Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wait, I have an Eleven Year Old?

Sure do.

I know that isn't very old, but since June is my oldest, I feel it more on her birthdays. It doesn't make me feel old. (That is what the back aches and grey hairs do.) But I do feel more responsible. Have I taught her what she needs to know by this age? Have I improved my parenting at all? I may never know (or want to know) the answers to these questions. But I do know that she will keep getting older and I will keep loving her on her birthday. (And probably the other days as well.)

Eleven balloons is a LOT of balloons. (Imagine when she is 35.)

June requested something other than cake. (Yay. I don't really love cake.) I was very happy to make cheesecake, and even happier to try raspberry swirl cheesecake.

Getting ready to blow out the candles. (I think we are singing to her here.)

Thar she blows...

Then she opened gifts. I really liked her necklace from Grandma Dargan.

She is still so easy to please.

Her big gift (for which she forwent a friend party) was to go to Cedar City and see Peter and the Starcatcher. I kinda talked her into it, because I knew she would love it. And she did. Since I had already seen it, I sent her with Tyler. I think they had some good Daddy/daughter bonding.

Then I immediately felt bad for talking her out of a friend party, since she has such good friends in school, so I offered to throw a Halloween party for her. I'm not sure I taught her anything about sacrifice this time around, but the party was fun. Let's blog about that tomorrow, shall we?

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meganmushrat said...

Sounds like a great birthday - and I'm really glad she liked the necklace.