Sunday, January 30, 2011


Although I stub my toes on them too often, I am going to miss them when they are gone. Well, truthfully they will never go too far away because I need a stool in my kitchen to reach the top shelves. (Oh, the joys of being short.)

I really have a love hate relationship with the stool. I love that they allow little hands to reach and help.

Daisy washes her hands by herself all the time. This also means she can reach the soap and toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc. (You are welcome to make odd combinations in your head with those objects and she has probably tried them out.)

I love that the stool is the perfect height for other little hands and feet.

That monkey is getting really close to walking, and she is already crawling up onto things. It won't be long until she can crawl up on those stools which will be another reason to hate them.

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Emma Jo said...

Love/Hate the stools as well (we need more so they stop moving them), love pink everything (didn't used to be a lover of pink you know but who can help it at this point) and love the deflated man (and the who are we kidding, the stalkers too.)