Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All the Posts Saved Up in My Mind Interspersed with My Current Infatuation

In fact, let's just start with my current infatuation.

I love this little person. Because she is my last, I spend more time savoring my favorite things. Like how I carry her around on my hip and do things one-handed and she watches intently and I can hear her soft breathing next to me. She smells like a baby and I snuggle her and give her raspberries under her chin until she laughs.

And then when I put her down, she crawls over, clings to my legs and gives me one of these faces.

In One Room (Pretend these bold ones are their own separate post)

We have seven people in our family. When I think of seven people going to a restaurant, or playing games, it seems like a lot of people to me. However, when it comes to my family, it seems perfectly normal for all seven of us to be clustered in one room. In fact, quite often we are all in one room, and not always a large room at that. A few Sundays ago when we were working on June's book project, Tyler took this picture.

I love it because it shows the majority of us just chilling in a room, like we normally do. (Surrounded by our normal mess too. I guess seven people does have its disadvantages too.)

Back to my infatuation

The good news is that I don't think Pearl will suffer from the syndrome where parents forget to take pictures of later children.

Ivory's Dance Show

Ivory took a Fairy Tale dance class back in September. It was very fun and lighthearted and was perfect to distract her until pre-school started in October. The group Extreme Rhythm had a performance in January and they invited all the previous Fairy Tale dancers to participate in the show. So Ivory went back for one night of glory. She was really cute, and you gotta love her choice of attire.

More Pearly-P

Yep, she totally still has the tail. Just for you Grandma.

Confessions of a Chocoholic

When we have ice cream, the kids really enjoy topping it with chocolate or caramel sauce. They always ask for the 'liquids'. I bought more chocolate syrup a couple weeks ago, and Tyler pulled it out of the fridge the other night and said, "It's looks like we are getting low. We'll probably need more soon." I looked at him quizzically because I thought I had just bought more. I said, "Sheesh, didn't I just get a new bottle? June, have you been drinking the chocolate sauce?" "No," she responded and we all laughed and went about our business. Until...

...I was putting June to bed and we were talking as usual. Suddenly she starts to tear up and she said, "Mommy, I lied."

"About what?"

"I did drink the chocolate sauce."

This is probably where I should have been very stern, (especially since I have caught her scalping my chocolate chips before) but I just started to laugh. I had no idea that I had accused her correctly. I naturally told her that was not a good thing to do, and she dutifully promised to stop chugging the syrup on the side. I hope her conscience always leads her to confess all her wrong-doings, especially the ones that deplete my chocolate stash.

More cuteness 

Someday...Wedding Cakes

I finished up my beginning cake-decorating class. I felt like a natural right up until we did roses. Man, those suckers are tricky. I never really got it, but I made enough satisfactory ones to stick on a cake. I comfort myself with the fact that I have years to practice before my skills will be needed.

Let's wrap this up with a self-portrait (including baby)

So I've caught up on some blogging thoughts, but I can't promise that there won't be more pictures of Pearl. Mainly because she is just starting to walk.  I haven't gotten any good pictures because she only really walks toward me and I usually catch her fall. (Harder to do that with a camera in my hands.) As soon as she stabilizes a bit, I'll get a good shot. 


Shawn, Ashlee and Addison said...

You are so talented Maleen! You will need to share all of your talents with me one day, so I can at least attempt to be skilled in something! ;-)

Suzie Petunia said...

I adore and savor every little thing that Joe does, just like you do for Pearl. These "last babies" really don't have it so bad. I can see myself spoiling him rotten his whole life through. I wish we could get those two together for a play date. Pearl could teach Joe to walk!

You caught a child chugging chocolate sauce and I caught a child hoarding sugar cubes. Our parallel lives are kind of scary. As long as they're sugar coated, I can't complain. :)

Emma Jo said...

I think that maybe you should just be an honorary part of my family. Between you and Suzie Petunia, and you and me, we could share genetic coding!
Sweet girls. I love that you savor each moment and that it is so well documented! Tell me the secret to having that fifth girl and I will have one right this very minute.