Sunday, November 18, 2007

Know Your Audience

So I have this great friend Tricia. There are not really words to describe her. She knows so much about me, I feel she could be my mother, and yet she is close like a sister, but we don't fight, so that must make her the best friend variety, but she is more I said, there isn't really a word.
I figure that any day now she will wise up to how unbalanced this relationship is, and leave. For example. She got me a gift the other day and it was perfect for me.

First--She got me a gift (I like stuff)

Second--It was stuff to decorate my house (I love decorating for the holidays especially and I am woefully short on Fourth of July stuff)

Third--I got to help make it myself (so now not only do I have a gift that I love for my home, but I can look at it and feel proud that I painted it.

Does it get any better. For me, not really. And every year, Tricia seems to understand me better and every year I seem to forget more and more. I blame this a little on having children, but that excuse is only good for so long. After that, I think I just need to try harder. I guess it helps that I love her to death and she seems to forgive all my shortcomings (see, just more reasons why she is so wonderful).

Anyway, here is to pulling the wool over her eyes for many more years to come. May she never realize that she has the short end of the friendship stick here, and may I work harder at deserving her friendship.


Deanne said...

Very cute, and even better that it came from an outstanding sister/mom/family member-like friend!

Frog Gel said...

Aren't great friends hard to come by? I mean really really good friends. I only have one friend from my school years that I still keep in touch with. And she is so sweet and so thoughtful to me. I think of her as sister as well. Well here is hoping that we can all be better frinends to each other and those around us.