Sunday, November 17, 2013

Studio C

I love comedy. And I have been to a few comedy clubs or seen comedians in action and I have enjoyed most of them. But sometimes their humor goes off-color. I enjoy these types of comedians much less. I don't think you have to swear or be crude to make people laugh.

So, I thought it was very fun when a comedy group from BYU started making some sketches you can watch online. They are good clean fun for the whole family. My kids LOVE them. The first thing I ever saw them in was this spoof video. (I think that was one of their earliest productions.) Then I would hear about them from people here and there. We would look up skits online. Here is one of our favorites, the shoulder angel.

Then we heard from a friend that they would be coming to a local movie theater. The kids were so excited. These Studio C kids are famous to them. (Actually they are pretty cool to me too.) We got in line early. There were so many people there, many of them dressed up as characters from the sketches. We saw some vikings, and many captain literallys.

When we got inside we waited just a bit before the show started. They had a picture of their DVD on the screen.

I took a picture of the family flashing their 'C's.

They didn't do a live show. They just showed a sneak peek of their Halloween Special that was coming out in a few days. They did some drawings too, but sadly we did not win a guest appearance on the show.

At the end, everyone got to go through the line to get their signatures. It was nice that they provided pictures of the cast, so I snagged several for my older girls. You'll have to excuse these pictures. It was very dark and we were moving quickly through the line. But it was still super fun to see them in person.

Whitney is Robyn's favorite and she was kind enough to sign Robyn's shoe.

These two are probably my favorite. I especially love them in this skit.

I've watched a lot of their stuff. It isn't all the best comedy you've seen, but I always get a good chuckle. And sometimes I laugh outright. A Lot.  And once again, they are always family friendly, which is the best.

Here is one for you Harry Potter fans.

And these two are for my Dad. Superman and Batman.

So, spend a night with your family lost in the world of Studio C. I promise something will strike your fancy. One more. My girls really like this one.


Nick said...

I cannot help but compare them with SNL. In my opinion they are far beyond SNL in the quality of sketches and acting. For one thing they don't appear to be reading cue cards whereas the cast of SNL always does. Their sketches also are much more creative too, especially the World Market sketch. Much better talent.

meganmushrat said...

I finally got around to showing these to Dad, and his favorite was the Batman one. I think I liked the Superman one a little better, although having him be the ONLY person on earth without superpowers didn't really seem right. But it was very funny. I should watch more of them.