Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Must Put the Profanity Behind Me

I felt like I had a lot to say yesterday and then today came along and now I am stumped. I will try to dredge up some of my ponderings from earlier. This is easier said than done considering my terrible memory. Usually I look back at my pictures, but I haven't taken that many recently. (And by recently, I do mean in the last 48 hours.)

I do remember that I woke up early on Tuesday to do what, you might ask? I made breakfast. Shocking I know. Although I don't know if you can call it breakfast so much as a treat that seemed okay to eat in the morning considering it started out as fruit. I can't say how healthy it ended up being after a honey bath, but it was tasty.  I grabbed a picture of the last one.

June called them Dead Pears, probably because of the blackened stem. And I admit mine don't look as tasty as the ones here, but they I'm sure what they lacked in ascetic appearance, they made up for in taste. I don't even like pears and these were good.

The same morning I made pears, I took June in to have her expander put on. (You know, to expand her teeny-tiny pallet on the top of her mouth.) Poor thing. She was starting to sound normal again today; she was having trouble talking around it. It is quite large in her small mouth. Not to mention the gargantuan space above the appliance just right for food to lodge in and never leave. Oh, and that isn't the worst part. The worst part is taking the key and turning the lever pushing her teeth just a minute amount farther apart. It makes her cry. I make her cry. This sucks. At least the orthodontist has to tighten braces, but how did parents get roped into being the bad guys? I'm sure it hurts her more physically, but I will be the one leaving with all the emotional scarring.

On that pleasant note, I think I will go to bed. It's a big day tomorrow what with Tyler getting all competitive and having to jump ahead in the age race. Every year it is the same story. I catch up and he can only handle it for about five days. Then he has to go and get older again.

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Emma Jo said...

Not only did you make breakfast but it looks super fancy!! Yum!
Poor June and poor Mommy for having to inflict pain, that does suck.
I hate birthday stealers...but I guess they have to be celebrated too :)