Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Voted

Is it just me, or do my eyes look really far apart in this picture?

Well, I have done my civic duty yet again. It wasn't as easy as usual. First, I went to the wrong place. Moving has taken me out of my previous voting district. Not to worry. They were very nice at the first (wrong) place. All my information was there, but they said I should still go to the other location. Fine.

The other (right) location was not far away, so Pearl and I traveled there. (Yes, please don't think that I ever really go anywhere without a child in tow. That is scheduled for October 2014 when last child enters pre-school. What a glorious day. But I get ahead of myself.)

Upon arriving at second (right) location, they tell me that I should have voted at the first (wrong) location, because they don't have any information on me. But could I please fill out a p_______ form. (Can't remember the name of it.) And any chance that I have some verification of my address? Well, no I don't. Unless you count my neighbor who just walked in. Hello neighbor. Want to vouch that you live near me?? Awkward.

They proceeded to give me a paper that you filled in with a marker. I didn't realize they still had those? It felt like grade school when someone passes you a note asking if you like them. Please check the box. [] Yes [] No.

The worst part is that I didn't really know the candidates or their platforms. I'm assuming they would both do a good job as mayor. I mentally counted how many times I had seen their names on spam in my mailbox and chose a winner. Not really. Well, sorta.

These are the things I don't tell my neighbor because she might judge me. I judge me. I promise to be more informed on the next election day.

The best part was getting an email when I arrived home (from the city soccer people) with the name of someone they recommend for city council. Too little, too late people. Try sending the email BEFORE voting day next time. I guess we all have room for improvement. Yes, myself more than others in this scenario.

But hey, I voted.

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meganmushrat said...

Dad fills out the ballots for me and Miranda, as well as himself, and we mail them in. He really does try to study up to make sure he's picking the right people, etc. We used to rely on Margaret Mason, but she moved to Idaho. Good job on voting!