day thing: it's taxing! I don't know if I've got the rest of November in me or not. I guess we'll see.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

. . . Oh, and a Slice of Cheese.

We went to Costco yesterday while Robyn was attending a birthday party at Pirate Island. So, blog post on hold for just a second: have you been to Pirate Island? It's like Disneyland crammed into a strip mall! Pretty dang cool if you ask me. And blog post off hold.

While Robyn was in the party, the rest of the family went to Costco to get some grocery items and dinner. (Yes, we're one of THOSE families.) Our grocery run was pretty speedy, and soon enough we found ourselves in line at the checkout. Maleen told me that we could pay for our grub right there in the checkout line. This is a foreign concept to me. It just doesn't feel right.

Now keep in mind that since Lethal Weapon II came out, I can count on one hand how many times I've been through the drive through. Leo's right, when you go through the drive through, they win. (You can watch the clip here, but be warned: it has explicit language in it. What? This was back in my apostate days!)

And if I won't go through a drive through, you know I can't order food at the check register! But Maleen's into this, so she places the order: "Ya, we'll have a polish dog, a hot dog, pepperoni pizza . . ." The guy at the register butts in: "A slice right?" Maleen: "Yes. By the slice. And a supreme pizza. . . Oh, and a slice of cheese."

Now this was news to me: I didn't know you could order a slice of cheese at Costco. "They do that?" I thought to myself. "Weird." It also seemed an odd request—I couldn't think of which dish this particular side would go with. And man! $1.99 for a slice of cheese! What a rip-off! But I wasn't about to question the pregnant lady! If she wants a slice of cheese with her supreme pizza, go for it. I'm not going to stand in the way. You husbands know what I'm talking about.

So Maleen herds the children over to the table and starts setting them up for the onslaught of chow. She hands me the receipt and directs me to the pick up window. Pick up window? What about the line of people going through, who haven't reached the pick up window? She pointed again to the pick up window, and again I did not argue.

When it was my turn, the guy behind the window says, "Okay what 'ev ya got?" I tried to respond like I knew what I was doing that this was old hat for me: "Ya, I've got a Polish (never use the whole word when an abbreviation will do—especially when you're trying to fit in), a hot dog, a pepperoni, a supreme, oh, and a slice of cheese." I enunciated rather particularly on this one, as if I didn't want him to get it wrong. "Slice of cheese, you do that right?" I repeated almost at a whisper, painstakingly pronouncing each syllable and opening my eyes as wide as they would go. After such elocution and emphasis I scrunched up my nose and added a knowing nod with a little cheek grin.

The guy looked at me like I was recently graduated from a special school then went off to get my order.

When he returned he rattled off the order as he gave me each plate: "One Polish dog. One hot dog. A slice of pepperoni. A slice of supreme. And last, but not least, a slice of cheese. He too had learned the knowing nod and cheek grin. He was very careful to enunciate properly as he handed me the slice of cheese pizza.

I accepted the plate and threw my head back at an awkward angle, focusing my eyes in space, and moving my pupils as if I were reading some invisible sign on a 45-degree angle over his head. "This was not a slice of cheese," I mumbled to myself. "This is a slice of cheese pizza." Quickly my mind started jumping hurdles and replaced the picture of golden cheddar sliced at about 1/8" inch thick, with a greasy triangle of bread laden with molten cheese. My brain kicked me (as if IT knew and I was just this sod thinking of dairy!)

When the slice of cheese pizza finally pushed aside the extremely vivid slice of exorbitantly priced cheddar, I looked back at the person behind the window. He was actually holding his belt, waiting for me to get out of the way, but too courteous to say anything.

I won't tell you how I felt after that. I think you all know. I'll just shut up now. Anyone for a slice of cheese?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Between Edward and Jacob...

...I choose Tyler.

My mother-in-law invited me up to Idaho today to watch New Moon on its opening day. I wanted to see the movie and would eventually, so it sounded like a lot of fun to watch it with my family up in Idaho. Tyler got the day off from work so that I could travel up there. Ivory was going to come with me and hang out with Grandma for a few days until Thanksgiving, but she was a tad bit sick, so it didn't seem like the best idea to take her up there. Since Ivory couldn't go, Tyler started thinking of all these reasons I shouldn't go. He wanted me to see family, he wanted me to see the movie, but in the long run, he just didn't want to be without me. Since I am the one with all the kids most of the time, I understand. Everything is so much easier as a team.

