Monday, July 29, 2013

Dental Report - More for the Grandparents than anyone else

Went to the dentist with the kids today. Gotta love the dentist. (Or NOT at all.)

Three of us were seen. (June, Mom, and Robyn.)


No cavities

One chipped tooth smoothed down. (Mom's)

One referral to the orthodontist. (Robyn's)

One favorite hygienist missing. (We miss you Jess)

No crying. (Bonus)

My teeth have been hurting all afternoon. That comes with the territory and my ridiculously closely spaced teeth. This is where I confess that I am not the best flosser, but I am a religious brusher. (Turns out the flossing is probably more important. My new hygienist was telling me that they are linking bad flossing to everything from heart disease to diabetes. I'm thinking there may be other factors involved as well. Just saying.)

When my teeth started feeling better, I ate a snickers. Yep. Mostly because Tyler brought one home for me, but partly to spite the dentist*.

*This means dentists in general. I actually really like my current dentist.

Our Big Graduate

Graduate, you say? In the middle of summer? Sure, why not?

This graduation may have happened a couple months ago, but since the stores are filled with back-to-school paraphernalia, I thought you would all enjoy a school-themed post. (Or perhaps I am just now catching up. Take your pick.)

Daisy is our fourth child to attend the Itty Bitty Bruins. I still love the program as much as when June went through. It has changed just a little as the director from those days got married and moved on. A lovely Miss Patterson runs the program now and it was just as fun. The graduation felt different since they held it in the theater and it was darker, but the kids still felt special. (Read: Terrible lighting.)

Miss Sarah helped Daisy don her cap and gown.

I feel terrible that I do not know who this is with Daisy. They shared the same buddy, Miss Sarah, because there were not enough students to teach the preschoolers, but I can't remember her name. But they were cute.

Love Daisy's argyle leggings.

Miss Patterson put together a very cute slide show and all the kids sat on the stage. Bet you can find Daisy.

They still received a scrapbook from their buddy, (which is my favorite part) but they were all different. Each buddy chose their own kind. Daisy's was actually quite huge.

Here's Daisy in the classroom with her Buddy Scrapbook.

And I had to get one of her with Miss Sarah of course. She was a great buddy for my Daisy.

Another fun year down. Can't believe we only have one more to go through the program.

Friday, July 26, 2013

How to Tell if the Downstairs TV is On

We live in an age of internet how to's, so I figured, I'd add to the vast knowledge housed by "The Internets."

Being a Dad, I'm often confronted with this challenge: is the TV on downstairs? You never know! You might have to stop what you're doing, march downstairs, and actually look to see if the electronic item in question is actually increasing your power bill.

My sweet children, however, have found a way to save me all those steps. Here's my new "Tell-Me-If-My-Downstairs-TV-Is-On-Inator":

Yup, looks like it's on.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Picture Dump

Since I need to use my phone as my primary camera for a few weeks, I have been figuring out how it works. And I found that I had quite a few pictures hidden on there. I previously had no idea how to take them off my phone, so they were trapped there, in limbo. Now, they are outdated and not related to anything in particular....perfect for a post of their own.

So, I give you, in mostly sequential order, pictures taken on my phone in the past two months. (Duh, duh, duh.)

First picture EVER taken on my phone was at book group, right after Mother's Day. These are my peeps. I love this group. Sadly, Aubry was already gone and Jessica was on her way out. Boo. But we have added some new fabulous women in the meantime.

Back row: Tricia, Keri, McKenzie, Julie, Jessica, Becca
Front row: Cindy, Maleen, Kari, Trudy
Then the phone was useful to keep kids busy at the doctor's office. My babysitter (June) had some of the kids, so it was just Robyn, Daisy, and me.

Ah yes...good times here. Tyler took me out on a hot date....Dumpster diving. But in case you going to move, DO NOT BUY BOXES. Visit your local retail stores and find the large recycling dumpsters in the back. They are full of gold. Packing gold, that is.

I forgot my camera at the piano recital and Tyler reminded me that I had a phone on my camera. Nifty little thing. All the girls played beautifully.

We will really miss their teacher. She decided to take a break from teaching for a while to focus on her family.

That really means that the kids have been off the hook for the summer, but we will have to get things rolling again when school starts. Know any great piano teachers out there?

One night we took the kids on a walk to see some swallow nests. This pictures does not do it justice. All along under the freeway overpass, there were dozens and dozens of nests. The swallows would fly in and out and sore over the river collecting bugs for the youngins. Amazingly, there are no hovering swallows in this picture.

Here is Pearl at the splash pad. She is just too cute. (At that moment.)

Someone keeps losing teeth. Sheesh. Good thing new ones grow in. I love how ghoulish June looks in this picture.

Oh, and here is Ivory's mother day gift to me. I prayed that I would not kill it (don't die, don't die, don't die)...well, look at this beast.

Of course, it is still planted at the old house and so runs the risk of being pulled out for other landscaping, but I stopped by the neighborhood to pick up something and had to snap a picture. I think there are 16 blooms on it. Crazy.

And that ends our tour of my neglected pictures. I'll see you again soon.