Monday, November 25, 2013

Gobble Gobble

Today was the day. We ignored the Christmas decorations around us and made a thankful turkey. Daisy was the genius behind the design this year. (Probably why we have a baby turkey with rainbow feathers, but it is unique.) He has some blank feathers because the Houck's were visiting family tonight, but they get to contribute later. Check him out.

Daisy kept trying to convince me it was a girl turkey, and I had to keep explaining...not possible.

We also came up with a new game tonight inspired by a game I saw at a store. (Sometimes it seems odd to be why people pay money for items they have on hand at home.) I don't remember what the game was called, so we named the game, 'Caveman Telephone.'

Everyone knows how to play telephone. Well, this game is similar without any talking. Grab some paper, and cut enough squares for each person to have a booklet with the same number of pieces as people playing. (In our case, each person had a booklet with six small pieces of paper stapled together.) I think this game works better with at least 6 people, but who knows?

Each person writes a word or words on the first page. Then everyone hands their book to the right. Each person reads the word(s), flips the page, and then draws what they read. After pictures are drawn, everyone passes their booklet to the right again. Each person looks at the picture, flips the page, and writes a word(s) for what they saw. This scenario alternates back and forth between describing a picture, or drawing what you read, passing a booklet each time. At the end, you will get your book back and see if the message was able to survive. Most of ours changed quite a bit, but we had a few that made it intact.

It was really fun! The kids were amazingly good at this game. Some of their pictures were hilarious. Even Daisy could draw well enough to play. And I love that all you need is paper, pens, a stapler, and some family members. We'll have to try this one Thanksgiving day.


meganmushrat said...

Oh, can we play that at Christmas time when we're all there? It sounds like it would be really fun. I assume that you can't look back through the book to see what the original word was - can you? You guys have some of the best ideas!

¡Vieve! said...

That game sounds like a lot of fun, I'm going to have to give that a try! That baby turkey is really cute.