I still wanted to see family, I still wanted to see the movie, but in the end, I thought Tyler was more important and so I stayed. And I am glad I stayed. Because I was going to be gone, everything I got to do with my family seemed sweeter, more special. This morning, Tyler and I took the younger two girls shopping for candles and then out for snacks (i.e. cinnamon rolls and raspberry muffin tops at Kneader's). It was an ordinary activity turned extraordinary because I realized that every moment I have with them is a gift (even if I don't always appreciate them).

So Edward and Jacob, you will just have to wait. There is one man more important than both of you.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Do you ever get annoyed when you run an errand, get home, only to find out that you forgot something or got the wrong thing? I did that this morning. I went to get velcro. I looked very hard at two packages. They were priced the same, seemed identical, except that one had 10 ft of velcro and the other had 5 ft. In the end, I got the one with ten feet (it seemed more of a bargain). Naturally, the minute I got home I realized the difference. The ten foot brand only gave you half the velcro; just the hook side. Sheesh. I was a little put out that I would have to go all the way back.

But I put on my best face and headed back (fortunately Tyler was home, so I was able to go without kids, because you can imagine how thrilled I would be to pack kids back up). Right before I got there, a song came on the radio that I have been listening for (to find out the artist). While waiting for the song to finish, I grabbed my purse and noticed that my wallet was missing. I left it at the store when I came the first time since my hands were full with Daisy. I thought that if I hadn't bought the wrong velcro, I might not have noticed for a very long time and perhaps even forgotten where I had been (this is not unlike me). I was so relieved that I was already at the store. My wallet was behind the counter, I exchanged my velcro, AND I found out the artist that I was wondering about. Here is the song if you are really curious about what strikes my fancy.

So perhaps things can sometimes work out for the best. Providence was smiling on me today.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Are Your Ears Painted On?

I was watching Barbie and the Three Musketeers for the umpteenth time today (thanks Grandma for buying that for the girls) and I was once again amazed at the idea that once people put on a half mask, no one can recognize them. Seriously? And let's be honest, Barbie's mask isn't even a half mask, it is only two loops that surround her eyes. And yet, people are still amazed when she takes it off. Oh, it's you???

Half-masks are just not that mysterious to me. Sure if I didn't know the person, but if I were at all familiar with someone, I don't think I would be fooled. I mean, it's not like a person's voice changes when they put on a mask. Maybe I am better at voice recognition than some. I enjoy trying to guess who the voice-overs are in animated films. But even if you were poor at recognizing voices, there must be other clues. Ladies, if you know your man at all, you should be able to see through his disguise. I mean, come on Buttercup...Wesley was gone for a few years, but could he have changed that much? And what about Zorro and Batman (although Batman's voice does seem to deepen when he puts on his mask so you have to give him props for that)? Anyway, I'm just saying that if Tyler put on a half-mask, he wouldn't be able to pull the wool over my eyes.

Monday, November 16, 2009


So I am a crazy woman about traditions (but you knew that). We have a tradition that the FHE before Thanksgiving we make our thankful turkey. The first Thanksgiving that we did this, our turkey looked very lonely, but we laminated him and I knew that eventually he would be joined by others. And now we are on our fourth turkey (I love it!!). We put them up each year and I know that when my kids are grown, they will bring their families back and look at our wall filled with silly turkeys.

Everyone gets a feather (although we added one for the dog because Robyn didn't want a lop-sided turkey). Each year I have the kids help me choose colors for the turkey and the feathers. Robyn helped this year and therefore it was 'her' turkey. You should have seen her face when Tyler decided to write the year in Roman numerals instead of the regular numbers. She about pitched a fit. Finally Tyler showed her how to read the 'secret' writing and now she thinks she has classified information. It should keep her happy for a while.

Yes, I know that this isn't the Monday before Thanksgiving, but Ivory will be out of town next week and I didn't want her to miss it. Hence, the early bird gets the Roman Numerals.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Variety is the Spice of Life

I really think it is good to mix things up a bit; try something new or old (spouses excluded naturally—I like the one I have). I look forward to each month and doing something that goes with the season or holiday. I like digging in my closet and finding old shoes or clothes that I haven't worn in a while. It is great to skim my small collection of movies and see an old favorite that I haven't watched in a while. I love it when a song I haven't heard in forever comes on the radio, bringing back a wave of memories as I sing it at the top of my lungs.

