Sunday, November 10, 2013


I am not the one to try and explain anything motocross related. I know there are guys on bikes, they race, and they are pretty awesome. I could even tell you some of their names. (That is serious stuff, since my brain doesn't hold much these days.) Tyler and I will usually try to catch Supercross which comes to Salt Lake every April. It is like clockwork. In fact, I had a baby right around Supercross and now it always falls around her birthday, or sometimes ON her birthday. Lucky Robyn.

Since we live so close to one of the most world-acclaimed motor sports parks in the country, it was inevitable that Tyler would find a good reason to go see something there. Actually, he has been before with his Dad, although I can't remember what they watched. (Racing of some kind.) In August they hosted their first motocross event. JR was coming down for the big day, so Tyler wanted to go. Then I heard Jami (JR's fiance) was coming, so naturally I wanted to go too. (You know how I love racing. Just kidding, I wanted to get to know my new SIL a little better.)

On the drive up, the weather was beautiful. There was a storm brewing in the mountains and there was occasional lightning. I LOVE lightning. I kept pointing it out to Tyler, but by some strange coincidence he would always turn his head at the wrong moment and miss the flash. He would stare out the window and wait and finally give up, only to have me say....Oh look!! There is another one. I think he thought I was making up the lightning for a good forty-five minutes.

Upon arriving we only had to park two miles away for the park. I'm just saying Miller Motorsports Park, if you are planning for this many people, shouldn't you plan parking for them too?

It took us a little while to find them, but we finally happened upon this handsome couple.

They were set up by the starting line. We got to watch a race start almost right away.

The thing about the track there is that you can watch from anywhere. The paved track boasts to be 4.5 miles long, but they weren't using that for Motocross. I would still say there was a good mile of track to walk around. It was definitely HOT on the track that day, although it rained for a moment later on. Here is Tyler with his sunshade.

I only had my hat.

These two had the best set-up. I had never seen camping chairs with attached umbrellas. (Which it seems you could detach as well.)

For the next race, we got a little closer to see the competitors race down the hill to the Hole Shot. Very cool.

Although it was hot, my handy dandy bandanna helped cool me off. I know...I look so cool.

We took a tour around the track and got some fun shots.

At one point, the Js went off to find the bathroom, so Tyler just sat down where he was to watch the race. I sat back a little in the shade.

We made a loop around the entire track and decided we would go back to where we started.

We all had different ways of beating the heat.

One more race before we go. Check these guys out.

It was a great afternoon. We finished the day with dinner with the Js and grilled Jami about how she really felt about being related to us soon. (It is a scary concept.) I think she is handling it very well.

In fact, the countdown is T-minus 2 days until the wedding. I'm so excited for them.

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