Monday, October 14, 2013

Shakespeare Festival 2013 (plus one)

Oh YES!! I got to go back to the Shakespeare Festival again this year. It was so much fun. And we talked Kathryn (SIL) into coming with us. (Us being Vicki and me.) Did I mention it was fun??


Peter and the Starcatcher: My favorite by far. It was so cute, hilarious, and surprising. I would not say that Peter Pan is one of my favorite Disney Movies, but I can say that Peter and the Starcatcher is one of my favorite plays. Absolutely delightful.

Anything Goes: A really fun, interactive, entertaining production. The singing was great. The actors (and actresses. Do you need to distinguish?) were fabulous. Might have been Vicki's favorite.

Love's Labour's Lost: Um....okay. We went to see this one after lunch on the 2nd day. Kathryn may have fallen asleep. I only know this because I was dozing off and I thought talking to her might help, but she was already out. (She claims to have been resting her eyes.) It was not my favorite. Some parts were amusing, but there was enough other boring stuff that I would not go again. (Sorry true Shakespeare fans.)

The Tempest: Now you are just going to think I am down on Shakespeare. It was so-so. Better than Love's Labour's Lost. I was most impressed by the costumes and the actress who previously had worn a frown through the entire performance of Love's Labour's Lost. I really thought her face was stuck that way. However, seeing her in The Tempest with a normal face I had great admiration for her ability to frown. (Yes, I see talent in strange places.)


Oh, the food. Glorious food. We went back to the French Bakery. Delish. As usual, I forgot to take a picture of anything until it was almost consumed. But just believe that the Pain Perdu was almost as good as last year, and the tomato soup was outstanding.

Kathryn managed to order an entire table of food.

Just kidding. We pushed some of our food into the picture. Really, we all ate a ton. There was this really good mexican place that we tried one night. We made Vicki stand in front for a picture. (Yes, we gang up on her sometimes as DILs.)

Oh, and the tostadas at the Pastry Pub...I need to get those again next time. I kept trying to save room for a tart and kept showing up to the plays on a full stomach. But I was not to be denied this time. Regardless of how utterly stuffed I was, I got a tart. Yum.

Totally worth the hours of throwing up later. Just kidding. Really, I'm kidding.


Easily the best part of the whole trip. I LOVED going with Vicki last year. And it was even more fun bringing Kathryn. Vicki got a room for Kathryn and me and we stayed up like school girls talking each night until 3am. (Possibly another reason we were falling asleep during the play.)

We shopped and browsed and laughed. I sure love these gals.

I can't wait until next year. That's right Jamie. (My soon to be SIL) We are coming for you.

p.s. And my mom, if you are ever in town, you are naturally invited as well. Our trip to Leavenworth was just as fun. Which reminds me of something else I need to blog...


Aubry Macbean said...

I love the festival. Glad you had fun. What a great tradition to have with your SIL's and MIL.

meganmushrat said...

Let me know the dates and I might just join you next year - especially if my feet continue not to hurt! (If I eat the way you ate, they probably WILL start to hurt again.)