Monday, January 3, 2011

Boring Legs

This morning Ivory flopped on the floor when she entered my room. I found her flopped on the floor downstairs as well. Still moments later, she flopped herself on her belly in my bedroom again and I could tell she needed some attention.

Not wanting to humor her drama, I simply said:

Mom: Ivory, do you want to come to the store with me to pick out a gift for your friend's birthday party?

Ivory: Yeah, but my legs are bored.

Mom: Why are your legs bored?

Ivory: No mom. Boring!

Mom: Your legs are boring?

Ivory: Yes, they have been boring all morning.

Mom: Boring means not very interesting. Are your legs not very interesting this morning?

After some coaxing, we seemed to figure out that her legs were probably still tingly from being asleep. It makes me laugh how children describe that feeling. Remember June?

If it makes you feel better Ivory, my legs have been boring for about a decade now. Basically since after I got married and stopped shaving.

I kid.

But not much.


The Simpson Times said...

Too cute! I just love the things kids say. I'm not as good about blogging them as you are though (OBVIOUSLY!!)...shame on me - I'll wish I had. Definitely need to be better about that!

Jenaca and Stephen said...

haha Maleen you are so funny! Ivory is so cute. Thanks for the delicious Peach Cobbler... that hit the spot last night. We miss you guys and can't wait to see you!