Some things are meant to be daily occurrences (I would never say no to a kiss or hug from any of my family) but many of the things I like are better in small doses; enjoyed at intervals. Tonight we were getting ready to have our Sunday ice cream ritual (yes, I shamelessly bribe my children to keep them reverent in church). Tyler, with some left over soda from his Book-a-Mormon-athon, decided that we should have root beer floats instead. What a genius. It has been a blue moon since I have had a root beer float and it was scrumptious. It is great to fall in love with something all over again (in this case, spouses included). Thanks Tyler.

p.s. Ty, you are enough variety to keep my life spicy for eternity.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm posting early on Saturday morning so Maleen doesn't have to. It's actually going to be really fun when she checks her blog in the morning to see how many comments she's received; and then she'll find this post. Ah, I'm so sweet. National Blog Month is taking its toll. I'm led to believe it's difficult to come up with something to blog EVERY day! Well, this is just one of the many services offered by Cazier Man. (That's me—I've taken to calling myself that occasionally as I am, and conceivably will be, the ONLY man in the [Utah] Cazier House.)

Anyhow, Friday night was Book of Mormon Part II. I had this “revelation” that we should do something over the top in our quorum to get the elders to do something more than they're currently doing. It's tough to go wrong with reading more Book of Mormon, so we elected to read it in a couple of all-nighters.

After one all-nighter, it became evident that we'd need three (not two) nights. We also determined that it's a whole lot faster to go with MP3s of the chapters than it is to have someone reading aloud. There are always mistakes in diction, re-reads, mis-prounciations of names, etc. All that just makes it generally much slower. Plus, we also found that Windows Media Player has a neat little feature on it that allows you to modify the speed of playback. You can choose to play things much slower than usual or up to 20 times faster than normal. We've found, through concerted experimentation, that the human mind can only assimilate information at about 1.8 times as fast as normal diction. 1.6 times normal speed offers fairly good comprehension and about 33 pages per hour. These are things I never thought I'd know.

1 And it came to pass that I did make my way to the church in the 18th hour of the reign of the clock, at about 45 minutes past the hour. And there I did establish the means by which we would read and hear the words of God.

2 And I did prepare every needful thing insomuch that when others came to the place, which was called the church of the Vineyard Second Ward, which was so-called because it was established in the borders of the land called Vineyard, they were ready to hear the word of God.

3 And I did cause the MP3 player to play at 1.6 times the rate of normal speech. Therefore was I immersed in the scriptures, alone, for the space of more than an hour, before Randy Bohn, a steadfast and dedicated man, did show up to read scripture with me.

4 And it came to pass that because of the smallness of our number, we did foresake the Massiman Curry, which we had promised to those who promised they'd show up. Now we know not, but that they have taken up arms against us as the Lamanites of old, because they were not here to read with us.

5 Nevertheless Brother Randy and I did read for the space of an hour, and then others beheld our great enjoyment and spiritual growth and they too did join us in our endeavors, or rather that they did join us in reading about the endeavors of the prophets of old.

6 For behold, Brother Brian Macbean and Brother T.J. Moore did join us as the word had a more powerful effect upon their minds than the sword or any other things which I did use to beat upon them. And thus we did read into the night. And some did stay only for a time, and others did remain all the way through. Nevertheless, the time did pass away as it were unto us like a dream.

7 And blessed be the testimonies of they who did complete the reading for the night, for we did complete the Book of Alma this very night. And we have been enlightened by the words which were spoken by the prophets who have gone before, yea, my sons (of which I have none), I say we were greatly blessed and enlightened by the words of Aaron, Ammon, Captain Moroni, Helaman, Abinadi (for did begin our reading in Mosiah), Teancum, Amulek, and of course, Alma, insomuch that we were carried away even unto boasting in how awesome these prophets are. Yea, and they did not disappoint.

8 Yea, my brethren, who are my brethren in the Lord, let this night be written upon our hearts even as our testimonies are written upon our hearts and have thus brought unto us a fulfillment of our joy.

9 And thus I make an end. Amen.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Sometimes it is good to let go and have a little fun. This picture makes me happy.

I took it a week or so ago, but it is weird to me because I think Ivory and Robyn are wearing those exact same clothes today. Déjà fashion.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Hate it When People Say Catsup

I guess I will do a little Ketchup tonight. When it is my week to do pre-school, I get completely absorbed by lesson plans and preparing, that it pretty much eclipses everything else. Evidence of this was the pile of laundry that greeted me today once pre-school was finished. I am six (6!) loads in and not quite done.

