Thursday, November 14, 2013

Clearing Out the Phone Again

I think Tyler was cleaning windows one day. I'm not exactly sure. But he had the ladder out and was walking on the roof. The girls always think this is the coolest thing. EVER. So he took them up one by one and showed them around.

Pearl was the last one up and I finally got out my phone.

Then I took some with the sun behind them so they looked more like silhouettes. Love.

I've mentioned that the bus stop is by horses. Although not so much anymore. There are two fields side by side and a month ago the horses/mules? were moved to the other field. The girls were kind of bummed. I took these pictures back when the horses were still close.

Whilst cleaning out the garage, Tyler discovered some firecrackers. He took Robyn out and they were throwing them over the fence to startle the other girls down below in the sport court. Very mature Tyler. And safe, I'm sure.

Lastly, I trek up and down our hill everyday to the bus stop to drop Daisy off and pick her up. (Sometimes it is the most exercise I get all day.) One morning coming home I noticed the moon and it happened to line up in a hole midst the leaves in my neighbors yard. I took out my phone, and although the colors were beautiful, it wasn't as close as I wanted.

So I went home and got my other camera. First with the leaves a bit blurry.

Now, all in focus.

The colors were so pretty that morning. Bright blues and vivid yellows.

Love this shot up inside the tree.

I should apologize to Mister Winter. He has been very patient this fall. We have had really nice weather. And nice weather into the middle of November in Utah is a glorious thing.


meganmushrat said...

It never ceases to amaze me the pleasure you get out of the simple things of life. May it always be so.

¡Vieve! said...

Those are some fabulous looking pictures. I love that you get so many good ones out of normal every day things.