Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ional House of Panc

School starts tomorrow. I am ready for the routine, but I will miss the fun we have been having. It really is good times when we get everyone home. Here are some of the things we did during our Christmas Break.

Robyn wanted to do my hair and makeup. I think the PINK! blush she chose stand out rather well against my WHITE! skin.

In return I did her makeup and marveled over her long eyelashes. The girls get those from Tyler.

A few days into the break there was a large snowfall. I tossed all the kids outside and watched them play.

I told them to build a snowman because I am terrible at it, but they got tired before they got around to building one, so it looks like the Cazier tradition continues. One of these years I will do it; you'll see.

Daisy liked the snow too.

They all got sufficiently tired and wet. Now I probably don't have to let them play outside the rest of the season. Unless they really want to. (Come on, I'm not that heartless.)

Robyn can't seem to grow in that other front tooth. I want to call her 'snaggletooth', but I don't want to give her a complex.

Must note that the neighbors had the coolest way to pull their sled. They hooked up a couple of huskies. I think I even heard one of the boys calling Mush.

Then of course the next day one of those huskies got in my yard and as I dragged her out, she scratched up my arms. No pictures of that. There is a reason I own a chihuahua.

On the wish list for the week was doing sugar cookies. They were yummy and I love to watch the creativity at work.

We made paper snowflakes out of doilies. They turned out so cute and then I forgot to take pictures of them before I took them down. So, get the idea.

And this...well why not? If the stamp is there, it must be made to be used. And Daisy's favorite place to try out her art skills is always on herself.

Finally after Christmas we left in a blizzard to drive up to Idaho. We did not make it very far before we stopped here.

The kids were very well behaved and Pearl spent her time charming the waitress. We don't eat out often but it is not because the kids aren't good. They did a great job and I love me some stuffed French toast.

And then I promptly left the camera on after leaving the Ional House of Panc, draining my battery before we arrived in Idaho. So you will just have to imagine the fun we had there. It was great to see the gang and the kids are always so bummed to go home. But we will all be back in the swing of things tomorrow. And my camera battery will be charged again.


Svetlana and Scott said...

I have never been to Ional House of Panc yet, I guess it is because I don't behave well enough, LOL.
I like you pink makeup, looks cute! Eyelashes is a mistery for me, I had good long eyelashes but after having Dominic they are short for over a year now; however, Dominic have long eyelashes, which I think he stole from me.

Emma Jo said...

I spent the whole post wondering if I was just too dumb to know what Ional meant. We have had a couple of snaggletooths too, it all turns out alright in the end, hopefully. It's a total bummer to have no battery but kind of nice when one has an excuse to not have to worry about picture taking the whole time. Yeah for snow,family and stuffed french toast!