Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Phantom DDS

We had a great Halloween. The kids get cuter every year, but I certainly get more paranoid about them getting 2 tons of candy. I have decided that this holiday (or at least the candy part) was never invented by a parent. So in our family, the Phantom DDS comes to visit the house. He loves candy and he knows that Halloween is the perfect time to look for his favorite treats. If you leave him some of your candy (or in our family, MOST of your candy) then he leaves you a present to say thanks for your kind offering. I did let the girls keep some of their candy (ten pieces each) which seems plenty to me. I know...everyone can be so thankful that I am not their stingy mom. And then we left the rest of the candy in a pile for the phantom. The girls awoke to wooden pumpkins with little people inside and they were very excited the phantom stopped by. I don't think they will even miss the candy. I mean, please, look how much there was. I am not letting my kids eat all that.

Before mom took away all their candy, they had a lot of fun trick or treating. We went to Provo Center Street where all the businesses invite the children in to Trick or Treat. They had a good time going from store to store. The weather was beautiful, and only problem we seemed to have was whenever we crossed the street my hat would blow off. I was almost run over three time trying to catch the darn thing. You would actually think I would have figured it out sooner, but my hands were full of stroller and ghost most of the time. My favorite part was Robyn, who couldn't see very well. So every time someone handed her a candy, she would hand it to me and say matter-of-factly, "I can't see the opening," and I would put it in her bag for her.
I, of course, need to give you some closeups of my lovelies. June was a witch this year. We borrowed a dress at the last moment and it looked so cute on her. She really had a good time. (I think I am becoming my mother. She always took pictures of us in front of the front door, and now I find myself doing it too.)

Here's Robyn, my ghost, and a picture of her peeking out. I love her costume because it is so classic. Tyler says it reminds him of Charlie Brown.

Ivory went as Nemo and I have never gotten so many comments about a costume. She was just adorable. I saw the costume when I was at Disneyland and I couldn't resist buying it. All the kids at Music Makers loved it and kids were clamoring to sit by "Nemo." I love that there is one long fin and one short "lucky" fin and when she would walk, the tail fin would waggle back and forth. Just super cute.

It was a really fun Halloween. I hope you all had a good time with your families. I am sorry that we never got a picture of Tyler. He dressed all in black, and even painted his face black and put a large 'P' on his shirt. He was 'Pepper.' Somehow no one got this and instead he got a lot of weird comments and some racist jokes. We'll probably skip that one next year, unless I feel like going as 'salt.' In our Halloween travels we have seen many wonderful costumes (hats off to the Ure's who were Paul Bunyan and the Blue Ox) and some super decorations (we even won the ward trunk decorating contest--although I'm not sure how) but this beauty has to go on the top ten. That is one talented balloon artist.


Raging Stallion said...

Wicked cute. And the balloon artist is pretty good. The cute waddling part, they get from me--well the waddling part anyway--they get the "cute" from Maleen. And BTW, thank goodness for the Phantom...he keeps me from sending my dentist's kids to too rich a college. Thanks Phantom.

Michelle said...

Maleen-I just love this idea. I have been sharing with everyone since June told me about Phantom DDS!!

Ker said...

I dont think my kids would like the Phantom DDS. Great idea--let us know if you can still get away with it in a few years. But hey those darn cute costumes are awesome!

Jodi Fairbanks said...

So did you keep the stash of candy and eat it when all of the kiddies were asleep?
I love the fact that you took their pictures in front of the door. That is what we did every year too!
(The nemo costume is to die for- adorable!)

Maleen said...

I had a couple pieces, but I liked baked goods more. Leave me around cookies and I will eat every one. I think Tyler is going to take it to work and share with the guys there.

Hot Chocolate said...

We love the ghost costume. Old school Charlie Brownesque.

buhlersdayoff said...

what a great idea! I swore I would never be like that...I knew I would be a mom that would eat some of my kids candy though but now that I am allergic to choc that is pretty much all that Brinley picked out. Oh well! Now I have treats for my lessons in YW right? I think we are going to have to come up with a candy phantom as well.