Thursday, February 3, 2011


Photos of the week:

I would call these our household sleep aids. These are the things that make sure everyone gets a good night's sleep around here. I did a close up on Foot (the bear) because he is the senior member of the bunch. In fact, I find it kind of ironic that Foot used to look a lot like the bear next to him. He used to have a bow and fluffier skin. The years have not been kind to Foot, and yet he is loved beyond words. And he has an official birthday, so the other bear can stuff it. (Ha ha)

Ivory and Daisy are both blanket babies. On the left are Ivory's two blankets (crabby and soft), and on the right, Daisy's. I believe I have done well dealing with blanket lovers. They are allowed to drag them around the house, but they don't leave the premises. However, I don't love the blanket obsession, so I was determined to make sure that Pearl's blankets were rotated so she couldn't get attached. But we left a pink bear in her crib.

So, the other bear belongs to Pearl. He doesn't have a name yet, and I think if he needs one, I will name him. It turns out that small children do not have the best naming abilities. (Hence, the name Foot.) Pearl loves that bear. She grabs his pink arm and holds it close to her face while she sucks her finger each time she goes to sleep. The only time she cries in her crib is when she has dropped the bear over the side. I admit, it is cute, but I already secretly dread the hours spent looking for the bear. However, I am getting smarter, and I make sure that her bear doesn't leave the crib. It is hard to lose something that is always in the same place.

So we have two blanket babies and two bear babies. But wait, there are five children, you say. Yep, Robyn is not attached to anything, unless you count the dog. And since the bed situation just changed, Moxy is no longer allowed on Robyn/June's bed. I think Robyn misses her greatly, but she sleeps just fine without her.

Now that I have talked about sleep so much, it seems like a good idea. Good night.


meganmushrat said...

I had a teddy bear that I was very attached to. Actually, Uncle Tim did too, but the dog tore it up and thus 'broke' his addiction. Mine continued into my teens! Remember when Miranda lost her teddy bear? We all cried.

Emma Jo said...

All very important things. Very. And I love them.