Monday, July 29, 2013

Dental Report - More for the Grandparents than anyone else

Went to the dentist with the kids today. Gotta love the dentist. (Or NOT at all.)

Three of us were seen. (June, Mom, and Robyn.)


No cavities

One chipped tooth smoothed down. (Mom's)

One referral to the orthodontist. (Robyn's)

One favorite hygienist missing. (We miss you Jess)

No crying. (Bonus)

My teeth have been hurting all afternoon. That comes with the territory and my ridiculously closely spaced teeth. This is where I confess that I am not the best flosser, but I am a religious brusher. (Turns out the flossing is probably more important. My new hygienist was telling me that they are linking bad flossing to everything from heart disease to diabetes. I'm thinking there may be other factors involved as well. Just saying.)

When my teeth started feeling better, I ate a snickers. Yep. Mostly because Tyler brought one home for me, but partly to spite the dentist*.

*This means dentists in general. I actually really like my current dentist.

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meganmushrat said...

I have the opposite problem with flossing. There is so much space between some of my teeth that when I carefully floss up one side and down the other, the gunk just sits there in between. I have to get quite creative sometimes to get it out (and then it usually flies onto the mirror!) I'm due to see him again soon, and I'm wondering if my daily flossing will be noticed. (I'm not fond of dentists either.)