Friday, November 1, 2013

Good Morning November

Let's do this thing. I already know it will be a bit tricky to blog every day, but it certainly won't be for lack of content. My goal is to be all caught up by the end of this month. Totally doable.

Today is a flashback to summer. (Amazing what I find in my picture storage.) I remember Grandma called and said she had raspberries that needed harvesting.

I don't remember if it was convenient or not, but we went up to visit. I can't even recall if we did anything else while we were there, but these pictures attest that we did pick raspberries. (Well, at least June and Ivory did.)

Moxy was underfoot as well.

It was a beautiful day. Look how content.

These two did a great job.

Look at some of the spoils.

I do know that I thought about jam, but the raspberries never got that far. They were devoured too quickly. Yum. Thanks Grandma.

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¡Vieve! said...

How fun to pick raspberries! Maybe it isn't in real life, but never having done so, and by these pics, it seems like they'd be fun to do.