Saturday, July 20, 2013

Missed the Blogoversary....AGAIN

Yep, still terribly behind on everything. But I have a good reason. Sort of.

See, that HUGE news I was going to share last time?? Well, we are moving. Again. This is a great thing. We found a new place to call home and it should fit our family quite nicely for many years to come. But that means that instead of things settling down, they are right back to being ultra busy. We have inspections, and appraisals. We are on the other end of these procedures this time, but there is still time and energy required.

Then I have to take quick trips up to Idaho to appease the unrequited love of a girl for her dog. We just got back from a jaunt up there, in which we gorged ourselves on delicious raspberries from Grandma's garden, loved on Moxy until she was about to pop, and then promptly forgot my camera up there. pictures. Yet. And I will be forced to figure out how to download pictures from my phone if I want to keep up at all.

But because I am so behind on everything, there are plenty of pictures in the vault that need to be documented. And since we won't be staying in the cat pee house for much longer, I should probably get pictures of the rental on here pronto. Of course, I only have pictures of the kitchen/dining area, so that is what you get today.

Kitchen: Much smaller than my last kitchen. I don't mind the layout...I just miss all my cupboards.

Dining Area:

The Space between them: Also known as the home of my computer. It is handy to have it right there.

View from the Front Door: The light wasn't right, but this is taken from the sitting room, by the front door. Sorry I don't have pictures of the sitting room.

Oh, and my awesome silverware clock that Deanne got me. It is perfect for the kitchen.

The rest of the rental will have to be documented later.

And to answer some questions that may be swimming in your heads:

-We will move at the end of August, but not before school starts.
-The new house will be in the same school district as before and the kids won't even have to move schools. Huzzah!!
-The new place is about 3800 square feet. Plenty of space, so we won't be crawling all over each other.
-Only five bedrooms, so two will still share. But sharing is good.
-Big kitchen, small yard. I am happy with both.

If I didn't answer the question that is foremost on your mind, let me know. I'm happy to send more info your way.

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