Sunday, November 24, 2013

Can It Be??

I kid you not. I am basically caught up. No huge posts hanging over my head. And it is not even the end of November. (What am I going to do with all these extra posts to fill?)

I did skim back through my folders to pick up any pictures that I have missed. I will probably be sad that I am using them all in one post. Most likely I will wish that I had spread them out for another week. But really, if my goal of posting every day was to catch up, then I have accomplished my mission. Huzzah!!

So, here are some fun pics that I deemed blog worthy.

Tyler snapped this picture back at the end of summer. It is soooo June.

My bathrobes are a hot commodity around here. Everyone likes to take a turn wearing them.

I have no idea why Robyn has pirate makeup on. This picture wasn't even taken close to Halloween. Hmm.

Anyway, June and Robyn have started playing violin. There will probably be more info about this when they have their first concert in December.

Yep. We still love to read together. If I start reading to one kid, most likely a few more will have settled in by the end of the story.

After the kids Halloween party, we played with the glow sticks in our room. Yes, we adults are just large children.

Ivory made these cookies at someone's house and wanted evidence of the fact. There. Evidence.

First 1000 piece puzzle we have ever done. The kids did a great job on it.

Behold... a flower in my front yard decided to bloom this month. Does it not know that it is almost winter? Or perhaps I do not know what type of plant it is. (Well, that is a given. I DON'T know what kind of plant it is.) I assumed it was a rose because there are thorns on the bush, but roses don't bloom in November, do they? Um...a little help please. Still, it is cheery to see it out there.

And finally, I came outside one day to hear Ivory chatting at me. But for the life of me, I couldn't decide where she was. Turns out she was across the street in the neighbor's tree. Really HIGH in the neighbor's tree. Like, high enough, that my mothering panic levels started to rise. I watched her pretty closely as she climbed down. And then after she was safe, I went back and took a picture. Since she wasn't still in the tree, I kindly drew her in, so you could see why my blood pressure was rising. If she had climbed any higher, the branches probably wouldn't have held her weight. Whatever, let's not think about it.

She was probably just fine. I think it is my job to see more danger in things than really exist. It comes with the territory.

With that, we are done for today. Glad you stopped by.


meganmushrat said...

Let's see - I think it really is a rose (it looks like one), and I guess even flowers can be late bloomers. I am amazed at how high Ivory can climb in a tree and not surprised that you felt a little nervouse. And can I borrow the jigsaw puzzle - it looks like a lot of fun!

¡Vieve! said...

I am loving that tiny picture of her drawn in, it's the best! Not the best that she was up in the tree that high, but a cool add-in.