Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Phone Dump

I have some galleries in the works, but as I was using my phone today, I realized how much stuff is backing up on it. I guess I use it more often than I thought. And many of the pictures stem back to the days of the cat pee rental, and I would really like to put all of that behind me. So, let's see what we've got.

Robyn got some clay from church, and I'm not sure what type it was, but it didn't dry out and it lasted forever. She and June were playing one day and came up with these little critters.

And June's duck. I really like how he looks part snail.

The backyard at the rental was very nice (which I have mentioned before) and we wanted to keep it looking nice. We spent some time weeding to keep the rock garden looking nice.

Granted, weeding out a section also earned the kids an hour of computer time. (Yes, the real reason they were weeding.)

I would like to say that it did some good, but because the landlords watered three times a day, by the time we left you couldn't tell that we did anything. C'est la vie.

One afternoon we went for a walk as a family to prepare our legs for the trek. We stopped at a park on the way back. There was this little girl who came up to me and said, "I have baby chicks." Not really sure what to say, I just said, "That's great." She seemed insistent though. "I have baby chicks," she chirped. This time I just smiled because I wasn't sure if she was all there. Finally she pointed to her bike and said, beckoning me, "Right there." Naturally, she had brought the baby chicks with her. It is much easier to show them off that way.

I was oddly fascinated and repulsed at the same time. It can't be that sanitary to carry chickens around in a bike basket, right? They would stay snuggled together until a brave soul would hop on the edge and think about escaping.

They needn't have worried about getting out. Eventually the little girl dumped them on the grass so that our kids could get a better view. There was much pleading to touch the chickens but I was pretty firm that we should look, not touch.

However, when I noticed there were bathrooms nearby, I finally relented to Robyn's unending pleading. She was so happy.

The kids complained that summer wasn't that fun, but I enjoyed it, sans all the moving. The kids got along really well and I would find them devising little plots and making up fun stories.

I love seeing them playing. I mean, I like them having other friends too, but sisters are forever.

Ivory planned a party in her room one day. I'm not sure what all we did, but I did get a picture of the gang.

Daisy discovered that if she put her blanket over the vent, it went all puffy. No, that is not a pillow.

Then school started, but we hadn't moved yet. The first day I drove the kids to school, there was quite the party outside.

I was really happy the kids were able to go back to their old school. They felt right at home.

Daisy was super bummed she had to wait a week to start school, but she was a good sport about it.

That week was the last week of cat pee. The girls packed their stuff and said goodbye to friends. Robyn was the fastest to make lasting friendships in only a couple of months.

June said goodbye to the worms. Well, really we found this awesome worm that flattened its head into a cobra shape. We thought that was REALLY cool, until we figured out it wasn't the head. It was the other end.

Pearl was very patient to go back and forth between places while we moved and cleaned. We tried to keep her entertained until the very end. Here she is watching TV on the floor. Cute monkey.

At the new house, the girls were getting into a groove. The bus stop is right next to a horse pasture. The girls like to climb the fence and watch the horses.

Where are they Daisy?

Before furniture, there was plenty of space to play ninja warrior. Actually, who knows what they are playing?

Buckwheat (the Houck's dog) moved in the day before Moxy returned. Robyn naturally took to him right away. He seems to like all the girls, with the exception of Pearl who he avoids and June who he likes to growl at. He still likes June. I think he has mixed emotions about her.

And finally, a friendly snail we found outside.

This doesn't finish off all the pictures on my phone, but it is a good start.

Wait, one more. I saw this in Walmart the other day. The ad was partly covered up by the display, but I felt the way it read was the most genuinely correct ad I have seen in a while.


¡Vieve! said...

These are some great pictures! I love the little chicks and it made me want to carry one around me, unsanitary as it may be. You guys have so much fun, it seems, out of ordinary things.

meganmushrat said...

You take pictures of the oddest things! Well, you certainly won't have any trouble jogging YOUR memory when you look back.