Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Trekking Through the Memories

I try to volunteer in the kid's classrooms every once in a while. They are spread out, so it is hard to catch them all. I have to pick and choose, like doing the Crack-Off for Robyn. I think I did Christmas for June and Valentine's for Ivory. Then I learned that June's class was doing a pioneer trek at the end of school. Parents were strongly encouraged to help out. There were a gazillion things to sign up for. I finally decided it would just be easier to be one of the 'moms' on the handcart. It meant going the whole time, but I figured it would be worth it.

It totally was.

I should mention that I did not bring a camera on the trek. All these pictures come from a very generous mom who shared. She didn't even send them to me until last month, so truly there wasn't much to document before. (This is me trying to make myself feel better about being so behind. I do feel a little bit better actually.)

The entire fourth grade was involved, so there were quite a few handcarts. We ended up being the last in line. Here is our group.

We trekked along the streets with stops along the way where they would tell us stories or have some event happen to our cart. We hadn't gone far when one of our members fell ill and had to ride. Soon after, we ran into the Mormon Battalion.

That was the last we saw of our boys.

At the same time, another of our members was injured. I'm glad I brought an extra bandage.

Our group was later waylaid again.

This time we needed to round up our ponies. (My little ponies to be specific.) And another of our members fell ill.

But despite all the hardships, we did reach Zion. Success.

We celebrated by making camp and having the kids let off a little steam.

Then we were counseled by a special visitor.

Brigham Young congratulated the kids on a job well done.

After lunch, they was a series of pioneer activities for the children to try. This was my favorite part. The adults were manning the stations, but I had never signed up for anything else. So that left me free to do whatever I wanted. June and I went and tried everything. It was so fun. They gave you a bead for everything you tried.

Side note here: The weather was absolutely perfect. It was overcast and stayed mild all day. Amazing, considering that the last two years it poured on them.

There was hatchet throwing. (Very popular.)

Doll making.

Leather working.

Games. (I can't remember what this was called, but it was ridiculously fun. You used sticks to knock over your opponents blocks. Loads of fun.)



Other things not pictured: Butter making, storytelling, yarn weaving, candle dipping, metal working, and rope swinging. I believe there was even a bead for trying the cobbler. (Don't mind if I do. And more cornbread with honey butter please.)

They ended the whole event with square dancing. (Yep, another bead for that.) There was a little girl on the sidelines who desperately wanted to dance, so I went in as her partner.

Finally we packed up all the handcarts and returned to the school.

It was a very memorable trek for me, and I hope that June has great memories of it as well. For the record, we were told that our handcart was one of the handcarts used in the filming of Ephraim's rescue. Yep, we pushed a famous handcart.

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