Saturday, February 5, 2011

How You Can Tell He Loves the Children More than Himself

So Robyn was running home from school the other day and inertia got the better of her leaving her with this:

I took a look at it and decided that it was probably time for our second child to get stitches. (Second child in birth order, but also the second to get stitches.) Tyler, (my ever ready knight in armor) came home immediately to whisk her off to the doctor's. He has been there for both girls and it is NOT because I am squeamish. It is simply because there are usually other kids to take care of, and Tyler opts to focus on the one in pain. He is good at that, while I am good at making sure the baby goes down for her nap on schedule. We make a good team.

Robyn came home with three stitches, which is the same number that Ivory got last time. She seemed much happier, but I'm guessing the sucker helped.

Fast forward to today. Tyler wasn't running, but he still managed to give himself a wound that was stitch worthy. Actually, if you look at what he was up against, I think he came out fairly lucky. Look how sharp that drill bit is.

What you may notice is that Tyler is sporting a butterfly bandage and NOT stitches. That is because Mr. Frugal can dish out cash for the kids, but when it comes to himself, he'll settle for the good old fashioned home remedies. Which in this case is just holding the skin together until it gets healing. Well, really that is all stitches do too. I actually looked up some stuff and people use a wide assortment of treatments including super glue.

Perhaps I could have just butterflied Robyn's chin? Does anyone know which one causes less scarring? I think I just need to keep the wound well lubricated with Neosporin or Vitamin E and that should help. Because in the long run, Robyn will want to be scarless and Tyler won't care. Just one more to add to the collection.


Emma Jo said...


Gaynelle said...

My theory is stitches if it's on the face. Those cute girls don't need scars.

Shawn, Ashlee and Addison said...

wheat germ oil! you can find it in any health food store. that's what we have used for Addi's face. It's amazing stuff!

Shawn, Ashlee and Addison said...

Oh, and by the way......if it's not super bad, super glue works great in place of stitches! It heals pretty much the same and is much cheaper!

¡Vieve! said...

Ha ha, I like that he won't get the stitches for himself, that's awesome.

Gerb said...

This sounds exactly like my husband! Butterfly bandaids are a must-have in our house.