Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tale of Two Blankets

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

See, she started with one...this nice soft striped blanket that Grandma gave her (I picked it out) when she was about nine months old. Then, one time we went to Idaho without it. Anyone who has a child attached to some item knows what a terrible mistake this was. I was really worried about Ivory, but Grandma had the solution. She said she had another one. Sure enough, thinking ahead, she had gone out and purchased the same blanket, with a few color adjustments. I thought we should leave it in Idaho in case we botched it again, but Grandma said we should just take it with us. she has TWO blankets.

The older blanket is much more worn considering it has a good extra year or so with Ivory, and so she appropriately named the new blanket her 'soft blanket'. That makes sense to me.

But then the older blanket received a name that I haven't quite figured out yet. She calls it her 'crabby blanket'. Why, you ask? No idea. And so she totes them here and there, her soft blanket and her crabby blanket. She sleeps with them every night and often at nap time. Here she is curled up behind her dresser (which she moved) on top of the heating vent.

She looks so peaceful. The soft blanket often doubles as a pillow, because I guess it is...softer.

Ivory is quite independent now days. She buckles her own straps in the car, she goes potty in public restrooms by herself (I know I should supervise, what with all the vileness that can be found in a public restroom, but at the same time I am so relieved not to have to juggle the baby in one hand while trying to wipe a toddler—it's not like I can put the baby on the floor!!) and she dresses herself every day. This last one leads to odd clothing combinations but ever since we had June, fashion is flexible at our house. So, Ivory comes down sporting this dashing ensemble this morning.

Nothing wrong with it, except I don't remember her having Capri pants. I thought that maybe we got them from a neighbor, but on closer inspection I find...they are Daisy's pants. Should I be surprised that my three year old can fit in 6-9 month pants? Probably not. She is a tiny girl, with no bum (she gets that from her dad). She has the sweet spot in the family. The older girls are always dressing her up so she gets to wear their stuff, and now I find out she can fit in the baby's gear. For Ivory, One Size Fits All.


The Simpson Times said...

So cute all the things Ivory does on her own. Bryan too *wants* to dress himself most days, but I, most of the time, intercede because something doesn't match. I was looking at that picture thinking "theres nothing wrong with sporting that outfit", but that is too funny that they're Daisy's!

Aubry Macbean said...

It looks like the pinks in the shirt could match the pink in the pants. I wasn't looking the other day when I tried a shirt on Mackenzie that she had grabbed. It was to short but other then that it fit. when I looked at the size it was a 9-12 month size.

Kayla said...

Grandma was a thinker. That is nice she had an extra blanket on hand, and fun for Ivory that now she gets 2! And fun for her that she can wear any little girl clothing in the house...hers or not. That's what I love about roommates, instead of having the clothes of 1 person I have the clothes of 4! :P

Also, I LOVE that you let your kids dress themselves...and not only dress themselvles, but choose what they want to wear. I have seen some great outfits at your house, but the girls always seem happy with what they're wearing.

meganmushrat said...

You have to admit that 'soft blanket' and 'crabby blanket' make more sense than calling a blanket a 'mommy-fake-it'. It is so interesting the names that kids come up with. When we buy one of those pre-roasted whole chickens at Costco, Tim calls it 'soggy chicken'. I think Ivory and me are opposites. She can wear anything, but nothing fits me!

¡Vieve! said...

Oh, cute. And yes, she is super tiny, as all your girls are.