Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Happy Father's Day!

My five little girls paid tribute to me this morning with some original artwork, among other things. Here's the stack I got this morning.

Ivory likes her dad. And...Her dad likes Her.
look on the back.

This is a faters day present.

I love you very much. The things that I like about you are...
You have glasses like me
You care for me and love me
You make good dinners.
You have brown hair and eyes like me.
You are a good dad
evernight you come to tuck me in
You are the best dad ever in the whole entire universe and the whole world.
From and love a loving and caring person who loves and cares for their dad
Ivory Elaine Cazier
Tyler brigham Cazier

I think this one's pretty self explanatory.

June gave me this one. It's a Dad's Worksheet.
Once there was a king and queen. They had three wonderful sons. All of the princes had rich brown hair. The princes were handsome. The first was an excellent leader. the second was very smart. The third prince could fix everything he saw. 
The second prince left Potato Land early in life for Quest Academy in the Kingdom Hive. Quest Academy really work him. He had so many History Quests, Novel Reports, and Journeys-Into-Science, that Math-Out-Of-This-World seemed easy...but then, he met the most beautiful princess. With sky blue eyes and beautiful brown hair. And a perfect personality. 
They immediately fell in love.
They married a few weeks later, on December 23rd, and built a small, temporary, castle, and the beautiful princess gave birth to another beautiful, brown-haired princess.
The castle was so small that the baby princess had to sleep in a closet, so when they found out that they were to have a second brown-haired daughter, they made arrangements to build a new castle at once.
In their new castle, the gave birth to three more children, two brown-haired, and one blond princess, and they lived happily ever after (even as the princesses went to Quest Academy to start their own happily ever after)!

Who was the king? Grandpa Cazier
Who is the queen? Grandma Cazier
Who is the first son, the leader? Uncle Kolby
Who is the second son, the smart guy? Dad, Tyler, me
Who is the third son, the one who could fix anything? Uncle JR
Who is the beautiful princess? Mom, Maleen
Who are the four brown-haired princesses? June, Robyn, Ivory, Daisy
Who is the blond-haired princess? Pearl
Happy Father's Day! Love, June (that's me)

I think I'm going to adopt this version as the official "How Maleen and I met" story.

Mommy and Daddy, I love you.
You are so awesome, Dad.
Dad is so nice, cool, and pretty.
I love him so much!!
Love, Pearl. 
(I think June helped with this one.)

Dar Dad,
You are a good dad. 
You snuggle with me a lot and 
that is my favorite thing.
Here are some things I like about you,
That you have glasses
Dating with you
like what you make
I like to kiss you at dinner time and sometime I kiss mom.
Love and from, Daisy
(I think Robyn assisted with this one.)

From Daisy

And this is a story entitled, "The Family"
written and illustrated by Ivory Cazier.

The Family
written by Ivory Cazier
illistratted by Ivory Cazier

Once upon a time...
A little princess girl named Ivory was born.

Her father named Tyler was the king
The mother named Mallen was the queen and she was 
married to king tyler.
Ivory had a good family.

(I think I'm looking good here--I think we're doing the Macarena.)

One night while the king and queen were sleeping 
the baby princess was stolen.
(the baby is gone.)

The badguys name was Mr. Shooshie. 
His name was that because he ate shooshie.
(Did I mention he was fat.)
(Shooshie Shooshie)

In another family there was a prince named Eric.
He was a little boy that was up to save princess Ivory.

The boy went to the castle where the princess was kept.
We was brave and went inside it.

He found her locked up.
(I was informed that this is a blanket that locks
Princess Ivory down.)

25 years later

The King and queen found out the prince had saved Ivory 
so they had a wedding. 
And (I didn't mention it) they lived happily ever after.

The End

Best Dad Ever.
I agree.
So I certainly got the best reading material for Father's Day this year. But I also got some other fun gifts. Like this shirt that Maleen and the girls gave me. It says, "Visit Scenic Mordor." This I think is ridiculously funny. Maleen, of course, knew this, and hence the shirt.

The other brilliant gift that found my hands this morning was a framed piece of art from Maleen. It has one of my old missionary shirts' pockets cut out of the shirt. The pocket is stretched over quilt batting to make it puff out a bit. Then, the focus of the piece is the missionary name tag that graces the pocket. It's my original, somewhat worse-for-wear name tag. It brought back some great memories just seeing it.

Maleen was also able to raise her Dad on the telephone and had good talk with him.

I had a good long yak with my father up in Idaho. He's been great through this process of selling our house. He's always been there for me and always had excellent advice (if I was smart enough to take it). I owe a lot to my parents, for sure. I only hope that some day my children feel about me the way I feel about my parents.


¡Vieve! said...

How fun - your little girls are just so cute, and they do such great things for you!

Chelle! said...

I can't believe how grown up your sweet daughters are getting. They are so adorable.