Monday, October 14, 2013

Daisy's 5 Year Gallery

Guess who turned...


Yes, still a little behind on the galleries, but steadily catching up. Who am I kidding? I am really behind on everything. And yet, the fun doesn't really stop around here. Just today, Robyn got bangs, I built the wall of Conference, I made a Harry Potter wand, we played telephone at dinner, and reintroduced door-ball. (I'm sure much of that did not make much sense.) Life is really good. Just possibly too fast-paced to capture it all. I probably should just join the ranks of facebook and throw out snippets of all the things we do. But it still feels so impersonal. I like my blog. I like the pictures and the books that print in the end. It is just where I want to be.

So I will keep getting here when I can and updating what is going on....or what WAS going on. Let's stop all this blather and see some Daisy pictures. She sure is a cutie.

Afterward, I always take my beauty out for a treat. I took Daisy to an amazing bakery, and guess what she got?


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meganmushrat said...

Daisy will always remain in my mind as the most difficult cross-stitch done for any of your children. She is a cutie - and has a beautiful smile. I'm so glad she's my granddaughter!