Even better is the fact that I don't teach again until February. We had a good time this week, but there is a reason I didn't major in early childhood education. I feel comfortable around my own kids because I am in charge, I have stewardship, I can give them what-for when they turn a deaf ear to my wisdom and counsel. Not so much with a large group of three-year olds. I sit there and pretend that I am in charge and hope they can't tell I am bluffing. Anyway, burdens of all sorts have been lifted this afternoon, so let's fill you in on some other occurrences.

First, I think Robyn may have an admirer. There's this boy who was always yelling at her when she got off the bus. She would sprint for the door and he would follow a few feet hurling noise after her. I asked her about it a couple times, but she didn't seemed phased in the least. "That's just Diego," she would calmly reply. It seemed it was just some game they played.

Well, I haven't seen him yelling for a while, but I have seen him at my front door the last couple days. He knocks, hands me a stack of cookies and says, "these are for Robyn," and then makes his retreat. Either he has graduated from the 'insult and chase' stage to the 'give gifts' stage of courtship, or Robyn has whipped him into shape and is now extorting payment in return for not harming him. I'm guessing the former simply since she is a cutie, but I wouldn't be surprised if secretly she was the crime boss of the neighborhood.

In other news, Daisy continues to be a hellion. I love her, little duck, but she is chaos on wheels with a bad case of Daylight Saving crankies. She was up before six this morning and refused to take a second nap this afternoon. New tricks she has learned are flushing the toilet (multiple times in a row), and drawing on the walls with whatever writing utensil is most easily accessible. Usually this is pencil since she prefers to suck on the markers rather than draw with them.

She is also quite endearing with her other antics. She now folds arms for prayers and giggles uncontrollably when June plays with her. She opens the box of wipes, pulls one out, then lies down and wipes her tummy (really funny). She plays peek-a-boo, and loves to make people gasp; if she thinks you are shocked by what she is doing, she is bound to keep it up. The other day in the tub, she started splashing and I played along, gasping and wincing every time she splashed. Naturally she splashed all the more, only proceeding in soaking herself thoroughly, but it was worth it to watch.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Going To Bed

Wish I could say that I had time to compose a post today. Nope. See you tomorrow.

p.s. I am thankful for soft chairs and hope.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

News Flash

"Apparently teaching pre-school and going to the dentist are too much for one day", responded a local pregnant lady. She plans on falling lifelessly into bed as soon as she brushes and flosses*.

*Flossing guilt is reported to last two to three weeks following a visit to the dentist.

Monday, November 9, 2009

How to Wash Dirty Unders

Rinse them in the tub. Taking them off the child is optional.

Ivory decided to go to bed without a diaper tonight, showing that she is a big girl. I did NOT think this was a good idea but somehow I was overruled. Tyler thinks she needs to realize for herself that she is not quite ready to go the night without a diaper.

However, I am not sure how much of the situation she grasped being awakened from a dead sleep. Tyler put her standing in the tub and told her that she need to take off her underwear. She gave him a confused look, then sat down anyway. I am pretty sure that she had no idea that she was still wearing them, or that I was taking pictures (notice the sleepy yawn).

Poor duck. She is safely tucked back in bed, with a diaper, and I hope Tyler is done with his experiments.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day of Rest?

When I was young, Sunday was such a long, boring day since my parents wouldn't let us do anything. Now, I long for a Sunday with nothing to do. Somehow that is not our lot. Tyler is gone every Sunday morning with meetings, and I always leave early for church to ready things for nursery (i.e. pack snacks). Having late church doesn't help because we come back, eat dinner, and then the day is closing. Somehow it doesn't feel very restful.

This morning we were up and running before 7 a.m and didn't stop until after dinner at 5 p.m. By then several children were very cranky, and we really just managed tempers until we could throw a couple in bed. Add to that the fact that I don't get to go to normal lessons, and Tyler has Daisy so he spends half of his lessons in the hallway chasing her; and somehow church is not the same experience as when I was younger. I admit that I miss the days where I blithely went to class and came home with nothing to do but take a nap.

Yet, I feel my testimony of attending church has only grown in the last few years. Because I am denied some of the spiritual experiences and discussions, I know how valuable they are. I help every week in the nursery so other parents can go and fill their spiritual cup, and mine is filled through service. I struggle through Sacrament Meeting hushing children, chasing babies, handing out snacks while catching tid-bits of what is said. However, I feel that is the most important place my family could be.

