Saturday, August 12, 2017

Monkey Highlights Five

Week five in the summer was one of the rare weeks that we didn't have much going on. It was actually quite nice. Ivory had gotten home from camp and we didn't have to go anywhere until the Fourth of July.

We still had some of our regular activities. Robyn had another swim meet. I was glad I got to go to them this year. She did a great job. She isn't the fastest swimmer, but she is consistent and usually would beat her own time. There were never a lot of girls in her age group. Often there were only three girls swimming, and I'm think that once she did a race by herself. (I'm pretty sure she won that one.)

This was the week we discovered new filters on the phone, so you get an impromptu fisheye photo shoot. There are some other filters like cartoon and sepia, but the fisheye was the big hit.

We rounded out the week with a blood donation. The boy who used to live next door to us (back in the old hood) did his eagle scout project which was a blood drive. We were more than happy to help out. Here is Tyler doing his thing.

It was funny because Ivory almost cried when she found out I went without her. She sure does like the snacks you get at the end. (I wonder if she will like it as much when she has to give blood to get the snacks.)

I love easy relaxing weeks.

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