Friday, November 8, 2013

A Girl and Her Sister's Dog

Moxy belongs to Robyn. She is the family dog, but Robyn claims her and Mox sleeps on Robyn's bed every night. However, this doesn't mean that other family members don't become attached to her. Particularly a small girl who is at home a LOT of the time.

I am not exactly sure when Pearl decided Moxy was so fascinating. It went from the occasion stroke of her fur, to following her around, to picking her up like a doll and cuddling her. They looked so cute that we took some pictures. Then Pearl would ask for pictures. Suddenly, I have so many pictures on my phone and computer that they warrant their own post. They must be shared so I can put them in my brain archive.

To be clear, Moxy is not thrilled with the attention from Pearl, but she accepts it graciously. It is a good thing she does. I find the dog to be sneaky and devious at times, so it calms my soul to see her get her own back. Moxy will come to me with a pleading look of, 'Help me! Here comes Pearl and you know she is going to pick me up the wrong way and drag me around the house.' So I pick her up....and hand her to Pearl. That's what you get for being a sneaky dog.

This last one doesn't have Moxy. I was at the Mall getting a tie for June's Hermione costume. (Later to be donated to Dad.) Pearl thinks it is funny to hide when we are in stores. I think it is less funny. But this day, I admit that I chuckled a little bit. And took a picture. Funny Pearl.

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meganmushrat said...

Poor Moxy. She has the same look on her face that April has when Tim picks her up. Fortunately both dogs are very patient with being hauled around.