One definition of rest is: "Peace, freedom from trouble, tranquility." I have plenty of peace knowing that I am doing the right thing. Sunday is not always an easy day to get through, but I feel tranquility knowing I am building a foundation for my children and living the principles I believe. In that case, Sunday is certainly a day of rest. . . if not in the most literal sense.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gardner Village

I try to get to Gardner Village at least once this time of year. I am crazy about their Halloween stuff, but I am lured by their normal selection of odds and ends as well. This year I went purposely looking for a nativity. They have so many to choose from, so I chose mainly based on price (I want to expand my collection, but some are a tad spendy for me at the moment). I apologize that there isn't a picture here but I refuse to get my Christmas stuff out until after Thanksgiving (current purchases included).

We (Tricia and me) browsed other shops and then we ate dinner out there. It was such a fun night and it certainly put me in the holiday spirit. I am getting really excited to start some new traditions this year and bring back some of the old ones. I encourage each of you to try something new this year with your family. After all, when you look back at Christmases gone by, do you remember the gifts you got or the things you did with your family each year?

Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm going on a date in twenty minutes and this has nothing to do with my post.

Today was a glorious day. The weather was amazing. It was so warm and beautiful outside. I noticed this and quickly kicked everyone out of the house including myself. We walked/biked around the neighborhood and ended up over by the church where the girls could play in the plethora of leaves dropped by the enormous tree in front. I wish I had brought my camera. They played, giggled, piled leaves, jumped inside, and had a fantastic time being kids. Daisy even joined in the action and would lie down on the cement as long as a few leaves were scattered on top (she was hilarious).

But that is not what I sat down to write about today. Instead, I thought I might bring up a grievance of mine. I know this doesn't hold with the spirit of Thanksgiving, but let's get real; we all have pet peeves.

I despise white socks.

Not for me. I actually prefer to wear white socks myself (I know...boring). But for the girls, I will never buy them white socks again. Simply because it is so hard to find all the matches. And that is my least favorite part of laundry. There are always socks missing, and then there are the different sizes that have to be matched. Give me a Tinkerbell sock or a nice stripey one that jumps out and says, "Here I AM!! And my match is right over there!!" And even if you can't find the partner sock, at least they stand out in the mass of miss-match socks that we have accumulated over time.

I think for Christmas, I am going to buy a whole bunch of new unique looking socks and then I am going to toss all the old white ones. Or, we could move to Hawaii and wear flip-flops year round. That does seem the best option . I wonder if I can convince Tyler.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why Not Everything Becomes a Hand-Me-Down

June came home today and told me,

"I don't need these shoes anymore."

No kidding. I think you have gotten all the use you are going to get out of them (and perhaps a bit more).

She will make a good missionary.

The following comes from Raging Stallion, who felt it appropriate to add to the post:

As the only missionary in the family I bear a mantle of missionary history. That means that if there is need for a mission story, I'm it. If there's a need for a missionary experience, I'm it. If there's a need for clarification of missionary-related information, I'm it. Thankfully, I am prepared. Among family I am known as Elder Cazier II. Among some Brazilians, I am known as "O Leão de Sião," (The Lion of Zion).

Without getting too much into that (you who know, know I'll go on for hours—), there's a need for missionary-ness here, which I'm all too happy to provide. The astute reader has already noticed the word "missionary" above in reference to shoes. If you went to a walking mission (not these posh bike missions, or *gasp* a car mission), you know what happens to your shoes. For those of you who don't know, here's what they look like. These are my old friends. They have carried me through dust and mud, tears and blood. They've held me together when the path is hard, and tripped me up when my pride was full. These shoes have been with me through thick and thin—robberies and baptisms alike. They are as much a part of my mission as I am. As my soul was worn out in the service, so too were their soles. These were my best companions. My daughters have some pretty well-worn shoes to fill.

And hey, they still fit. :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Possibly I am Part Reptile

As many of you know, November is national blog month (or something like that), and many people see if they can post every day. I figure I am off to a good start so why not try it?

It is helpful that November is also the month of thanks giving (meaning giving thanks, not the holiday), so I figure I can throw in some small posts related to what I am thankful for.

And today, since I can't seem to get my pictures in working order, you get a thankful post (or something I love).

As the days shorten and the weather gets colder, it seems my body can not find a good temperature. In the morning I am cold (freezing), but we turn the heat on and my bones start to defrost. Then, I start to get a little too warm, so I turn the heater off for the day knowing that the house will warm up on its own anyway. But then I get cold again. I do have some self-control, so I usually leave the heat off and sure enough, by the afternoon, things warm up and suddenly I am sweating. I can't seem to find a happy medium. I'd like to blame the pregnancy, but I seem to recall that this happens every fall.

