Monday, January 17, 2011


Now, in our family, we make efforts to ensure the title of this post is not used in language outside of scripture—usually. That said, Maleen looked over to me this evening and said, "I think this is a terrible name for dish soap." She pointed to the coupon she was reviewing. I read it silently: "Dawn." I think she is a little tired. Being that she's married to one hell of a designer, I made this for her to commemorate the occasion.

Since I wrote this, I get to tell my version. Maleen may try to get some "other" version out there, but remember: you heard it here first.


Maleen said...

That is somewhat true. I did have to do a double-take because I misread it the first time, but contrary to Tyler's story, I think it would be a fabulous name for dish soap.

Can't you imagine the commercials: "Damn, Emma Jean, those are the cleanest dishes I done ever seen."

p.s. The real name is Imogen, but Tyler didn't know how to pronounce it.

Deanne said...
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