Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Closing and Closure??

So, we sold our house on Monday. We don't live there anymore. That is weird to me. I lived there for almost ten years. But unluckily, I took all my stuff with me, so this new place is rapidly feeling like home.

And sadly, my thoughts are not more coherent. Certainly not enough to formulate a concise blog post. But if I don't start somewhere, I may never start again. It seems there is always something I could be cleaning or organizing. (And this after an entire week of cleaning and organizing. That week of moving was one of the longest in my life. Every day I came home sweaty and smelly. I don't recommend cleaning non-stop in record heat.)

But even when I think that I can take a break from cleaning, I don't know what else to do? I guess I could watch TV, or read a book? I have almost become defined by my need to clean. I look around and see what else needs to be done. I really need to relax, or get a massage. (I don't even like massages. Maybe a pedicure.)

Okay....what else has been going on? The kids love the new place. There are occasional sighs and tears concerning the old place, or friends who don't live close anymore. But overall, they are doing very well. They like their rooms, they like the house. (The rental to be precise. Still looking for a permanent place.) The big issue has been leaving Moxy behind. This rental does not allow pets, which I find to be highly ironic since we live in a perpetual smell of cat urine. (I wish I were joking.)

See, the last tenants had a pet without permission. And I am pretty sure that they let this pet pee on the carpet. A lot. Specifically in one of the bedrooms and in the downstairs living room. I want to gag. And then, the smell will get on the kids and follow me around the house. I am sitting right now in the kitchen, but I can smell cat pee. Is it on my clothes? In the air? Am I imagining it now? Ug. The carpets were cleaned, but it was not sufficient. Hopefully we will get some more cleaners in very soon.

Other stuff. June sliced her foot up yesterday and has been limping around. (She stepped in a sprinkler system box that was open. Not at our house.) I chipped a tooth. (No idea how.) The tooth fairy came VERY late to retrieve a tooth lost in Idaho.

Oh, quick segue to talk about how awesome my in-laws are. They took the kids for a week so Tyler and I could pack, clean, and move. I don't know how we would have gotten everything done with so many little people milling around, and possibly undoing a lot of our progress. They had a blast at Grandma's and I am sure thanks is due to Kathryn, her boys, JR, Jamie, Jack and Rozz, and other wonderful people who cared for my kids. And even Grandpa did his share of babysitting. June told me how he would watch Motocross and check on the kids during commercials. (Ha ha.)

I cut my hair. It was getting very long, and I told myself that I would cut it when I was released from being Relief Society President. (You know, a weight off my shoulders.) Well, I was released two Sundays ago. So, I went and donated my hair to 'Locks of Love'. Twelve inches gone.

Frankly I miss my hair. I don't think I was ready.

Wait, I didn't finish about Moxy. We left her in Idaho, and Robyn is devastated. Moxy will be very happy there, but it is hard on everyone. (Yes, even me. I miss her. And I keep trying to call her to clean up crumbs.)

I guess things aren't easy when you don't live in your own home. It is a weird mix...this renting business. I'm not sure what I am supposed to cover and what I should call the owners about. The house doesn't have screens in all the windows, so I called about that and was told that not everyone likes screens. ARE YOU KIDDING?? I didn't even bother calling to tell them that wasps are nesting in the siding and there are nasty looking spiders living in the garage. I just called pest control and took care of that. But was that MY responsibility? I can just see the landlord saying, not everyone dislikes wasps and spiders. To be fair, I don't think our landlords are bad people. I am sure it is hard to have renters. (See mention of previous renters bringing in unwanted animals.) I hope we can prove to be good renters. And I hope we don't have long to prove it. I hope we find a house quickly. I have faith that there is a path for us. And faith that it is probably not on my time table.

I will try to take some pictures of the new place soon. I just need to get a couple more boxes unpacked. I feel that I should put some more pictures on here. I have reverted back to my original know...the lady who talks forever without any interesting pictures. Maybe I will have a post with JUST pictures soon. That would be refreshing. But don't plan on anything until after this weekend. I plan to party hardy to celebrate this country. Not that I agree with everything that goes on in politics (hardly), but I sure love the USA. This country and what it was originally founded on is worth holding on to. Happy Fourth of July to you and your loved ones.


Scott and Svetlana said...

I was missing reading your blog. Good to hear that you are well and busy :) Love new hair (weight off the shoulders). As of not everyone dislike spiders and wasps, cheese crackers, people (some landlords are "interesting")!
You have red walls? Looks awesome :)
Best of luck with unpacking and Happy 4ht of July!

meganmushrat said...

Wonderful to have you blogging again. You might want to send us your new address if you want mail to get to you - and birthday presents. I know you miss your hair, but it does look pretty awesome now.

Aubry Macbean said...

I have never had inside pets besides fish so this is second hand knowledge. When a friends family got carpets replaced in their house (they were a inside cat and dog family) the man told them there were two areas in their house where there was so much pet urine that not only did the pads need to be replace but also the flooring (cement in one area and wood in another)should be scrubbed or cleaned in some way. The stains on both of the underneath surfaces were so bad that they also smelled. Hopefully a really good carpet cleaning will work but if not you might be stuck with the smell until you move. Which will hopefully be soon.

¡Vieve! said...

Cute hair! I can't believe how much you cut off, that's so awesome. Poor Moxy not to be with you anymore - hopefully he's not missed too much by you guys.