I guess the answer is layers, but I dislike dressing and undressing all day. Anyway, this is just a really long way to say that I love sunny patches. You know. . . when the curtain is open and a spot of the room is drenched in sunlight. Moxy usually finds the spots before I do (poor dog being from CA, I think she hates Utah weather even more than I do), but I will walk through a ray of sunlight and I will stop and press my body against the sliding glass door, soaking in all the heat I can. It feels luxurious. Or that feeling when you are chilled and you get into the car which has been sitting in the sun for a few hours and the heat just envelopes you. Mmmmmm. Warmth. Good stuff. Thanks sun for shedding a little light and heat.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And Tomorrow. . . World Peace

I found that I can do impossible things. Here is proof:

That there is Daisy in pigtails. Why is this so impossible you might ask? Well, this girl does not do 'stuff' in her hair. She takes off all hats, rips out all clips and bows, and managed to take out at least one pigtail within two minutes of me putting them in. Plus, add the fact that she doesn't really hold still for pictures, and I figure that I accomplished the impossible.

The trick is to distract her right after you put something in her hair in hopes that she will forget it is there—so she doesn't focus all her efforts on taking it out. Too bad she is not easily distracted. The good news is that she is pretty cute with the mullet. . . so far.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fairies on Halloween

There were plenty of fairies visiting the neighborhood on Halloween, but we got a visit from a special fairy...


Oh, and this time around, there was actually a tooth. Shocking!

See, proof, proof.

Said tooth has been wiggly for weeks and I have been worried that it would end up in Robyn's digestive track like June's teeth (and by that I mean that June's teeth ended up in her own stomach, not in Robyn's). I have been dutifully giving her tooth a good yank every night, but it took Daddy's pliers to get it out.

He does look like a deranged dentist, but don't worry, the tooth was good and ready.

She is very proud and I still think she has a beautiful smile.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's a Parté

November always takes me by surprise. You spend all this time gearing up for Halloween and all the costumes and parties and then you collapse in bed with a sigh and a slight sugar headache and you wake up the next day and it is NOVEMBER! It just sneaks up, every time.

And blessed day, it is even better when it is Daylight Savings the same day. People, I think about moving to Arizona every year just to avoid Daylight Savings. Who ever invented it obviously never had kids, because whereas adults can fool themselves after a few days into going to sleep when the clock says to, kids are controlled by their bodies. So guess who is going to wake up bright and early to kids asking for breakfast before it is even humanly possible for me to spell 'cold cereal?'

Whew, thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Anyhow, let's get back to recapping October which we have left in the dust (may it rest in peace). We did a family Halloween party instead of trick-or-treating and I absolutely loved it. Trick-or-treating is good too, but I liked chilling with the fam (this may be the start of a beautiful tradition that will surely be taken over by friends as my children get older and think their parents are fuddy-duddies, but for now I will savor it). I planned on adding a little more to it, but it turned out to be perfect just the way it was.

I think the whole evening revolved around food (as any good party should). We started dinner with Jack-o-lantern Egg McMuffins

and candy corn pudding (and yes, I mixed up the order of the colors).

Then we played a game June had spent an exorbitant amount of time making.

It was actually a lot of fun. I had planned to do a craft after, but as Tyler pointed out, it would only be displayed for one day and then it would be time to put the Halloween stuff away. His sensibility won out combined with the fact that I didn't feel like shopping for craft supplies at the last minute. So instead, we made witches and watched The Great Pumpkin on YouTube. You have to look at the witches with creative eyes. I saw the idea here. I went for the smaller hats (easier) but I did make the webs just because I wanted to see if I could.

I just used a neon orange gel icing that I already had on hand to stick the kiss to the cookie, but two of the girls asked if it were glue before they would eat it. Yep, for last resort, I stick with Elmer's.

Really, that was it for the evening. After the movie, we packed kids into bed. Don't forget that during all these festivities the doorbell would ring every five minutes or so and there would be a stampede for the door. The girls loved handing out candy and we finally had to develop a rotation so no one was upset. It was a good family evening.

Things we did not do this year:

The Phantom never made an appearance. Surprisingly none of the kids even mentioned him. Who am I kidding? As if the kids are going to try to bring back something that takes most of their candy. I didn't have the energy and since we only did the candy gathering once, I figured they could keep their loot.

Also, Tyler failed to implement the Daddy Tax (giving himself the right to take his favorite candy). However, the girls got together and made these adorable candy pages for us complete with labels so we know whose is whose.

Don't even try to steal my candy Dad. The Mommy Tax can be just as fierce.