Monday, August 22, 2016

This Just In

This day was inevitable.

It always is.

School starting and all that.

But this time, they ALL left.

I haven't had this much time during the day, to myself,  for 14 years.

That is a long time.

I think I'm going to like having a few extra moments of peace, including the occasional nap. But I am going to miss them like crazy.

We'll see if I get into a good routine and get a lot of things done.

Is it ironic that my first spare moments are writing about my kids? They have changed my life folks. I will never be the same. I'm pretty sure they will always be on my mind somewhere.

Let's look at our first day back to school. Technically, Robyn went last Friday, since she had the extra 7th Grade day. She was excited to be at a new school. At back to school night, she only got a lost a few times. On her first day, she did get a new locker, because her other one broke, but all minor stuff. She is going to rock Junior High!

June is her partner in crime. I love that they are only a grade apart, but this is the first time June has had a sister at her school for five years. I think it was good that they had space to find themselves, and now I think they will be perfect back together.

The littles went to a new school as well today. I took them to make sure that everyone found the right room. Pearl especially is in a strange location in the maze that is their school. I'm sure they will have it down in no time.

I think I like Daisy's teacher the most (off of first impressions). I think she is going to have a fabulous year. I feel like she has grown up a lot, and yet she still has those baby teeth on top. Come on teeth, it is time.

Ivory has a lot of changes this year as she enters the A.L.L. program. It was really good for June and I think it will be great for Ivory, who hasn't been pushed very much in the last year or so. She might have a rude awakening with homework and general workload, but I think it is just what she needs.

Although Ivory is in the middle, I think of her as a 'little' often because she is still small. Look at these three ready to go. They look like little turtles with their big shells on their backs. Hopefully, they won't want to crawl inside today. I wish only great things for them this school year.

And I wish for myself to not be too lonely. I still have Moxy. And I plan to meet my boyfriend for lunch every once in a while. Tyler is good company. No complaints if I run into him more often.

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meganmushrat said...

The first day of school is always so exciting. Even though it's been years and years since I went to school, I can still remember how thrilled I would be to have a new teacher (or teachers) and new things to learn. Hmmm - considering the teasing I often got between being overweight and good in classes, it's surprising I felt this way - but I did. I hope your kids are just as excited.