Thursday, November 7, 2013

Conference Wall

All you LDS people know that Conference happened last month in October. We enjoyed watching it in our new house. We did breakfast and had the Moses family over. I stitched as usual and the girls stayed fairly reverent.

I love how Tyler lined up the kids at lunch time so they could still watch but wouldn't be eating in Midgard.

I am still trying to think of good ways to encourage our family to reread the talks. There is so much good content that bears a second, even third or fourth glance. So I came up with the conference wall. All the General Authorities are listed. As each person reads a talk, they can sign the board and get a treat. June demonstrated how this works for FHE one night.

A few signatures have gone up. I think I need to remind people that reading conference talks are an excellent Sunday activity. (You know, along with napping. Whatever happened to Sunday naps?)

I would like to say that I have read more talks. I haven't. But this is because I am frantically finishing the Book of Mormon before the end of the year. However, the wall has made me think about reading them more. That is definitely progress. And when I finish the BoM, I will be all over the wall.

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meganmushrat said...

When we come to visit I would be more than happy to reread some of the Conference talks and sign the wall. I was able to listen to all the conference talks this year - even the Priesthood ones. Great, weren't they!