Thursday, October 3, 2013

Very Important People (with Quotes)

This last weekend was very exciting, including a birthday, but I am not blogging about that right now. Let's go back in time to a very special day....Daisy's VIP day. In preschool, they have one day that they get to bring in their family (if they like) and a poster and perhaps some special items that describe them. I have always helped the girls make their poster, but I'm not sure if the family has ever attended. (I think it might be a new thing since the change in program directors.) Regardless, since there is only one VIP day, I wanted Daisy to feel really special. So, we brought everyone. The sisters enjoyed getting out of school to celebrate Daisy and Daisy loved all the extra attention.

Here she is with her crown while we talked about her poster and answered questions.

Then she distributed her treat. The thing that makes me laugh the most was my silly kids. The director would keep asking simple questions for the preschoolers to answer and my kids kept raising their hands. Of course they knew the answers...they just didn't know the questions weren't really for them. In this picture you can see Ivory (in the back) raising her hand and June is too, although you can't quite see it.

Yeah for Daisy!! We love her so much.

In other pictures that I was perusing, I found these gems. Ivory on Western day. Cutie pie!

One day we had the dominoes out. I left for a while and when I came back the girls had created this skeleton. Very creative, if you ask me.

And now for some quotes. I've been trying to write them down again so I can remember. They really are my favorites to reread.

(One day Ivory and I were discussing pickles)

Me: Not everyone likes them. They have a very distinct flavor.

(Ivory tried one and decided she liked it, but mainly so she could show off to her sisters that she would eat one. Later at the dinner table I hear this conversation.)

Ivory: You may not like them. Pickles have an extinct flavor.

June: Like...dinosaurs??

Ivory: Yes, mom told me so.


(I was walking the girls to a new neighbor's house - The TURNER'S)

Mom: Well, I guess you can make it from here.

June: No mom, you are escorting us to the Turnover's house.

Mom: You mean, Turner's right?


(June and I were talking about her eyeglasses one day.)

June: Do you think I need a new predicament...?? Prediction....???

Me: Prescription??


(Robyn was rehearsing a talk for church and I complained that she wasn't enunciating or speaking loudly enough.)

Robyn: Mom, I just blend things together. That's how it is...I'm a smoothie.


(Ivory and I were having a discussion about how to stay fit. I told her exercise was key and that gymnastics really helps her.)

Ivory: Yes. I burn coals. Or is it calluses?

(I think she was looking for calories.) 

My kids make me laugh everyday. They sure are funny. June would want me to put one more in here. Months ago, she was working on a report, typing it up, and she got bored at the end and added a footnote. I saved the paper because it made me laugh and when I found it again, June couldn't keep her giggles in. She actually requested that I blog it. So, for a finishing touch, here is June's thoughts after too much homework.


if you're reading this it's too late-
most likely you will die tomorrow at twelve o'clock of *hinee cancer

*Hinee means bum


meganmushrat said...

Yes - kids do say the darndest things, don't they? And they are often hilarious. Thank you for sharing those with us - Dad, Tim and I were all laughing. Dad especially liked the 'burning callusses" comment.

¡Vieve! said...

Your kids are such a riot! I hope I don't die tomorrow of tomorrow of hinee cancer. :(

Sharona said...

Oh my goodness. If more people would read your blog, you would be making TONS of money. Maybe you should start one with "Things MY kids say"