Sunday, November 4, 2007

Let's Be Enriched Again

I promised that I would get my Conference reading schedule going in November. My Ensign has not quite arrived but if you read this blog then I know your computer works and you can find the text or audio versions here. If we read two a week, we will reread them all before the April Conference. I am excited. I will post a week in advance on my side bar so you can see what is coming up and read ahead if you need to. I know life is busy. Our job is to keep trying. What I do know is that reading these words from our prophets and apostles should be a top priority. It is modern scripture for our day. We are so blessed to have these inspired men speak to us. I feel like one of the ten virgins who did not bring extra oil if I ignore this opportunity to partake of counsel given to us to improve our families and strengthen our testimonies.
Enough of my soapbox. You may use my schedule if you like. This week Nov. 4-10 we are reading Mothers Who Know (Julie B. Beck Sun-MS*) and Quench Not the Spirit Which Quickens the Inner Mind (Keith K. Hilbig Sat-AS*).

*MS stands for Morning Session
*AS stands for Afternoon Session
*PS will stand for Priesthood Session


Raging Stallion said...

I've been through the conference 5 times (audio versions). It's amazing what can fit into a ten-minute drive to work every day. Now keep in mind I'm not gloating about how spiritual I am, or more-holier-than-thou-izing how deeply the conference has influenced me, or aggrandizing how humble I am... Just saying you can get a LOT done in time that I wasn't really using for anything really important--until now.

denise said...

Thanks for your post on my blog - I love stalkers, um I mean new friends. I just had to comment on this post - what a great idea. I am going to follow your schedule. I love conference and was so excited when my conference Ensign arrived this week. Thanks for the little push to read.

denise said...

I forgot to mention...if you want the directions I followed to make my banner email me so I can send it to you. My email is on my blogger profile. I don't know very much about computers so I just followed the directions and what do you know - it worked!