Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Fair Lady

So my husband, the true romantic at heart, remembered my deep love of musicals and he bought tickets to take me to My Fair Lady. There was a plethora of wonderful musicals to choose from. Provo Center theater was doing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Hale Center Theatre was doing Thoroughly Modern Millie. I would have been happy to see any of these, but I was even more happy that my husband thought to take me at all. My Fair Lady was done by Mountain View High School, and they put on a spectacular show. The girl who played Eliza Doolittle did an excellent job with the 'flower girl' accent and I loved the whole thing. There were quite a few people from our ward that attended that night and I was proud of myself for picking out Joe Littlefield on stage before I even knew he was in the production. I also recognized his brother, Josh, sitting right in front of us, but Tyler didn't believe me on either account until the intermission (when Josh turned around to say Hi and ask if we saw his brother on stage it was hard for Tyler to dispute).
Tyler bought me chocolates that were being sold in the lobby at intermission and Kylee Zwahlen stopped to chat. It was such a fun evening and I hope Tyler knows how much I love it when he takes me out to a play (I guess he will now when he reads this). I think he is fantastic. My only regret of the whole evening was forgetting to put a sign up at the building to cancel volleyball. Or I could have given my keys to someone else. It seems everyone has played so much with all the Stake games we have already had this month, that I figured we were volleyballed-out, but I don't know for sure that no one came, and I feel bad. But other than that, it was a wonderful evening. Tyler still knows how to take me out.


Raging Stallion said...

What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man. Maleen deserves one...can anyone recommend one?

So one night I'm sitting there thinking to myself, "Self, you should really do something for this goddess that allows me to refer to her as wife."

So then I started to have a conversation with myself. (Any men reading, it's better to do this where you can be sure you're alone and assured of some in your car, on a mountain, or in the restroom. If you cannot obtain a 'personal' setting, it's better to put an ear bud in and get out your phone—and speak very loudly.)

My conversation sounded something like this (while I held my Pocket PC, which passes for a phone when necessary, out in front of me): "Well she cooks and cleans, she listens to your yapping and funny over-embellished stories, and she loves you to boot, whacha gonna do for 'er?"

Flowers drifted through my mind; but really can you really express undying love with dead plants? Sex also made an appearance, but this seemed to be a manifestation of what I wanted...not her. Finally I landed on some form of entertainment...a poetry slam, acoustic guitar performance, maybe a play?

A play?

Yes a play.

Where did that come from?

She told you two weeks ago she wanted to attend one. Seven Brides for Some Men or some fiddle faddle.


What's playing?

There's a flyer for "My Fair Lady" on the magnet board...she might like that.

You think?


Should have thought of that sooner—it would have saved you reading this blather. Well so that's how it came about.

That's probably entirely too much information about the inner psyche of Tyler, but you'll eventually get get there if you know me long enough.

She's worth everything I spent on the play, even the intermission chocolate, which we ate under cloak of darkness for fear they would kick us out of the auditorium for eating in a non-eating area.

Frog Gel said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I meant to ask you but kept forgetting, so now I know you did.